This is from when I visited Ireland and went the Cliffs of Moher. In this picture I am at the Baby Cliffs of Moher (that’s actually what people call it).

Hi Everyone!

My name is Katie Bailey and I am from Cape Cod, MA (yes, people do live there during the winter). I am a junior in MCAS majoring in economics. I also come from a “BC Family”. My dad and older brother went to BC, and my younger brother is a current freshman. We like to say my mom is an honorary Eagle by family relation. This past fall, I spent the semester studying abroad in Granada, Spain. In fact, today marks a week from my return!

The program was an immersion program that allowed me to live with a local family and take classes in Spanish (no, I did not leave the program fluent). While abroad I visited 13 countries, which was an incredible experience (and largely contributed to why I did not become fluent in Spanish…whoops). Not only did I get to see so many places (23 cities to be exact), meet new people, and learn about new cultures—I learned how to be “creative” and “efficient” in a new way (why pay for a hostel and a bus when you can just sleep on the bus overnight? 2 things for the price of 1).

Since returning, I have spent my time with family, my golden retriever named Parker, and enjoyed the holiday season. I am in Florida over winter break, which has been awesome because it has allowed me to escape the freezing Massachusetts cold (even though I have lived there my whole life, the winters never get easier). With weather permitting, I love going to the beach, riding bikes, taking pictures, and working on my tennis and golf game.

This past summer I worked as the associate for the Soaring Startup Circle Venture Partners (SSC VP), an accelerator and venture fund created by Boston College alumni to launch and fund BC led founders, and learned a lot about entrepreneurship and technology. Through this, I made new connections within the Boston entrepreneurship/tech community and heard many stories of wisdom that the speakers acquired from their various experiences. I really enjoyed hearing how different each story was and how different each company is. I valued this experience because it helped me realize that I want to work in the startup/tech world and that I like its creativity and problem solving aspects.

I am looking forward to Tech Trek because I believe I will leave with an overall better understanding of tech, how it influences daily life, the various ways it can be used, and more. Additionally, I am excited to learn more about the companies themselves and how they operate. For the SSC VP, I worked out of Jebbit’s office (a BC alum startup) and really appreciated their strong company culture. During the field study, I am excited to visit the companies’ offices and get a taste of what their company life is like.


I’m not a huge meme person so I decided to include a link to my favorite Facebook video. I don’t watch much TV, or at least new shows or movies. You can only watch something for the first time once so I tend to wait for the “right time” to watch a new movie or show which never really happens, therefore I do not end up expanding what I have watched. The only show I have watched from start to finish was Full House (original) and How I Met Your Mother. I will say that my weakness is Facebook videos. I can’t get enough of them.


See you all soon and have a happy New Year!



7 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Hi Katie!
    Awesome intro post! I can’t wait to get to know you better this semester and would love to hear more about both your abroad experience and your work with SSC VP.
    I’m also interested in the culture of these tech companies. It’s going to be an amazing experience to see what kind of environments they create for their employees in order to foster creativity and innovation!
    Also, I second your sentiment about Facebook videos- they can be highly addictive!

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  2. Hey Katie!

    I could not agree more with your interests in entrepreneurship and expectations for the class. Your time with SSC VP also sounds like an incredible opportunity: I’m sure that those various startups, especially the ones as successful as Jebbit, had a ton of insight in turning new ideas into realities. That type of experience is truly unique, and I’m really interested to see how you translate it into the context of our class. Lastly, I’d love to meet your golden retriever Parker!

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  3. Great intro Katie! Where are you from on the Cape (I may have asked you previously, I don’t remember…the end of semesters are a blur for professors too). We have a place in Brewster and pretty much spend all summer down there. We have a number of good friends who are year-rounders, so we get some honorary treatment as locals! 🙂 Look forward to heading to SF with you!

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  4. Welcome back from Spain! 23 cities is impressive, you really made the best of your abroad experience. What a coincidence that you worked for SSC out of Jebbit’s office, I spent my sophomore year interning at Jebbit! They have such a great company culture and fantastic people working there. I relate to the sentiment of wanting to visit more offices and compare the culture, that will be so interesting.

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  5. Hey Katie!

    Awesome post. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your abroad experience in class. If I had gone abroad, I probably would have chosen Spain as well.

    SO GLAD to meet someone who doesn’t love memes. I don’t watch much TV or movies either. Thought I was the only one. Compared to my friends, I feel like I live under a rock when it comes to that stuff.

    Your experience at SSC sounds amazing as well, what a fascinating organization! Hope to hear more about it as well on Wednesday 🙂


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