Markets Make The Money: Sequoia Capital

After listening to Professor Doyle's discussion on venture capital, I was intrigued to watch the video of Sequoia Capital's founder Don Valentine at Stanford Business School that Professor Doyle mentioned during class. That being said, I have decided to write this blog post on Sequoia Capital, Don Valentine, and how the firm has been phenomenally … Continue reading Markets Make The Money: Sequoia Capital

It’s not About If or What, It’s About When

I open my Tech Trek Twitter and read a barrage of tweets bubbling with the latest tech gadgets on the market. A vacuum-extracting coffeemaker? It’s been done. An electronic, cord-less, hands-free breast pump with a downloadable app that tracks your milk production and lists seven different pumping “modes”? Yes, this exists. It’s very exciting to … Continue reading It’s not About If or What, It’s About When

African Countries Experiment with Drones

Drones are commonly associated with with their ability to provide stunning aerial photographs and videography. People have enjoyed using them for selfies or taking pictures of their properties. Other uses have also been explored and span a variety of industries and applications such as helping with wildlife conservation efforts and assisting scientists with studies by … Continue reading African Countries Experiment with Drones