Hey everybody! My name is Dylan Nadeau, and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science and Economics. I’m from a city about an hour away called Leominster so I’m a true Massachusetts native. I’m a big fan of the Patriots, Red Sox, Dunkin’ Donuts and wildly unpredictable weather. When I have free time, I love to spend it outside! Snowboarding, hiking and swimming are among my favorite hobbies. I life-guarded at my local pool and interned with BC’s Information Technology Services over the summer.


Here’s me! This was taken at the Patriots Super Bowl parade that took place this year. It was freezing and snowing but absolutely worth it. Hopefully I’ll be back there next year. Below is my favorite gif. By itself, it’s pretty funny. It’s when it’s combined with a clever caption or used in the right context that it really cracks me up. I highly recommend using it.


I vividly remember the first time I was introduced to TechTrek. I was walking to class in Fulton when I saw a TechTrek poster on the wall. I can’t pinpoint what exactly drew my attention to the poster (honestly, it was probably the graphics), but I was instantly intrigued. I decided to go to the info session and learn more. I loved everything I heard about the class. From that point, I was determined to trek.

There are so many aspects about this class and this trip that I am excited for. The other 23 of you, and of course the professors and TAs, seem like such interesting and great people. Your experiences and perspectives will add an incredible amount of value to the class. It will be an amazing time getting to know you and eventually spend spring break together!

Thankfully, this has been described as a challenging but rewarding opportunity. That is exactly what I want out of this class. TechTrek will provide insight to a subject that I haven’t had the chance to explore in my other classes. My normal CS classes deal with how to create and use technology, but never about the industries in which it flourishes. I want to learn about the process of creating and building a technology firm. I read the book The Hard Thing About Hard Things, which I’ll talk about in a later post. It dealt with the struggle of building a company, and I am hoping to delve deeper into that process during this class. The industry moves so quickly, meaning understanding the field at an adequate level will take time and effort. But this investment of time and effort is exactly that: an investment. I am hoping to work incredibly hard and come out of this class with a more complete understanding of the tech industry.

When we are in the Silicon Valley, my goal is to be able to apply that knowledge wherever we go. Whether it’s talking with Phil Schiller or somebody at the Tech Council, I would like to engage in meaning conversations in which both parties know what they’re talking about and can learn something from the other. I’m excited for every company we visit, all in their own unique way. Companies such as Google and Apple are known for their great campuses and cultures, so it’ll be awesome getting to experience them. They’re currently the pinnacle of technological success, so I want to gain as much as possible from this trip. I will also be able to view the meetings through the eyes of a computer scientist, so I want to contribute and apply that aspect of my background. thredUP, on the other hand, is relatively unknown to me; I’ve only seen their website a couple times before. Visiting them and learning more about the company will be an equally rewarding experience.

Writing this post has me more excited than before, and quite frankly I didn’t think that was possible. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season and has the chance to relax during the break. I’m excited to see you all next year and get started!

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  1. What area did you intern in over the summer? I’m at the Help Desk in O’Neill Library, but there’s more to ITS than even I realize. Welcome to TechTrek!


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