When the Eagles flew West

Thank you to Professor Kane, Professor Doyle, Kelsey, and Matt for teaching us, providing the resources and information to be informed, and organizing an incredible trip. Without you all, the trip would not have been what it was. Thank you so much!


I knew I wanted to do Tech Trek since I heard about the course last November, right after the deadline was due. Multiple of my friends were in course and I would always ask them how Tech Trek was going and what they were learning–each response solidified my desire to apply for Tech Trek at the next opportunity. Despite having an idea of what Tech Trek is, I was blown away by how much more it was.


I really enjoyed how Tech Trek was taught using case studies and videos. I have only been in one other course that used case studies, so Tech Trek was a refreshing and effective approach to learning for me. I really enjoyed learning about the 20+ companies we did, and how each company resulted in a new discussion topic. Despite each company’s unique story, they all connected to the overall themes of innovation. Each class and homework assignment got me so excited because I could immediately see how I could apply what I was learning (yay education!).

Also, the Twitter feed was an incredible resource that I am making a point to use and monitor even after this class concludes. Twitter is a constant feed of new innovations, ideas, and perspectives that can be very interesting and create thoughtful and dynamic discussion (#BCSTT #D). When I created my Twitter last year, I saw all the Tech Trek tweets and hoped that one day my tweets would be as informed and intellectually stimulating. I am not sure if they were, but at least it felt like they were sometimes. I loved what Professor Kane said at the beginning of class. Use Twitter to start the conversation so when you visit with these people in March, you’ll simply be continuing the conversation you started before. I will say, I definitely think we all did a great job continuing the conversation in California.


Whenever anyone asks me about Tech Trek and our trip to California, I cannot help but RAVE about how well this class provided the resources for us to be prepared, informed visitors, which resulted in once in a lifetime visits.

I learned so much from the company visits in California. At these visits, I heard incredible people speak, learned valuable lessons, learned more about the technology industry, and learned more about career paths. A key factor of why I was able to get so much out of these visits was because of how prepared we all were. Connecting back to class, the class presentations and prepared questions really helped me understand the companies we were visiting prior to the visit, allowing me to be able to focus on learning the information that I could only learn first hand from these companies visits. This was possible because of how prepared every student was. Together, our questions pulled out really interesting, and sometimes exclusive, information that we could only get from Tech Trek. Thank you Professor Kane and Professor Doyle for providing us with the tools to be so informed and thank you to all of my peers for using those tools to be as informed as possible. #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork.

Post Trip:

Honestly, I thought I was going to come back from the trip feeling drained because we didn’t get a “spring break”. In fact, I felt the complete opposite. I came back from Tech Trek feeling excited, energized, and rejuvenated. The combination of free time to explore the cities we were in, visiting various types of companies, and meeting incredible people was the perfect balance for me.


An innocent trip to see the bridge that resulted in a police car shuttle back to the mainland (no one was in trouble, Uber simply wasn’t picking us up).

I appreciated the free time for a variety of reasons. It allowed me to explore cities that I have been thinking about moving to after graduation. Thanks to @jaybebruggeman and @daileywc (our tour guides), we were able to see visit some great food spots and see beautiful views. I also was thrilled because the free time allowed me to visit the Full House house!!! (See photo below).


Visiting the Full House house had been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

The combination of companies taught me what type of company size I would like to work in, the work environment, and the overall culture. I appreciated this aspect of our visits because it allowed me to see different work environments and helped me recognize what would be best for me. It was almost like having 20 different shadow day visits!

Aside from the incredible information surrounding technology and how different companies are innovating, I learned valuable lessons from the people who spoke with us. I left with a much better understanding of different career paths and how some people “found” themselves in a role without even planning for it.

My two favorite pieces of advice from the trip are the following:

“Don’t do a job that’s easy.” -Trevor Stuart, Split Software

“Always have a set of 3 questions in your mind that you are always answering.” -Sophie Miller, Google

Signing off:

Overall, I can’t stop beaming whenever I think of Tech Trek. As sad as it makes me that the course is coming to a close, I know the connections I’ve made with each student, professor, alumni, and person during this course and trip will not be lost. As someone said, we are all in this course because we have similar interests surrounding technology and entrepreneurship. I can’t wait to continue connecting over our shared interests and learning about interests outside of Tech Trek.

Tech Trek exceeded my expectations. Tech Trek did so much more than leave me with a better understanding of tech, how it influences daily life, and the various ways it can be used. I also learned so much more than the various ways companies operate, their cultures, and their office spaces. Little did I know how dynamic of a course and trip this would be and the significant impact the experience and people would have on me.

Yours truly,

Katie Bailey, roll call #2


You all look GREAT! So healthy.


4 thoughts on “When the Eagles flew West

  1. The “beaming” you’re experiencing doesn’t go away (here I am, a year later, talking about my TechTrek trip like it was yesterday)! I love reading these reflections because it gives me an inside look into your own visit to SF and the companies we spent so much time learning in class. Welcome back!

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  2. Great summary of our experience, Katie! I agree with you that we were so well prepared for this trip from our in-class case studies and Twitter discussions. It helped us get the most out of our visits and the amount we learned during our week out west is probably more than I have learned in entire semester courses.
    It was so much fun getting to know you and chat with you in California. I can’t wait for all our TechTrek reunions already!


  3. Katie! I’m so glad we got to know each other on this trip. “Thoughtful and dynamic discussion” is a great way to describe the conversations we had in class, on the trip, and while debriefing. Definitely agree that our collective preparedness was key to getting so much out of the sessions. And the same thing happened to me post-trip—I thought I would be exhausted, but I was just so inspired too. Yes, the days were long, but there was so much enthusiasm and mind boggling concepts that we couldn’t help but be amazed. The nature of tech itself is part of the reason we were all so engaged—these companies and innovations are so incredible and futuristic, you can’t help but be excited!


  4. Couldn’t agree more, the experience on Twitter continued a rich discussion out on the West Coast. Many of our threads became questions or discussions with the companies out there. But with everyone in class being so prepared and smart, I felt like I had to always bring my A game. I am so glad you all pushed me to be my best, and I think this led us all to ask great questions out there.

    So glad to have met you through the class and its great to have fellow “nerds” on campus to talk tech with! Can’t wait for the instagram page to take off!

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