Hi TechTrek 2018!

Hi guys! I hope everyone has enjoyed their break so far!

As for a quick introduction, my name is Alexandro Forte (although you can call me Alex, Forte, or really anything that gets my attention) and I am currently a junior majoring in Computer Science. I grew up in northern New Jersey in a small town, Totowa, just twenty minutes outside of New York City. Yes, I will try my hardest to not dramatically declare what is really “great” pizza and bagels. No, I cannot promise this. Much of my free time typically involves music, sports, and technology.


Here is a face to go with the introduction. Honestly, assignments like this make me realize I don’t take enough pictures because I’ve used this one probably a million times before.

I absolutely love music and I mean it when I say I like all different kinds (my favorite albums from this year came from artists ranging from Jay-Z and Migos to Paramore and Lorde). I recently started actively collecting vinyls because I love the idea of physically owning the music, especially when the album has awesome cover art. I like to think I know a lot about music, but also would like to learn so much more, so if it’s your thing too don’t be afraid to approach me about it! If you’re not already, I’ll have you convinced Kanye West is the most influential artist of our generation and Frank Ocean is the greatest thing that can happen to your ears by the end of our conservation.

As far as sports go, I’m a diehard fan of the Yankees and Cowboys (loved me some Romo to Owens growing up). I also follow the NBA closely despite not really having a favorite team growing up, mostly because I find the trade drama and personalities of players way more interesting than I really should.


While on the topic of sports, this is easily my favorite GIF. Look at that swing. Beautiful.

Technology is definitely the hobby that consumes most of my time. Recently, I’ve been spending more time programming, both in learning more as well as creating applications I find useful or interesting. One program I recently wrote is a spin-off of the well known Fifteen Puzzle in which the user plays with pieces of covers from some of my favorite albums. If you’re interested you can check it out here! My personal favorite project is a program which can predict the winner of baseball games by analyzing their players recent stats on baseball-reference.com. Unfortunately, baseball-reference recently had a UI update which slightly altered the effectiveness of my program, and I haven’t gotten around yet to fixing it, but I’d love to talk to those who like baseball about what exactly the program does and how it determines it’s results! Besides my time spent programming, I also enjoy many of the other subdivisions in technology ranging from videos games to following whatever crazy new idea Elon Musk has.

I first heard about TechTrek last year and instantly was attracted to the great learning opportunities the class offered. As someone with a very limited background in business, I feel like this class can provide some much needed experience that can tie together many of the different things I have learned during my time at Boston College, and give me a glimpse into the industry I hope to be entering into in just a few short months. The topics covered in this class including building start-ups and protecting technologies have always interested me, and I’m very excited to learn more about them in class!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me, and I’ll leave you all with a classic (and relevant) meme:


3 thoughts on “Hi TechTrek 2018!

  1. Hey Alex, thanks for the bio. I grew up a 49ers fan and I’ve got a pretty vivid memory of T.O. celebrating on that Dallas star on the 50 yard line, will be funny to get the other side’s perspective on the rivalry. Looking forward to meeting you!

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  2. I tried out Album Square and it’s really cool! The best part were the albums, which were all fantastic. I’d love to talk to you about your baseball program because I’m a huge baseball guy. I’ll try my best to remain civil, as I am a die-hard Red Sox fan.

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  3. Your Album Square game is awesome, specifically your album choices. I just helped my brother write a college application essay about how Kanye is the most influential artist of our time, which I agree with – so I think you and I would get along well. I look forward to meeting you in class!

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