Introduction: Rohan Dixit


Hello everyone! My name is Rohan Dixit and I am currently a sophomore in CSOM concentrating in Finance and Accounting with a minor in Philosophy. I was born and raised in Wilmington, Massachusetts, about 45 minutes north of BC. Growing up, I played Pop Warner football with the Wilmington Wildcats and have grown up to be a diehard Patriots fan. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love the Patriots, especially Julian Edelman. I also love listening to music and going to concerts. Next semester, I’m going to MØ, Milky Chance, Gabrielle Aplin, and Kygo. According to my Spotify stats for 2017, I listened to almost 60 days of music last year…


57.11 Days well spent!

I recently binged This Is Us, which has quickly become one of my favorite TV shows. My other favorites include Parks and Recreation, The Newsroom, and The Office. Over break (between binging TV shows), I interned at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Boston with the Greater Boston Group. I am currently on LeaderShape, one of the best retreats at BC! I participated in it last year and am now the On-Site Coordinator, which means I can experience a vastly different aspect of the retreat. My fellow TechTrekker Dylan is on the retreat with me too! Retreats have been an integral part of my BC experience thus far, as I have gone on 48Hours, LeaderShape (twice now), Kairos, the Freshman League retreat, and Halftime. I strongly recommend all of them!

On campus, I live in Vanderslice Hall and I am suitemates with TechTrekker John Reim! Outside of LeaderShape, I am also the Vice President of the AHANA Management Academy. I joined the organization as Freshman Representative last year and thoroughly enjoyed my experience and was fortunate enough to have incredible upperclassmen mentors on the E-Board with me. I am also a member of the South Asian Student Association (SASA) and I starred in the Culture Show last year. Even though I can’t dance for my life, I had an amazing time performing with the Freshmen and Garba dances. This year, I will be starring in the Culture Show in the Sophomores dance. If you happen to be there, keep an eye out for the only person who is messing up the dance – that’ll be me!


Here’s my selfie! I caught a puck at a BC game and it tasted like victory!

I first heard about Tech Trek through an upperclassmen mentor who was a TA for Professor Gallagher last year. After asking around and doing some research, I realized that Tech Trek West fit exactly what I was looking for. Entering BC, I knew I was interested in entrepreneurship as a means for creating meaningful, positive change and having a tangible impact on the success of a company and idea.

During my freshman year, I was able to attend many Start@Shea Lunches with Entrepreneurs and meet successful entrepreneurs who shared their stories and words of wisdom. Although their journeys involved rollercoaster rides through tough times, the prospect of following their advice and shaping my own path excited me. Last summer, I interned with Vivoom, a digital marketing startup in Boston, through the Shea Center. I loved my experience because, despite being an intern and a college freshman, I was given tons of responsibility and valuable experience, for which I am grateful. I was accountable for my own work (in a 12-person company, constant supervision and double-checking is impractical) and I felt like an equal member of the team with a tangible hand in the company’s success.

This fall, I also attended the Shea Center Mentor Mixer and spoke at length with Justin Robinson (Co-Founder of Drizly) and Chris Beissel (Operations & Logistics Manager at Uber) about their experiences in the startup environment and what advice they have about pursuing a career in entrepreneurship.

These experiences solidified my interest in Tech Trek and compelled me to apply. I am incredibly excited for this class and the trip, although I am scared I’ll be the person who loses it when Tim Cook walks by. The trip offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour startup superstars like Apple and Google. Beyond the companies themselves, interacting with successful BC alumni will hopefully answer many of the questions I have about entrepreneurship and provide practical insight into starting a company. I am keen on learning how to successfully start a company (developing an idea into a self-sufficient startup), how to make pivotal decisions on the future of the company, and what separates successful startups from failed ventures. I believe Tech Trek will enable me to familiarize myself with entrepreneurship from a technical and analytical standpoint, combining theoretical frameworks and case studies with hands-on, practical experience on-site. Tech Trek will provide a foundation for understanding the tech and startup worlds, which I hope to build on in the coming years. Although my plan may change, I am definitely interested in continuing to engage with startups before and after graduations, whether working at a startup or in venture capital or elsewhere. Also, my brother recently accepted a job at Square and moved out to San Francisco right after New Year’s, so it’s a nice added benefit that I’ll be able to see him!

Last December, I randomly discovered a dog park (Millennium Park in West Roxbury) while taking a joyride near BC and it has become my favorite place in the world! I have since driven there probably 50 times or more, and the view at sunset is indescribable – the cover photo for this blog post (if I can figure out how to do it) is a panorama from the dog park! Finally, I have included a lovable GIF that warms my heart – a puppy playing in the snow for the first time.

Enjoy the puppy and have a great rest of your break everyone!

2 thoughts on “Introduction: Rohan Dixit

  1. Awesome, Rohan! I’m glad to see a classmate with such great taste in music. I was in ELP but I never did LeaderShape. I heard it’s an awesome retreat, and I’ll think about doing it next year. Sorry to hear that you are a Pats fan. Let’s go Vikings!

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  2. Nice taste in TV shows (The Office is undoubtedly my favorite, though I also like This Is Us — I have to catch up on this season). Congrats on ~2 months of music — you’d make Spotify proud! Welcome to TechTrek!

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