Hey from Abby K!

Hey #BCSTT! I hope everyone is enjoying their brain break, I know I certainly am taking advantage of the ample time for movie marathons and endless snacking.

For a bit about myself, I’m Abby Konkoly and I am a sophomore in CSOM potentially interested in Information Systems and Business Analytics (Disclaimer: I am still completely undecided, but I have ruled out most of the other concentration options besides these. Also, if BC had a Forensic Science major/minor I would definitely add that in). On campus, I mentor high school students through 4Boston at the MissionSAFE placement, I’m a CLC group leader, and I work in the BC Budget Office doing a variety of tasks ranging from analyzing budget data to decorating the office Christmas tree.


A photo from visiting Rio de Janeiro last fall for the Paralympic games.

I am originally from Eagleville, Pennsylvania (ironic, I know), which is about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Sporting an unpopular opinion, I’m not a huge fan of the ever-present “Screaming Eagle”  in the dining halls because they just can’t live up to Philly Cheesesteaks. However, it has been an easy transition cheering for the BC Eagles thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles, who hopefully have a a shot at the Super Bowl this year (trying to have some optimism after the unfortunate BC Pinstripe Bowl loss)!!

As for some of my interests, I love exercising and traveling. I ran my first marathon in November and hope to work towards triathlons in the future, plus maybe the Boston marathon some day. My oldest sister is also a US Paralympic swimmer, so swimming tends to be a central aspect of many family dinner conversations. Beyond this, my passion for traveling has been fueled by a love for service. I’ve been on five mission trips so far (Logan, WV; Navajo Nation, AZ; Cincinnati, OH; New Orleans, LA; Azua, Dominican Republic) and hope to continue exploring within our borders and beyond while helping local communities.


Note: I mainly run to balance eating excessive amounts of dessert.

These interests led to my curiosity in tech, as I am constantly awed by the ability of technology to influence human behavior. Through meeting many disabled athletes who depend on technological innovations for their independence and seeing firsthand the benefits of using technology to increase quality of life in areas of poverty, I’ve become extremely interested in finding further ways to employ developing technologies to transform global living conditions. Whether it be increasing access to online education, vital health information, or financial services, I’d be so excited to explore any of these avenues. Furthermore, the fluidity of the tech industry has always been appealing because like school, you can continue to learn something new everyday.

I am so excited for this trip for endless reasons! I can’t wait to befriend those in the class and network with alumni across the country. It will be invaluable getting a personal taste of what working in Silicon Valley is like in general, but it will be even more unique to familiarize ourselves with the culture of these tech trendsetters. I am personally most excited to visit AirBnb as it has enveloped the idea of the sharing economy, but I also think Google will be amazing since it is so prevalent in everyday life. My sister challenged me at Christmas dinner to one of the Google Interview questions: What comes next in the pattern of SSS, SCC, C, SC? (I had been totally stumped, so kudos to you if you get it quickly!).

I can’t wait for this class adventure to begin and I look forward to getting to know you all! Happy holidays and see you in the new year!


My enthusiasm level for tech trekking and meeting you all (and holidays, 361 days until Christmas!!)

9 thoughts on “Hey from Abby K!

  1. Hi Abby! That is so awesome you’ve ran a marathon before! I have a few friends who have been training recently and I admire how much hard work it requires. I agree that one of the most appealing aspects of technology is that you’ll never truly know it all, and there is always something new to learn. See you in January!

    P.S. The Google interview question has me completely stumped as well.


  2. Hey Abby, congrats on finishing your first marathon! That’s such an amazing accomplishment. I actually drove to Philly last year to watch my friend run the marathon, and it’s such a nice city (I didn’t have the chance to get a cheesesteak and it’s currently one of my biggest regrets). I’m interested in hearing about your many service trips, and the answer to that riddle!


  3. Hi Abby! I’m so excited to have class together! We both love running, sweets, traveling, and service. I participated in CLC freshman year and I think it’s awesome that you’re a group leader! I also went to WV on a service trip in Fayette County. I’d love to hear about your training for the Marathon because I’m also training for races!
    — Amy


  4. Abby, you’re a rockstar!! Your marathon-running, Philly-loving self is an inspiration to all. I agree about visiting AirBnB and learning about the sharing economy. Their thoughts about utilizing places to rent that would have otherwise been wasted is truly innovative. I also love your thoughts about how technology helps those with disabilities with their independence. Can’t wait to start class with you!


  5. Hi Abby! I definitely have to give you kudos on your first marathon, long distance running is definitely NOT my thing so I am very impressed. I also love to travel and have also gone on a mission trip to New Orleans, which was an incredible experience. I am also very excited for Airbnb and Google because of how amazing those companies are and their immense impact on the economy and our lives. Have a great rest of your break!


  6. Hey Abby!

    I strongly second Dylan’s comment in congratulating you on your first marathon. That’s an incredible goal to achieve, and I’d love to see you running through campus one day on Marathon Monday! In terms of our upcoming class, I definitely understand what you mean in technology’s ability to help others. I am also an Information Systems concentrator and a former member of 4Boston, so I completely agree with your interest in bridging the two. Really looking forward to discussing those more with you in the spring (and hearing the answer to that interview question)!


  7. Hi Abby! Seriously, congratulations on finishing Marathon. I did red bandana 5K, and that was challenging, so kudos to you! I once volunteered as a primary school teacher at a public school in an underprivileged area in China, and I absolutely understand the power technology has to transform people’s lives.


  8. Hi Abby! Your passion for service and community engagement is a huge inspiration. I loved reading about your interest in technology’s impact on living situations around the world. It’s so true that technology can transform people’s lives. I think it’s important to continually recognize that there are people all over the world who aren’t as fortunate as we are to have access to the advanced technologies we use every day. Excited to get to know you more in class!


  9. As I just told Ellen S. I think if you’re leaning toward IS (or analytics) as a concentration, that you’ll be sold on it by the time you get back from the trip. It’s hard to not get excited about Tech after a week in SF.

    And, SSSS is the next in the series.


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