Hello Professor Kane, Professor Doyle, and all of my fellow #BCSTT classmates! I hope finals were relatively painless for all and everyone is enjoying some much-deserved time off. My name is Kipp Milone (And no, Kipp is not short for anything. Just Kipp.). I am from a small town on the Connecticut shoreline called Madison and I am concentrating in Information Systems and Business Analytics in CSOM. Outside of school, I am interested in my failing fantasy football team, most New York sports teams, and country music.

The picture you see above is of me from last summer. I was on vacation in Barbados, which is way closer to South America than most people think. Although it is not a “selfie”, it is one of the few pictures I have of just me that was taken within the last 5 years.

My favorite GIF is definitely “Drew Scanlon Blinking” (Seen Below). Ever since GIFs became easily accessible in iMessage, this has been a “Go-To” for me time and time again. In any of my group chats, if there is a strange comment made or a joke that goes over someone’s head, I am quick to send this GIF out immediately. 

giphy (1)

If I had to describe myself, I would say I have a very Type A personality, I am obsessed with detail, and I am a people-person. Recently, I switched my major from Marketing to Information Systems. This was a big decision for me, as Marketing has been the path I have followed since coming to Boston College. This past semester, I took Database Systems and Analysis with Professor Spang. While to many this may seem like a terribly boring class, it has been one of my favorites so far. Taking the lead on our final group project of creating a functional online shopping cart and check out process on Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) was one of the best parts of the course. I would highly recommend this class to any BC student remotely interested in data and/or analytics.

This winter break, I am interning for a small community bank on the digital/mobile banking team. I will also be traveling to Florida and be making my way back to Massachusetts for the holidays. On campus, I try to stay involved as much as possible. I am currently the Operations Manager for The Heights, a member of Residence Hall Association, and an English Language Learners Program tutor for a BC employee.

I was introduced to the concept of TechTrek West my freshman year by a recent Boston College graduate who is now working at HubSpot. At the time, I asked a few questions about his experience, yet sort of forgot about the class altogether. Fast forward to this past semester, and after hearing only great things about the program from students who went on the trip last year, I knew I had to apply.

The biggest reason I am looking forward to TechTrek is due to my experience as an intern last summer at a Boston-based startup named Causemo. Causemo is a digital marketing platform designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. There, I focused on lead generation as well as account management, among many other things. However, my proudest accomplishment was helping create our new website ( During my time at Causemo, I saw the growing pains associated with scaling and the tension between product development and client relations. That said, I plan to focus some my questions to people I meet on the field study around these two major themes.

Put simply, after taking this class, I want to be able to go on a twenty-minute rant when someone mentions the phrase “Silicon Valley” in a casual conversation. My goal is to gain as much knowledge as possible in the classroom and on our field study about technology firms and the industry that surrounds them. Additionally, I want to get to know and learn from all of my classmates. I know that you get out what you put into this class and I hope it is a positive, unique, challenging, and rewarding experience. Given the fact that the book I chose is probably one of the best I have ever read, I have very high expectations for this class and our trip this spring.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about my assigned book in my next post. Until then, have a great holiday and new year!


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  1. Welcome to TechTrek, Kipp! If you thought Prof. Spang’s Database Systems and Applications class was cool, just wait for Systems Analysis & Design — it’s the final class in the IS concentration. I was a TA for Prof. Wyner this past semester because I loved the class so much. Prof. Sterpe is teaching the class in the spring if you happen to be registered for it already.

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  2. Hi Kipp! That is a quality GIF you picked, definitely a favorite for me as well haha. I’m signed up to take Database Systems&Applications for the Spring so it’s great news to hear you enjoyed it. Happy holidays!


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