With my brother Alex (I’m on the left)

Hi everybody and happy holidays! My name is Maksim (Max) Khegay and I am incredibly excited to be a part of this class! Opportunities like this reassure my belief that Boston College is a wonderful institution and I could not have made a better choice.

In our initial meeting, I mentioned that I was born in Uzbekistan and moved to New Jersey at the age of four. I am part of a group of ethnic Koreans who live in former Soviet Union countries, which means that I am fluent in Russian (although it is has been deteriorating throughout the years). My grandparents were forced out west during Stalin’s regime and this had created a significant blending of cultures in my family, as we are ethnic Koreans speaking Russian and living in a predominantly Muslim country. Since I have lived in the states most of my life, I identify heavily with my American self, but I have very strong ties to my roots as well.

Currently, I live in Marlboro, New Jersey, which is a typical town in central Jersey. I am a sophomore studying Finance and Computer Science, although finance may be subject to change. Some of my favorite experiences at BC have come through my involvements outside of class. This semester, I have been a marketing intern for BC Athletics, focusing on enhancing the student experience at games, and I have also written articles for The Gavel under the sports section. As you can tell, I am a pretty avid sports fan and the New York Rangers hold a special place in my heart. Next semester, I will be the TA for Professor Conway’s Business Law class and I will begin my weekly service at the Suffolk County House of Corrections for 4Boston.

My main interest outside of sports is music, specifically hip-hop. I love the energy and versatility of rap music so much that I was driven to learn how to produce my own tracks/beats. Watching the meteoric rise of many formerly unknown artists and producers on the Soundcloud platform inspired me because I realized how disruptive it was. These artists have shown their entrepreneurial spirit in the music industry and have been able to make a career out of their passion without relying on a record deal.


Not that relevant, but I love this meme


I believe everybody has a unique story and I am more than excited to hear and read about my peers and professors. However, what brings us all together is our shared interest in technology. I am very interested in how technology is able to drastically affect human behavior. I think it is incredible how I can talk to loved ones on FaceTime, get the most updated news on Facebook, call an Uber, or even rent an Airbnb all with my phone and an internet connection. In a country such as Uzbekistan, where technology is heavily regulated and outdated, these privileges are not as readily accessible. I love that technology has been able to make my quality of life much greater, but I also have to remember to appreciate these privileges that my extended family does not have.

I learned about this class from a friend who was in the process of taking it. He encouraged me to attend the local TechTreks in Boston and visiting those companies helped develop my interest in tech even more. It was very inspiring to see the culture of firms, such as EverTrue and CloudHealth, where the executives are so approachable and open to new ideas. I would love to be part of such a team-based work environment in the future and I hope to learn about how each company’s workplace culture affected their expansion.

During this class, I hope to learn about the paths that all of these major technology companies took to achieve their current status today. After learning about their development throughout the years, it will be incredible to witness these companies in person and learn about the constant effect they have on the consumers. This is why I am incredibly interested in visiting Sequoia. I want to learn how this venture capital firm was able to see the future impact that these major technology firms would have so far in advance. I want to know what drove them to invest in these companies so early on.

Overall, I am very happy to have a class that I am definitely looking forward to next semester. I expect this class to teach me a lot more about a very relevant topic and then apply that knowledge in actual fieldwork. This class will be invaluable to my education at BC and my career in the future.

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  1. Hey, Max! It is great to “meet” you. I think your unique cultural perspective will add a lot to our class discussions this semester. Also, good for you for learning how to produce your own tracks and beats. I imagine it’s hard to create a distinct sound you can call your own. Enjoy the rest of break and Go Rangers!

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  2. Hey Max, thanks for sharing! I definitely agree that the versatility in hip-hop makes it such a great genre. I’d love to check out some of your music sometime! See you in class!

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  3. What’s up Max! You have a nice advantage of going on previous TechTreks, so you’ll be that much more prepared when we go to SF. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences at those companies during the semester.

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  4. Hey Max! Your post told me a lot about you that I didn’t have a chance to learn in our Portico class freshman year! That’s awesome how you create your own tracks on Soundcloud. I’m a big music fan and I’d love to listen to some of your beats! Your position as a Marketing Intern for BC Athletics also sounds like a fun experience. Looking forward to having another class together!
    — Amy

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  5. Nice to meet you Max! I also went on the EverTrue and CloudHealth trip and really enjoyed these two companies. Your excitement about visiting Sequoia has now made me really excited to visit this company. Enjoy the rest of your break, happy New Year!

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  6. Hi Max! Thank you for sharing you story! I relate to your experience growing up under different cultures. Technology has certainly changed how people live, but at the same time a society’s reality also shapes how technology develops. It is similar in China where technology is also somewhat regulated, but the massive population base also demanded technology infrastructure unseen elsewhere, like the super app “wechat” and the pervasive digital payment.


  7. Hi Max! Wow what a fascinating background! It must be so cool to be fluent in such diverse languages. I love traveling and Russia is definitely near the top of my bucket list. Your post also reminds me how important cultural exploration is to staying current with the state of technology around the world. Looking forward to getting to know you more in class!


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