Selfie: Amy Ferreira

Hello Tech Trek 2018! My name is Amy Ferreira and I’m a sophomore from Marshfield, MA. Marshfield is just south of Boston, is home to many lovely beaches, and was once home to Steve Carrel. Seriously– he lived right down the street from me! For starters, as the gif below reveals, I love the show The Office, ice cream at any time, and of course, Michael Scott.


To share a bit about myself, I have lived in the Boston area for my whole life and have grown up along the coast. I absolutely love the beach and live just five minutes from the shore. In my free time, I enjoy staying active, whether it’s running, hiking, paddle boarding, yoga (beach yoga featured above), or kayaking. When I’m not on-the-go, you can catch me reading about current events related to tech, economics, or prominent female leaders, listening to pop music and dance hits, or watching competitive cooking shows on the Food Network (Chopped anyone?). I hardly ever find myself “bored” because I like to keep myself busy and engaged—whether it’s by learning a new skill, staying informed, spending time with family and friends, or setting a new Runkeeper personal record.

At BC, I’m involved in activities related to my interests in tech, business, female empowerment, and staying active. I am the Treasurer of the Girls Who Code organization and recently helped GWC become recognized as an official club at BC. I’m an active member of the Women in Business club, and helped plan and organize the Empow[her] workshop series focusing on empowering young women in the workplace. I recently started volunteering with BC Special Olympics and find it so much fun engaging with the athletes through sports.

I never considered myself a “tech enthusiast” until I discovered Girls Who Code at BC, which exposed me to coding and the Wonderful World of Tech through their free coding classes and technology-related events. Now, I’m on the leadership team for GWC at BC. I help plan and organize tech-related events within the BC community, and will be focusing on enhancing Girls Who Code’s presence on campus. I’m excited to share our experiences in Silicon Valley with GWC’s club members!

Related to work experience, I’ve most recently worked in banking and will be working in Finance this summer. Technology has played a critical role in the business environments that I’ve been exposed to. During the academic year, I work as a Teaching Assistant for Professor Sterpe’s Computers in Management class. After taking Professor Sterpe’s Computers in Management class freshman year, I was hooked. I wanted to learn more about technology and its role in shaping the competitive landscape, and the ways it has transformed how we live. That said, I’m extremely excited to dive into the TechTrek course material and visit the sites where all of the “magic” happens.

So far, the most fun job I’ve held has been working as a Sales Associate at the Black Dog on Cape Cod. The Black Dog is a family-owned island outfitter company headquartered on Martha’s Vineyard. I worked in the Falmouth General Store selling merchandise, interacting with a diverse tourist population, and playing with the dogs that visited the store. Some might be familiar with the Black Dog brand from the television show on ABC Family “The Vineyard,” because many of the actors on the show were “employed” by the Black Dog (although they didn’t actually work for the company!). At the Black Dog, I observed how technology and data from POS systems serve as competitive assets and can drive a business forward. When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family in Falmouth, enjoying the sunsets and the beautiful beaches.

I couldn’t fully describe myself without discussing my family. I have an identical twin sister (who also attends BC) and an older sister. My parents and two sisters have been very formative in my life. They have instilled in me a sense of determination and authenticity while emphasizing the importance of compassion and empathy. I can’t forget my eleven-year-old Yorkie pup Coco, who never fails to brighten my days.

Coco.jpgI anticipate TechTrek to be a challenging and rewarding experience that broadens my understanding of technology and provides me with a comprehensive understanding of the tech industry. I expect to not only learn about leading tech companies, but to learn about how businesses utilize tech to gain a competitive advantage, and how businesses edge out their competitors. I hope to evaluate technologies these companies use, such as cloud technologies and blockchain, and to learn a bit about how these technologies work. I expect to be pushed out of my comfort zone, to be able to discuss current tech trends with industry professionals, and to be able to ask them intelligent questions. I also hope to form lasting connections with my classmates, professors, and with some of the professionals I’ll meet.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to a great semester together!

Go Eagles!!

One thought on “Selfie: Amy Ferreira

  1. Hi Amy,
    It’s so cool that you worked at the Black Dog! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I saw one store at Quincy market, and I really loved their clothes. I’m also very interested in blockchain and related area these days, so I hope to learn more about it during classes next semester with you!


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