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I love running – one day I aspire to run a half marathon and even full one!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all as pumped as I am for the coming up semester! 

My name is Ashley Hangyul Hwang–you can simply call me Ashley! I’m a junior at MCAS studying Computer Science and bioinformatics, which I recently picked up. Throughout my life, I moved around quite a lot thus have many homes at heart. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to the United States as a freshmen of high school. After spending a year in Charleston SC, where I stayed with my host family (my host parents, 5 kids and a puppy), I moved to an all-girls boarding school in Connecticut (Yes, we wore corey skirts). As strange as it may sound, my high school days are one of the best time of my life, memories filled with quality conversations, binge watching Netflix and late night ice creams. (Fun fact: my school was known for horseback riding and thus had more horses than the student body.)

At BC, I’ve been most actively involved in one of volunteering groups, Rosie’s Place. As I quickly explained at the last meet up for TechTrek West, Rosie’s Place is a women’s shelter/food pantry located right by Boston Medical Center. The experience for the past three years of volunteering have been life changing, working with the ladies from places like China, Djibouti, and Haiti. Besides volunteering, I am working as a database specialist at the National Research Mentoring Network. My interest in database and its application stemmed after taking Professor Spang’s class (If you took Professor Spang’s class, you should probably know these, and if you haven’t taken his class, I highly recommend taking it!). My position is to take care of the database using MySQL and APEX. Organizing and effectively solving problems are something that I feel comfortable with and somewhat good at, especially if the subject is interesting!
Besides what I do at school, I love traveling especially places that are not so known to public such as Tibet, China, and Ko Samui in Thailand. My favorite part of traveling is meeting new people and learning their ways of living; Googling Tibet or watching videos of how people live in Ko Samui might introduce the gist of their culture, yet actually visiting places and witnessing can provide much more insights. If you’ve been to places that are cool or amazing, please let me know so I can put it down on my list!

Oh, also, I’m a huge dog lady. I even have an Instagram account for my 10 year old golden retriever Handel. I just thought it’d be misleading introducing myself without mentioning this.

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When I first heard about TechTrek, it was through one of alumni panels hosted by KSA. When someone asked what the speaker’s favorite class during his time at BC was, with no hesitation he replied “TechTrek.” And I wondered; what made him so sure that he didn’t even take a second to think about what his favorite classes at BC? Soon after I found myself attending info session and writing the application for TechTrek West. Now I think about it, it was the mixture of all things I love in one class: traveling, meeting new people, startups, challenging myself and, last but not least, technology.

Technology is developing even at this very moment, and yesterday’s technology might not be the same as today’s. By visiting Silicon Valley and having conversations with the leaders who not only leads such companies but also people’s daily lives, I truly believe this journey will help me understand how our everyday lives are being affected by technology and how I should utilize my skill-set to benefit others in the future.

I’m beyond excited for the journey to come!


My all time favorite memes are “doggo” memes

3 thoughts on “Introduction!

  1. Can totally relate to that meme Ashley, it was great sleeping with my dog over break. I think your unique experience will bring such a great perspective to the classroom discussions. Can’t wait to meet you!


  2. Hi Ashley! I agree that tech is revolutionizing the world, from our daily lives to the startup landscape. I can’t wait to visit Silicon Valley and have those enlightening conversations with industry leaders!


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