Initial Intro Post!


Hey guys!

My name is Michelle Krameisen and I am a sophomore in CSOM studying Information Systems, and minoring in Philosophy. I became interested in Information Systems after taking Professor Sterpe’s Computers in Management class freshmen year and Philosophy after taking Professor Troxell’s PULSE class. I served at Shepherd House, a halfway house for women struggling with addiction and alcoholism in Dorchester last year. I’m originally from Spring Lake, NJ (a small town at the beach / the reason I am so tan in the picture above!) and live in Walsh on campus. At school, I’m on the Club Water Polo team and this year I am serving on the PULSE Council. I love being outdoors and spend a lot of time at the beach in the summer or skiing in the winters. Over winter break, I am going to be spending time with my family in Telluride, Colorado skiing, but as of now there hasn’t been a lot of snow!

My freshman year I heard about TechTrek during a Women in Business panel and immediately after I found the girl who spoke on the panel on Facebook and messaged her so I could hear more about her experience. Yes, I was THAT freshman. We ended up having a class together this year, and it’s been great having an upperclassman mentor whenever I have questions! Ever since then I had been waiting for the application to open, and now as second semester approaches I am thrilled to be sharing this experience with you guys!

I think this experience is going to give me an entirely new perspective of the tech world in Silicon Valley and provide me with insight I would never have received otherwise. This trip is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am excited to see our hard work we put into the class, learning about various companies and growth in the industry, come to fruition in our master class sessions on the trip in March. I expect to be challenged throughout the semester leading up to the trip, and once on the trip I think I am going to learn and find out about things that I didn’t necessarily see coming!

The two companies I am most excited to visit are WePay and Google. With Chase’s new acquisition of WePay, valued up to 400 million dollars, it is going to be awesome to hear first hand about the merge and growth of the company over the past few years. It is even cooler that the founders went to Boston College! I had the opportunity to work at a FinTech startup this past summer and while that company is more in the advising / financial planning space, I was able to understand more about new firms in the industry overall. FinTech is something I am interested in, and I am potentially concentrating in Finance as well. WePay is definitely a different type of FinTech company and I think it will be very cool to compare and contrast the two. I can’t wait to learn about WePay’s development over the course of the semester and on the trip. I am also excited to visit Google as I have always been fascinated by the vastness of company, and had the opportunity to visit their offices in New York City this past November. I also attended the Women’s Innovator Network fireside chat with Katie Girskis, another BC alum, and was very intrigued by her story. Google is a company we all come into contact with, every day, multiple times a day whether it’s through our e-mails, the search engine, or working on our school work. The trip was a little sneak peak of what is to come, with respect to speaking with alums, and I am sure the campus will certainly be a much larger version of their space in NYC. I also signed up to read I’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee #59 over winter break, and I am sure I will learn a few insider things about the firm I did not even think about before!

I can’t wait to be in class with you guys in January. I am also thrilled we are using this blog to start to get to know one another in advance, as I have been in once a week classes where I never knew anyone’s name except the people sitting around me. Happy Holidays and enjoy your vacation! 🙂

I’ve also added my favorite GIF below. I am bound to fall asleep on the couch watching Netflix and sometimes fall asleep mid conversation when I am overtired too! IMG_6991.GIF

3 thoughts on “Initial Intro Post!

  1. Michelle, I felt very similarly once I heard from an alumni about their experience with TechTrek. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the class come January!

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  2. Hi Michelle,

    Good start! How about adding a bit more depth on what you’re expecting/ excited about for the trip? Which company are you most looking forward to seeing (and why). It’d also be great if you can add a picture of yourself too (that’s going to help me get to know you guys faster). Looking forward to the trip! Thanks for your willingness to be one of the first.!

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  3. Michelle!! I think it’s so cool that you’re both Information Systems and minoring in Philosophy. That’s such an interesting combination which shows how wide your interests are. I love Telluride, too! Hope you have a great time there and can’t wait to see you next semester!

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