Hi everybody! I hope everyone has had an incredible much needed winter break so far. For me, it’s been extremely nice to catch up with friends and family, while munching on lots of yummy homemade desserts (maybe too many) and catching up on my Netflix shows which I am sadly deprived of during the school year. All in all, this break I am aiming to have the peaceful mindset and perfect serenity of this man pictured above to enter second semester with. In the middle of hiking the Alps this summer and hence very sunburnt, hot, and exhausted, my family came across him – blissfully lounging in the Swiss Alps in Lucerne, Switzerland, not a care on his mind. The juxtaposition was just too funny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so happy. He truly knows how to do life.

Currently, I am a sophomore in CSOM. I have not officially declared any concentration because I am terribly indecisive and afraid of making decisions (even apparently decisions I can easily change like concentrations). However, I am leaning towards Information Systems and Marketing with a minor in Managing for Social Impact. I enjoy working with numbers and quantitative data. Though, I also love interacting with people and exchanging thoughts and ideas. I am extremely passionate about both for-profit and non-profit organizations and their ability to positively impact society and help others. Therefore, I’m hoping this combination of the two concentrations and my minor would help me meet all of these needs and passions.

At BC, I am the sophomore coordinator for programming for the UGBC Leadership Academy, a group of thirty freshmen being integrated into the undergraduate student government. Additionally, I serve as a member on the Committee for Corporate Sponsorship on Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. We are responsible for reaching out to businesses and corporations, requesting both monetary donations and silent auction items.

Lastly, I am from Denver, Colorado and am an avid lover of all things outdoors. I have been so grateful growing up so close to the Rocky Mountains; hiking, skiing, and simply driving in the mountains has always been my outlet. There is no greater feeling than being at the top of a mountain, being able to see as far as the horizon. It has been an incredible experience living in Boston, though, too. Boston’s history has always intrigued me. The East Coast has such an upbeat and exciting atmosphere and I have loved being able to experience it.

Gotta love some sweets


I took my senior pictures at Dairy Queen. Embarrassing.

Also – the other day, my mom oh so kindly made me read a newspaper article about how sugar and sweets can literally be addictive and that having a “sweet tooth” can be a serious issue. Okay, Mom, thank you, I get it.

Gotta love some dabbing

Some call me a “dab queen” and I do not protest. Everywhere and everyone deserves a good dab!! There exists no occasion that is not fitting:

Gotta love tech companies!!

I am unbelievably excited for this class and experience. I don’t think I have ever been excited to do schoolwork or go back to school and it’s because of Tech Trek. I have always been extremely fascinated by technology companies. Their ability to completely alter people’s daily lives simply by one invention, app, piece of equipment, idea, innovation, or so much more is absolutely incredible. When I think about my daily life, it truly would be entirely different without these tech companies that we are going to learn about and visit. My iPhone is my way of communicating with others and making plans. Google is my way of learning about the world and growing my mind and knowledge. AirBnB is how my family and I find not only inexpensive places to stay, but also is a way for us to truly immerse ourselves in that place’s everyday life instead of simply staying in a hotel. Uber is how my friends and I can explore parts of Boston without having cars. Facebook is how I am able to see pictures of my family who lives around the world. And lastly, Spotify is how I am able to continuously pursue my passion and love for music, constantly exploring and expanding my musical library. There are countless songs that I would have never even thought to play on piano that are now some of my favorites all thanks to Spotify.

The opportunity to be able to personally view how these companies operate and produce these life altering technologies is a once in a lifetime experience. Three of my friends attended the trip last year and I heard nothing but raving reviews. Immediately when I heard about this class, I knew I had to apply and experience it for myself.

The company I am most excited to visit is Spotify. Music has been a part of my life since before I can remember and still is thanks to Spotify. I listen to music constantly no matter what I am doing. Music has a way of conveying emotions that words sometimes simply cannot. It is absolutely incredible that for only five dollars a month (with that amazing student discount!) I have access to almost every song I could possibly imagine. I am so thrilled to learn about how Spotify operates and the ideas behind the company altogether. I also cannot wait to visit Google. I attended the MABC trip to Google in NYC in November and was in utter awe. The employees were all so passionate and intelligent, and I cannot wait to be able to compare the two environments once I visit Google’s campus in Silicon Valley.

I absolutely cannot wait to get to know each of you next semester and hope you all have a great rest of break!!!



5 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Hi Ellen! First of all, that picture of the man up on the mountain in Switzerland is incredible. Way to capture the moment!
    I love the way you broke down the connection of each company to your own life. I completely agree because those companies have allowed me to maintain friendships, discover new information and explore all kinds of music (so grateful for the student discount as well)! I hope you have a great rest of your winter break!

    Go ULA! 😉

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  2. Hey Ellen! I am a big fan of the dabs and pretty impressed that you got your family to comply. I would love to hear more about your minor because I also believe that business can be a really useful tool to make a positive impact. Just like you, I absolutely love Spotify and think it is an incredible app that is only improving. I am looking forward to getting to know you better during class!

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  3. Hi Ellen! Sounds like we have similar academic/career interest. I also enjoy working with numbers but love people interaction at the same time. I think TechTrek is a great way to explore how the two blend together. I visited google in NYC with TechTrek NYC over the Easter break. I cannot wait to experience and compare the culture and ambience at both offices too!

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  4. Hi Ellen,
    I sort of suspect that if you’re already leaning toward an IS/ Social Impact double concentration, that this trip may end up sealing the deal. It’s hard not to get excited by Tech everytime I go on one of these Treks. I always want to move to SF, and probably would if Boston weren’t such a good alternative! Look forward to the trip with you!

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  5. Hey Ellen! I love the enthusiasm you have about everything you involve yourself in: outdoor adventures, extracurricular clubs, academics, and even dabs! Great analysis of how those tech companies affect daily life as well. Can’t wait to head to the west coast with you!

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