Introduction (Will Dailey)

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Will Dailey and ever since I leaned about TechTrek West in my first few months here at BC, I have wanted to take this course. My interest in technology and business started early in life and I have pursued every opportunity that I’ve had to learn more about both. As a freshman, I applied to the e-boards of Start@Shea, the Information Systems Academy, and the Computer Science Society. Despite making the final rounds of the application process, I did not make it onto any of the e-boards. Nevertheless, these rejections did not discourage me from getting involved with these organizations or any other clubs at BC. One of these clubs was BC’s electronic music club, Electronic State of Mind. My work on the e-board has helped me acquire weekly DJing gigs at bars throughout the city. This year, I started BC’s first ever Surf Club which has forty members and has planned and executed multiple surf trips to New Hampshire and Rhode Island. My work to establish and organize this club demonstrates my maturity and work ethic. Each trip requires hours of coordinating days beforehand. After finding a time that works for everyone, I rent Zipcars and organize the times of departure, return, and so on. Since many members of the club are beginners, I have to locate safe surf sites (with safe conditions), teach surfing and water safety, and maintain a close watch on everyone out in the water. Additionally, I must manage the expenses, like paying for the Zipcars and finding group deals on rental boards and wetsuits.

Having grown up in the Bay Area, I will not be using TechTrek to decide whether I want to get involved in tech after school. The opportunities that I had in high school, such as spending time around Google executives and interning at NeoReach (a technology marketing startup), have already helped me determine that I belong somewhere in tech. Rather, through this course, I hope to be further exposed to the field of tech and be able to explore all of the different options it offers. This may mean beginning to narrow down the companies I would want to work for or starting to figure out which companies’ culture I would like to model in any future companies that I start. I have already begun this process while at BC by attending a TechTrek Boston to Google Cambridge last year (where I first met Professor Gallaugher) and by going to an event at CIC Cambridge (during HubWeek) called “Driving Startup Growth: Building an Innovation Ecosystem.” Moreover, I hope to learn from the senior management that we visit by hearing what they have to say about their industry and the roles available. Having attended every “Lunch with an Entrepreneur” this year (and many last year), I believe in learning from those who have already found success in their own careers and applying their advice to my own goals.

More than anything, I hope to use TechTrek as a way to better understand our changing world. As an avid listener of the podcast “Exponent” and a reader of all things tech, I’m enthused by how the digital revolution is going to change not only our economies but also our societies. I believe that by studying and visiting these companies I will become more conscious of tech’s drawbacks but will also discover the places of its greatest potential. While these might seem like lofty aims for a single semester-three credit course, I believe that TechTrek West – through its combination of classroom learning and real life exposure – will provide me with the tools to accomplish these goals.

4 thoughts on “Introduction (Will Dailey)

  1. Starting a surf club in Boston is such a unique idea, and very impressive! I too am excited to better understand the role of tech in our changing world and all of the future implications. You have so much experience through attending all of the BC tech and entrepeneur related events, I can’t wait to hear the valuable class insight you have.


  2. Hi Will, I thought your comment on becoming more aware about technology’s drawbacks was interesting and something not a lot of people and technologists think about. It’s something I’m extremely interested in and would love to learn more about. Since I’m also a podcast fan, I’d love to get your recommendations as well. Looking forward to meeting you in class!


  3. Hi Will! That is so cool you started your own surf club, especially since it’s so different from all of the other BC clubs. I have very similar expectations/hopes for this class– I also hope to better understand our changing word and identify the places of greatest potential! Happy New Year!


  4. Will, I totally admire your passion for music and I think we have similar tastes. Your out of the box thinking is really cool and I think it will be awesome to get to know you better in class! I also really think the social impact of tech is really cool, positive and negatives.


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