Introduction Selfie: Jacob Palecki

Hello everyone. My name is Jacob Filip Palecki, but feel free to call me Jake. I am currently a junior in the Carroll School of Management pursuing concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship and a minor in philosophy. For the past twelve years I have been living in a town on the Jersey shore called Toms River, but I was originally born and raised in Queens, NYC. I am the son of two Polish immigrants who emigrated from Poland in the 1990s, and the majority of my family still lives in Poland. I fun fact about me is that I learned to speak Polish before English, leaving a temporary communication barrier when I was much younger. My earliest memories are of my summers, which were spent visiting my Polish cousins and exploring Europe.

If I were to do one thing for the rest of my life, it would undeniably have to be fishing. I fish year around and have a few poles in my dorm room for whenever I need a quality study break. Here is a photo with a nice tuna I caught off of Islamorada over Thanksgiving break. IMG_0570.jpeg

A few years ago, I saved up my earnings and bought a local “fixer-upper” boat and refurbished it. I named it “Agnes’s Dream” after my mother, who was very against the idea of me owning a boat. Here she is:

IMG_0635.jpegGoing on fishing on my boat is all I want to do whenever I go home back home, and admittedly, during midterms. In addition to fishing and boating, my other major hobby is photography. I have a Canon 700D and, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch me taking photos around campus or in the greater Boston area. Here is one of my favorite photos, which I took in Mykonos, Greece:IMGP1273.JPG

I am also I really into sports. I have played soccer for my whole life and was the captain of my high school’s team. In addition to soccer, I have been skiing for as long as I remember and I go many times each season. I am a diehard sports fan, and I closely follow the Philadelphia Eagles, my favorite football team, and Borussia Dortmund, my favorite soccer team.

I am a middle child and I would not the man I am today without my siblings. My older sister is a medical student and pushes me to be my best through good ole sibling rivalry. I also have a much younger 11-year-old brother who just started middle school, and he has quickly become my Mario Kart buddy whenever I am home. I also have to give a shout out to my dog Teddy, who is a Vizsla and just turned two years old. Here he is:IMG_1900.jpeg I hope that this brief intro helps you understand a little bit about who I am.

I have high expectations for Tech Trek West. I have a few friends who have taken it last year, and they rave about how great of an experience it was. I am prepared to put in the necessary work to make sure I have a comparable experience. I have also been fascinated with entrepreneurship and starting companies, and it is something that I can definitely see myself doing in the future. Learning how they become such prominent, blue chip companies is definitely something that interests me and I am sure will captivate me as the semester goes on.

Another facet of Tech Trek I am excited for is the process of learning how to carry a professional conversation with a high-ranking executive and ask intelligent questions. It is something that can be seen as common sense, but it is definitely something that I can hopefully improve upon.


I look forward to meeting you all this Wednesday and going through this experience with you!

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