Hello, It’s Me

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the chance to relax and recharge over break.

My name is Katie Gold and I am a junior concentrating in marketing, business analytics, and information systems.


I really love food.

I’m originally from Rochester, NY, and you can tell by my inordinate pride for Western New York foods. You haven’t lived unless you’ve tried real wings in Buffalo, buff chick pizza, garbage plates, white hots, Loganberry, or sponge candy. While I’m home, I work at Western New York’s pride and joy: the flagship Wegmans store. After five frosting-covered years, cake decorating has become one of my secret talents.

I was lucky enough to spend past summer in Paris interning for an augmented influence agency called Reputation Squad. It was fantastic to immerse myself in French culture and cities after spending years learning about it in classes. Now, I’m nearly fluent in French and hungry to explore even more new cities. I try to get into Boston at least once a week to break out of the BC bubble and explore new cafes on #cafefriday. Feel free to join me any Friday! This habit goes along well with my love of chai lattes and podcasts. (I’m a big fan of Serial, This American Life, How I Built This, and Revisionist History. Let me know if you have any suggestions!)

I am now the Head of Marketing for Aryeo, a BC startup. We manage the online advertising for several different companies, and we’re rolling out a new platform for real estate photographers and agents to create virtual tours. On the marketing side, it’s so exciting to craft the voice and visuals of our social media and marketing.  

I also really love tech.

My passion for the tech industry sparked when I interned for Jebbit throughout my sophomore year. Jebbit is a digital media and declared data company founded by BC alum. Working alongside the founders in a tech-centric environment was a phenomenal experience. I took Prof. Kane’s Social Media and Digital Business class at the same time, and my fascination in tech really took off. I’m particularly interested in the future of work, given the imminent impact of self-driving technology, other automation, and artificial intelligence.

For once, I’m actually beyond excited to start doing schoolwork for this class. Following tech industry is so interesting and important, especially since innovations emerge so quickly. Keeping up with the latest news is more fun than work. It enables you to have intelligent conversations about complex topics like blockchain or IoT—revolutionary topics that remain under-discussed in general society.

In high school, I went to Anaheim on a DECA trip, but that’s about the extent of my California experience. Since I want to work in the tech industry, I’m looking forward to better understanding Bay Area culture and innovations. To actually visit the offices of these companies and understand what it’s like to work there will be an incredible experience.  

The community of BC students interested in the tech industry is small but strong—even smaller when counting students interested in non-tech roles. It’s always exciting when I find someone else interested in working on the West Coast. I’m looking forward to having a community of people to bond with over tech.

I am currently applying to marketing internships at many of the companies we are visiting, so this class will also help from an interview perspective as I’ll gain a deep understanding of the industry. Fingers crossed something works out by the time we go on the trip!

I can’t wait to get to know you all this semester! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite memes. I love how this little peanut perfectly describes the feeling after a long day. Have a great rest of your break, everyone! 

 IMG_1845 2

7 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me

  1. As a fellow Northeastern-er, I can truly appreciate the Wegman’s experience! I’m also excited to become part of the BC tech community and can’t wait to hear about more of these #cafefriday adventures. Let us know if you have any great recommendations!


  2. Hey Katie! I hope you’re enjoying your break! After meeting you in Professor Gallaugher’s Swift Class, which was really awesome but not a lot of personal interaction, I am excited to take TechTrek with you and get to know you better! Your comment about the future of work is really interesting, and I’d love to discuss that further throughout the semester. See you in January!


  3. Hi Katie! Based on your podcast favorites, I think you’d really enjoy the Reply All podcast – an episode I recommend is called, “Is Facebook Spying on You?”. You have some really awesome professional experiences and would love to hear more about them in class. I look forward to meeting you!


  4. Hey Katie!

    As a New Jersey native, I’ve been to Western New York a few times, and I have to agree that your food is amazing. Your time abroad also sounded incredible, and definitely gets me excited to go to Europe in the spring of 2019.

    Regarding the class, I absolutely agree with your genuine excitement for its workload. I find that to be such a rare feeling at BC, but I think it really speaks to our shared interests and what we would like to pursue after graduating. It’s awesome to know that we have a similar mindset as we head into the course, and I really look forward to discussing more with you in the spring!


  5. I’m glad you signed up for the trip! It will be great to have both you and Julia along. And, BTW, I’m a sucker for all things Buffalo Wings, so LMK if you have any local favorites!


  6. Hi Katie. Really looking forward to having you in class. DECA is what got me into business (however I went to Orlando and Nashville), but what events did you make it in? I agree that BC may not have the largest contingent in California, but they are very passionate so I look forward to meeting them as well!


  7. Hi Facebook Friend!

    So excited to get to know you more. I am so interested in attending one of your once a week trips into Boston. I love coffee shops, and I need some new recommendations, since Fuel and Cafe Nero are getting a bit old for me. I’m also interested in getting more into podcasts, so I’m definitely going to try one of the ones you suggested.

    I also need someone to practice my French with! So I’m French Canadian, and one of my aunts lives in Montreal. She had taught me a bunch of French from an early age, and I loved studying it in high school. I really wanted to minor in French here at BC but there was not enough room in my schedule unfortunately and I’m starting to lose some vocabulary. Definitely looking forward to speaking to you soon!


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