Introduction Post: Erik Aborde

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Hey everybody! I hope you’re all enjoying your time at home.

I’m Erik Aborde, a junior in CSOM studying Finance and Computer Science, and I’m from Carteret, New Jersey. Since I’m from New Jersey, I’m a big fan of letting people know they haven’t had a true bagel unless they’ve had a Jersey bagel. Quite fittingly, my favorite gif is below and it helps to illustrate my reaction whenever someone says that the bagels from the dining hall are “good”. This gif is extremely versatile and fits a variety of emotions from shock and disgust to complete confusion, so I recommend you add it to your repertoire of gifs.
Aside from bagels, I love music and podcasts. My favorite artist by far is Chance the Rapper and I was fortunate enough to have watched him perform at Northeastern two years ago. Some of my other favorite artists are Post Malone, Travis Scott, and Joey Bada$$. Whenever I’m not listening to music, I’m almost always listening to podcasts when I’m in the car or walking to class. Most of the podcasts I listen to are tech or business focused. Feel free to reach out if you want some more recommendations, but a few of my favorites are below:

Ever since I took Professor Gallaugher’s Computers in Management course my freshman year, technology has played a pivotal role in my career to date. My first day of work the summer after freshman year was in my CEO’s New York City apartment where we outlined our sales strategy on his mirror with expo markers. The last day of work that same summer was in a WeWork office in Union Square. I not only got to see the progress we made firsthand, but I also got to see our hypothesis about political news consumption being broken come into fruition with stories of social media’s corrosive influence on the political election. My life that summer felt a little like an episode of “Silicon Valley” and I’ve been hooked on the world of technology and entrepreneurship ever since. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in New Jersey’s budding entrepreneurial ecosystem and most recently learned about the high stakes world of private equity tech investments.

As you can tell, I’m extremely interested in the intersection of technology, business, and society. One of the things that interest me the most is how technology shapes and disrupts our society’s social norms. From getting in a random stranger’s car to staying in a random person’s home for the night, these seem like behaviors that we were told to absolutely avoid when we were kids, but are now completely acceptable. This extreme transition from taboo to social norm is mysteriously fascinating to me because it is not only influenced by social forces, but by luck, technology, and the people behind the technology.

Other things that fascinate me are the unique barriers that certain tech companies face on their path to growth and market leadership. These concerns are far-reaching and extend into the realm of privacy, regulation, and our everyday lives. Some of the questions that really interest me are below:

  • How are companies supposed to handle fake content?
  • How are companies supposed to deal with hate speech on their platforms?
  • How are companies able to overcome regulation?
  • What responsibilities do companies have when it comes to privacy?
  • Is there such a thing as companies having too much personal data?

The combination of my professional experiences and personal interests are why I’m so excited to take this course this semester. No one can better answer these questions or provide more enlightening thoughts than the people behind the technologies that are fundamentally shaping and reshaping the world around us – the companies in particular that I have burning questions for are Uber, Apple, and Facebook. I think this class will be unlike any other course I’ve taken at BC because I’ll have the opportunity to not only learn from Professor Kane and Professor Doyle, but from my fellow classmates as well who all have unique perspectives and experiences that will create the perfect environment for interesting conversations. I’ve never been to the Valley before, but everyone says that if you’re interested in tech that it’s the place to be. I am more than excited for this course and look forward to getting to know each one of you.

5 thoughts on “Introduction Post: Erik Aborde

  1. Hi Erik! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the podcast recommendations! I am definitely going to take advantage of the time we have on break and listen to some. I too only like having bagels from NJ and refuse to eat the dining hall ones. I look forward to being in class with you next semester!

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  2. Hey Erik! I’ve never really listened to any podcasts, but have been recently looking to give one a try. Definitely going to have to come to you when I’m ready to begin. Also, you have some fantastic taste in music (I listen to Travis Scott probably an unhealthy amount)! Have great rest of your break and see you in class soon!

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  3. Hi Erik!
    Awesome post! I read a great blog post last semester ( that put podcasts on my radar and I will have to check out some of your recommendations.
    I’m really interested in hearing more about your professional experiences and seeing how you apply them in class and out west. I can tell you already have a knack for coming up with good questions and your interest in areas like the trust economy will enrich all of our experiences!

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  4. Hi Erik! I’ve never held a huge interest in podcasts, as the only one I’ve ever listened to was about Audrey Hepburn, but reading your post inspires me to check them out. It does seem like a fantastic use of time on long car or bus rides. So, thanks for the recs. I’m also super impressed by your obvious passion for technology. Looking forward to get to know you more in class!

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