Intro Selfie – John Reim

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.07.08 PMHi everyone! My name is John Reim and I am a Sophomore in CSOM studying Finance and Accounting. I am originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and I have loved being home for break to see friends and family, but it has been ungodly cold (-20ish) so I am very
excited to head somewhere warmer. I am a passionate Minnesotan (despite the cold) as can be seen by me repping when Minnesota came to play BC in hockey.

As I write this, I am delayed in the airport because of the “bomb cyclone” that hit the east coast so I hope everyone out there is doing ok! I am headed to New Orleans to do some service work for the next week, and hopefully will be able to try some gumbo or jambalaya.  But I also would like to pose the question; what happened to just calling a winter storm a blizzard? It seems like every storm now has some hyped up nickname (usually in a hashtag or headline), so if anyone has a reason for that I would love to know. I love winter though, and tried to do some skating on the pond over break. I grew up playing hockey and still play intermural here at BC as well as manage the Women’s Club Hockey team. I love the Minnesota Wild, and most Minnesota sports teams, although they seem to break my heart every year (fingers crossed on the Vikings!).

I am also involved in Campus Activities Board in the Campus Engagement group, so you might see me at the bingo nights or pub series. I am also part of the Jenks Leadership Program, where we are currently in the process of developing a better way to connect clubs on campus with service opportunities in the greater Boston area. I am part of CYC (consult your community) where we help advise a team of BC entrepreneurs in launching their app, which has been an incredible experience to see how people in the same position that I am are negotiating and competing with huge brand names. I am also a sacristan at the 10:15 heights room mass, so come by sometime and say hi!

When I’m not busy with school I love to be outside or playing sports. I love to golf, hunt, fish, and ski. I love to spend my summers by the lake at the cabin going jet-skiing or ATVing. I am retired from wakeboarding after getting 7 stitches and almost cutting my ear off when I fell, so now I just like watching my friends do it. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday (unpopular take, I know) but it’s the best time of the year in Minnesota to relax up north, and fireworks are really great.

I heard about this class through a couple of friends in the past who have done it and said I cannot graduate BC without taking it. I also had a cousin who is a TechTrek Alumni who we will be visiting in San Francisco who told me how influential the class was for him in his personal and professional life. I am really looking forward to learning about how these companies are continuously innovating and are on the cutting edge of new opportunities. I really like the thought of being someone who is changing the world and making it a better place, so I want to gain some exposure of what it takes to be one of the influential superstars and learn more about how they think differently.

I love to hear about the big ideas from Silicon Valley and it seems like the things that were reserved for science fiction movies are quickly becoming a reality. I also am really interested in what it takes to be an entrepreneur. One of my favorite things at BC are the lunches with entrepreneurs, and they have given me some amazing advice about the type of character it takes to start your own company. I know it is not as sexy as it appears on TV, but I still think being involved in the startup and venture capital world is where I want to end up as far as a career. I hope TechTrek can give me some awesome exposure to people that are in that world that I can connect with and gain some guidance. It was on this trip that my cousin connected with a BC alumni, and that eventually turned into a great mentor and a career in VC. I really hope the experience over spring break will give me a glimpse into what a possible future for me could look like.

As for a meme that I really love, I really identify with Kermit the frog. I actually dressed up as hooded Kermit this year for Halloween.


Hope everyone has a great break and I can’t wait to meet you all next semester!!

2 thoughts on “Intro Selfie – John Reim

  1. Hi John, I am so jealous that you’re going to New Orleans for the last bit of the break! I can’t wait to meet you and have a talk about your experience there and jambalayas!


  2. Hi John- Looks like we both like to fish. I’ll be happy to exchange some fish stories and maybe even go fishing around here in Boston if you want. Looking forward to being your classmate.


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