Intro: Felicia Chen

About Me

Hi everyone!!  My name is Felicia, and I am a sophomore in CSOM studying Finance and Accounting with a minor in Computer Science.  I am originally from Vernon Hills, IL (or just “Chicago”) and attended a boarding school, the Illinois Math and Science Academy.  I had such an amazing first yeat at BC, and I am super excited to come back and get to know all of you during the class next semester!

This summer I flew back to my cozy home in “Chicago,” and I continued my internship with a Boston start-up called Jebbit.  I spent my summer working for Jebbit remotely, and I felt my work directly benefit the company.  Through this internship, I worked in different departments in the start-up and learned a variety of technology and business skills, which tied perfectly with my studies.  My projects required my knowledge of coding SQL to analyze the data of the impact of Jebbit’s products on its clients.  This helped the Product and Customer Success team understand what platforms to target for potential clients!  It was super awesome to work with Tom, the CEO of Jebbit, and learn about his BC experiences!  Below is us at Jebbit’s HQ, with our smiling faces and our BC flag.


From left to right: Tom (my TechTrek co-lead), Duncan (Jebbit’s VP of R&D), me!, and Tom (Jebbit’s CEO)

Look out for Start@Shea events throughout campus!

I found the internship through my involvement on the Start@Shea executive board, which is connected with BC’s Shea Center for Entrepreneurship.  Another Start@Shea board member and I usually lead BC students downtown to meet with tech companies (also known as Tech Treks, but not to be confused with the Techtrek East class).  By being on both the marketing team and Tech Trek team of Start@Shea, it was awesome to expand BC’s entrepreneurship and technology influence throughout campus!



Outside of school and work, I love running, going to concerts and spending time with friends.  Best case scenario is doing all three of those activities at the same time!  I was lucky to go see a few of my favorite artists this summer at festivals and concerts, including G-Eazy, Ty Dolla $ign, and Cheat Codes!

We somehow got the front row, and I held the lead singer’s hand for about three seconds!

Class Expectations

During my senior year of high school, I became interested in tech when I decided to start a mobile app with a few of my boarding school roommates.  It began as only a small project that we half-heartedly worked on every Wednesday.  As the app picked up speed through marketing and word-of-mouth, we quickly realized the influence of a growing start-up.  By the end of the year, my team and I pitched our app to donors including Steve Chen, the co-founder of YouTube.  The summer before BC, I worked with a hospital to create a mobile app for their Ob Gyn department.  These experiences, in addition to my work with BC’s Start@Shea and Jebbit, helped me realize that tech influences every career and field.  In my time with Tech Trek East, I want to understand how tech affects each industry.  With this knowledge, I can devote my time to focus on the tech skills needed in the business world and my future career.  I know this course will strengthen my knowledge of tech start-ups and give me the confidence to become a leader in this field.

3 thoughts on “Intro: Felicia Chen

  1. Great intro! I think you’ll enjoy this class thoroughly. I’ll actually be in Chicago for a conference early next week. Haven’t been there in about a decade. Looking forward to it!


  2. Hi Felicia! So cool to hear about your involvement with Jebbit and the Shea Center- these are great experiences that you can bring to this class. I’m also an avid concert-goer, so I would love to trade stories sometime!


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