Amazon Go: The Future of Retail?

Amazon Go, Amazon's new brick-and-mortar retail initiative, caused a media frenzy when its first location had a soft opening for Amazon employees in 2016. The store offered a revolutionary take on the classic corner store: no lines, no cashiers, no cash registers. Just go in, pick what you'd like, and walk out. The idea … Continue reading Amazon Go: The Future of Retail?

Spotify: The Audio Experience of the Future

Most of us know Spotify as a music streaming giant, dominating the market over competitors such as Apple Music and Amazon.  Spotify, however, has aspirations of taking over the entire audio market beyond just music. In the same way in which video streaming services such as Netflix have made cable tv irrelevant, Spotify hopes to take over … Continue reading Spotify: The Audio Experience of the Future

AI & the Music Industry

Artificial intelligence is continuously becoming more advanced and is already disrupting many industries.  The music industry is one such industry that is being transformed through AI. SKYGGE One such example is SKYGGE, the artificial intelligence music producer. SKYGGE released their first album, “Hello World”, (shoutout to all CS Majors), that is entirely created by Sony’s … Continue reading AI & the Music Industry