Selfie (Take Two)

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing winter break. Seeing as my first “Selfie” attempt turned out to be a bit too brief, I’m back for round two!

For those of you who did not see the initial post, my name is Michael Rosmarin (although I generally go by Mike). I come from a small town in central New Jersey called Basking Ridge, where we have plenty of Taylor Ham to go around and never pump our own gas. Academically, I am a sophomore in CSOM pursuing Finance and Information Systems as well as a minor in Philosophy. Outside of school, I am an avid Steelers fan, I love playing spikeball, and I will happily take on any challengers in Super Smash Bros.

I would describe myself as ambitious, detail-oriented, kind, and outgoing. Whether it’s a unique opportunity on campus, a new place to travel, or even an interesting food to try, you will rarely see me turning it down. I will also do everything in my power to make those experiences the best that they can be (and yes, that does mean I’m the guy moving Google Slide pictures a centimeter to the left because they “could look a little better”). At the same time, however, I absolutely love working with people. I enjoy building relationships, collaborating with peers, and sending an unhealthy number of memes to my friends.

With that said, here’s a somewhat classy picture of me with my friend Kunaal. He doesn’t go to Boston College, but we’ve been friends since the day we met in kindergarten. Let me know if you ever see him walking around at the University of Michigan.

IMG_0470 (1)

Now let’s get deep! Let’s get to the big questions: what gets me out of bed every day? How does that relate to signing up for TechTrek West? What do I expect to get out of the class? Why did the refs overturn that Steelers touchdown against the Patriots?

While I may never be able to answer the last one, I can certainly take a stab at the first three. I believe that the core of my response lies in the desire to have a lasting impact. Whatever I end up doing after graduation, I know that I want to positively affect others and leave a mark wherever I go. In turn, I feel that the best way to achieve that is to do what makes me uncomfortable. The unfamiliarity forces me to grow and inherently connects me with new individuals, allowing me to improve both myself and my surroundings. Drake, one of my favorite rap artists, once said that “everybody dies but not everybody lives,” and I could not agree with him more.

As a result, not only do I try to be as involved on campus as possible, but also to choose my involvements with those aforementioned goals in mind: as the General Manager of The Heights, I am the head of two nonprofit organizations that financially support our newspaper. Between leading the student members, working with alumni, and handling the investments of our various accounts, it is easily the most impactful and momentous thing that I have done. Likewise, as a member of the PULSE Program, I mentor underprivileged children in Dorchester and lead various programs to keep them well-rounded. Seeing the tangible effects of such work and the joy on their faces makes it more than worthwhile every single week. For similar reasons, I am also a tour guide on campus, a member of the Investment Club’s Analyst Program, and an incoming TA for Computers in Management.

When I received the acceptance email to TechTrek West, then, hopefully you can imagine how unbelievably excited I was. My favorite GIF, from when the chefs of Cake Boss gave Cookie Monster a giant cookie, probably illustrates it best:


No endeavor makes me more uncomfortable and genuinely excited than an entrepreneurial one. To build something completely from scratch is both the scariest and coolest thing that I can think of. Moreover, no experience could better teach me about the startup industry than learning from the most successful ones in the world (especially those utilizing technology). This makes TechTrek West the perfect opportunity for my personal and professional objectives, along with simply being one of the most awesome programs offered at Boston College.

Within the class itself, I am looking to understand how exactly these organizations became so impactful. I am a huge fan of the show Silicon Valley, where they constantly satirize the region’s desire to “make the world a better place,” but what specifically do they do to achieve that? How do they so effectively turn ideas into reality, organize their infrastructure, and innovate ahead of competitors to constantly improve our daily lives? I feel that these insights would be extremely valuable in pursuing my own ambitions and entrepreneurial interests.

On a more practical level, I would also like to learn the differences between the worlds of finance and tech. As someone concentrating in Finance and Information Systems, I will ultimately have to choose between the two, and I think that this course can play a large role in helping me decide. Moreover, I am very interested in hearing about alternative career paths within the companies that we study. We normally only hear about the extremes in either a standard finance/accounting role or creating a startup, and while I’m still open to both, I’m definitely curious to know what other avenues may exist in between. Therefore, I hope that these various themes and topics will emerge as we undergo the class and field study.

So that’s me! Please don’t hesitate to send a message, play me in spikeball, or ask for memes – I would be more than accepting of all three. If anything, though, I truly hope that you are as excited to go through this journey with me as I am with all of you. I sincerely look forward to getting to know each of you in the spring, and I hope you have a very happy New Year! Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Selfie (Take Two)

  1. Hey Mike! I respect your goals and you make it really clear that you are working towards them every day just by your involvements. I definitely empathize with you about receiving that TechTrek West email. Looking forward to having a class with you!


  2. Hi Mike! I think its awesome that you are the head of two on campus NPOs and I would love to hear more about that as I interned last summer at a tech startup that developed a software that manages NPO donor portfolios to optimize funds for them. I’ve never seen Silicon Valley but that seems like something up my alley so I may have to check it out. Hope you have a great rest of break!


  3. Great take two post! Thanks for taking the time to fix stuff (this is my first time doing it, so I don’t have any examples to point to). So, we’ll be learning about this trip together, but I’m very excited, hopeful, and confident that it’s going to be a great experience!


  4. Hi Mike! I also love Silicon Valley and I’m thinking about a minor in Philosophy as well. I really admire your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the course! I definitely agree that organizations can have profound effects (socially, economically, etc.), and I look forward to learning how exactly to engender meaningful change from the perspective of a startup.


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