Hi everybody and welcome! Thanks for clicking in to read my #firstblogpost. My name is Lizzy Hanley and I am from Somers, New York (For anyone who lives in Long Island: Westchester County is NOT in upstate NY). The banner at the top of my post is a picture of the Res which I took at the very beginning of freshman year a few minutes before sunrise. To this day, this is one of my favorite pictures.

About me

I am a sophomore dual majoring in Computer Science and Finance. My involvements at BC are closely tied to my major as I am vice president of the Women in Computer Science Society (and also one of four co-founders), sophomore representative for Women Innovators Network, iOS beginner workshop leader for the Computer Science Society, and a member of the Shaw Leadership Council. When I am not in class or with these clubs, I am most likely playing ultimate Frisbee (go Flix!), some intramural sport, or running the Res.

I also work for Galehead Development, a Boston based startup founded by BC alums that specializes in solar and wind project development. In 2017 I have been apart of $645 million of total project/site capital investments which translates to 2,580 acres of solar panels and 1,017,036 MWh of annual clean energy– enough 24/7 power for 95,050 typical U.S households.


My brother and I on Christmas Eve this year. I’m wearing heels and almost as tall as he is (6’5).

I tend to listen to a variety of music. Two of my favorite artists are Tyler the Creator and Tame Impala, and my favorite albums at the moment are Flower Boy (Tyler the Creator) and American Teen (Khalid). According to Spotify, my top song of 2017 is GOD by Kendrick Lamar. Also on the topic of music, I am a loyal Spotify user and not an Apple music fan.

This break has been very relaxing and fun so far. I have watched a bunch of movies, spent time with family and friends, and also went to the Pinstripe bowl at Yankee stadium. BC might have lost and I may have lost a few toes in the frozen tundra, but at least I had a great time! I have also continued my part time job with Galehead.

I have been trying to do more independent coding projects, but haven’t taken much action until recently when I was inspired by a fun problem set and decided to turn it into an app. With the help of a friend, I built a word guessing game that picks a random word from a word bank and directs the user to guess this word by supplying clues.

Wondering what my favorite meme was? Well, the wait is over…


I use this while texting more often than I probably should.


Expectations for this class

I first learned about TechTrek in a general BC tour and information session when I was a senior in high school, and ever since I have wanted to attend. Since Freshman year I have attended the Boston trips, and now I am thrilled to be able to go on the West Coast trip. As you can probably tell from my academics and involvements, I am passionately invested in learning about the technology industry and I am excited to do this in TechTrek through understanding strategy, competition, entrepreneurship, and venture finance. The class material and the field study will offer me invaluable knowledge and experience, and I hope this combination better equip me to work with or for a tech company some day.

If you have made it this far, thanks for reading my page. Happy New Years to all!

9 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. Hey Lizzy, It sounds like we have similar interests! I’m on the Girls Who Code leadership team, and I hope WiCS/WIN and GWC can collaborate on events! That’s so cool how you coded your own guessing game. I’d love to try it out! Looking forward to having class together!
    — Amy

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  2. So excited to be in class with you, Lizzy! From an Upstate New Yorker, I agree–you’re definitely from downstate. I didn’t know about your work with Galehead–I’m really interested in sustainable technology, so I would love to hear more about that! I’m also a big Spotify fan, and loved their Year Wrapped analysis. Enjoy the rest of your break!

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  3. Hi Lizzy! I love your entrepreneurial spirit between co-founding Women in CSS and turning your problem set into an app (I would love to download it!). I also prefer Spotify over Apple Music; I hope that these types of preferences/how the companies take them into account will be a topic of conversation in class because there are reasons we prefer one over the other. Hmmmm.
    I look forward to being in class with you and enjoy the rest of your break!

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  4. Hi Lizzy!
    First of all, AMAZING photo of the Res! I live in 2k and even though that is my backyard, I don’t think I will ever be able to get up early enough to get a shot like that!
    Secondly, I’m glad you also survived the below-freezing conditions at the Pinstripe Bowl. I thought I was going to lose a finger or a toe for sure!
    In all seriousness though, I’m very excited to get to know you better this semester and see what you contribute to this class, especially with your impressive computer science background. I agree that the alumni of this class are the best advocates for it and representations of how well it does prepare those interested in working in tech. We have a lot to look forward to!

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  5. Hey Lizzy! I think your involvements are super cool and I would love to hear about the work you do with Galehead. We also have the same majors so I would love to hear your thoughts about that. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to getting to know you better in class!

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  6. Hi Lizzy! I’ve taken a few CS classes but it never came super naturally to me, so I am impressed by your enthusiasm for it and app you developed! I also enjoy Tame Impala and too am a loyal Spotify user. Happy New Years!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your break!

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  7. Great to have you on the trip Lizzy! Interestingly, one of the students I got to know the best on my FIRST Tech Trek Trip about 6 years ago was also someone involved in WIN and on the BC Ultimate Frisbee team! I used to play a bunch of Ultimate from HS through my early 30’s, but then I had to retire because of age (and kids). Love the sport!

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  8. Hi Basketball Teammate!

    So glad to have you in this class! But I disagree. I’m from Long Island, and if you’re not in the city or Long Island, it’s upstate!!!! 🙂

    I love your dedication to technology. I had no idea my intramural teammate was such a smart person! We’re going to win some more games this season, Harrison is going to send you the invite for another season of intramural basketball!

    Was also at the pinstripe bowl. I think it took me two full weeks to regain feeling in my toes. But it was worth it!

    See you Wednesday,

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