Hi everyone!

My name is Michael Rosmarin (although I generally go by Mike), and I am a sophomore from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. I am a member of CSOM pursuing concentrations in Finance and Information Systems as well as a minor in Philosophy. Outside of class, I am the General Manager of The Heights, I mentor children in Dorchester through the PULSE Program, and I love watching our various sports teams play at BC.

With that said, I am so incredibly excited for our upcoming semester of Tech Trek. I have always been interested in how companies turn ideas into reality, manage increasingly growing infrastructures, and innovate to remain ahead of their industry, and I feel that this experience will undoubtedly provide answers to those questions. I also think that both the class and field study will reveal less conventional paths that are available after graduation, demonstrating how we can apply our entrepreneurial interests to create something meaningful. As a result, I cannot wait to get started, and I truly look forward to undergoing this journey with you all.


4 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. Mike, I’m excited to hear you translate your experience managing The Heights to the topics we discuss in class. Should be a great semester. Looking forward to meeting you in January!


  2. HI Mike,
    Good start, and I really appreciate your willingness to go first. Maybe go into a bit more depth about what you’re expecting and why you signed up. Also please add a picture of yourself (and your favorite GIF/meme, if desired). This is going to help me get to know you guys before we start. I’ve updated the assignment to account for these things, as I realize I wasn’t that clear. No hurry, just when you get around to it. Have a good break!


  3. Hi Mike! It’s so cool that you work for the Heights and do PULSE. You’re making such an impact in both of those organizations. I also agree about the trip showing us unconventional paths to pursue after graduation. I think there are countless jobs, especially in Silicon Valley, that we do not even know about because they are so newly developed. Can’t wait to see you in January!


  4. Hi Mike, I am hoping to get the same things out of Tech Trek! I agree that this will reveal other paths for post-graduation which I am excited to discover. It really is crazy how many career possibilities there are. As they say, do what you love and it won’t feel like work! Looking forward to being in class together!


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