About Me

Hello fellow techies!!! My name is Kerri, and I am extremely excited to get to know all of you during this class! The countdown has begun until we are back at BC for another great semester. I am a rising junior in CSOM studying Finance and Information Systems. I am originally from Norwell, MA (about 45 minutes from BC) and attended Norwell High School. I have two younger twin sisters, Caitlin and Kelly, who are off to Fordham and Bentley this fall, and an adorable black pug named Zunny (we were young when choosing this name), who will of course be featured as my first photo.


This summer I have been living on Nantucket, which is a small island off the coast of Cape Cod. I am working at Galley Beach, a fancy beachfront restaurant, where I am lucky enough to watch sunset from the hostess stand most nights! When family and friends visit, I love showing them how incredible island life is, from the cobblestone streets in town to the wide range of beaches. Coming back to the mainland may be a bit of an adjustment, given that I haven’t seen a chain store besides Stop&Shop in two and a half months (except for quick weekend trip to NYC to visit my roommates)! Now, writing this blog post, I am realizing how removed from technology I have been this summer. My family, in true Nantucket fashion, uses cabs over the few ubers, bikes over cars and walkie-talkies over the spotty cell service here. Just kidding on that last part. Wow, I cannot wait for food delivery to 2000 Comm Ave in just a couple of weeks.


The sand road to my favorite beach in Nantucket.


All the staff came up to the deck to take ~sunset photos~ last night, temporarily abandoning the customers.

When I am not on this small island removed from civilization, you’ll probably find me talking about the Patriots, fitness, travel or the wonders of the ocean. First and foremost, I will forever be a loyal New England Patriots fan. A few weeks ago, Bill Belichick came into my restaurant for dinner, and I almost dropped dead handing him the menu. I will hopefully recover from my fangirl moment by the start of classes. I not only love to watch sports but also to participate in them. I am spending my last week of summer as a counselor at a sleepaway running camp (we don’t run all day, I promise). Additionally, I have a passion for travel. My favorite destinations have been Santorini, Greece, Ronda, Spain and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. For my next trip, I will be heading to the land down under for a semester of sunshine! Australia is my ideal study abroad location because I am obsessed with the ocean and anything related to it, from fishing to surfing to paddleboarding.


My family, full of hope and dreams, before the tragic Pats loss in Minnesota. (I’m on the right)


A donkey, similar to the one I rode up the side of a cliff in Greece with my sister. Near death experience.


Wahoo fish I caught with my dad off the coast of St. Martin.

Class Expectations

The aspect of Tech Trek I am most looking forward to is meeting other students, professors and alumni interested in the world of tech!! I love discussing future jobs (I am basically a career-less career coach for my friends). Luckily, I live with many ambitious CSOM-ers, with whom I have discussed every accounting and finance firm at one point or another, but none of them (besides my soon-to-be roomie and Tech Trek West alum Abby) are also interested in the technology field. So, I just make myself lists of all the cool tech companies I should apply to and call it a day. Now I have all of you to chat tech careers with! Woohoo!

I am also hoping that this class will help me narrow down what specific role and type of tech company I desire to work at postgrad. I was excited to learn about Tech Trek East because ideally I would like to live in Boston after school. I envision myself working at a early to mid-stage startup, so I am most looking forward to visiting the smaller companies on our itinerary. Recently, I have been researching health technology startups because I love fitness, as I mentioned earlier, and, I have been inspired by my grandparents, who started a health care company focused in MRI technology around 30 years ago. Our fellow classmate Mary Quinn is actually my cousin, so she may have mentioned this in her blog post, as well. Although I have ideas about what my future career may look like, I have visited only a few technology companies. I am sure that Tech Trek East will open up my eyes to the wide range of possibilities that lie ahead! I hope you all enjoy the rest of summer, and I’ll see you in class soon!!


7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Between Nantucket and the Patriots, I think we’re going to get along just fine (I spend my whole summer on the Cape). On the other hand, if you’re going to be roommates with Abby, that might also spell trouble. Haha. Looking forward to having you on the trip!


  2. Hi Kerri, this was a great intro of you! I have similar motivations and expectations for the Tech Trek East course, so it’ll be exciting to know more about the tech industry through this class. I actually worked on an app for a hospital in Chicago last summer, so feel free to reach out if you’re interested in health start-ups! The medical/health field is definitely making huge strides with incorporating tech for their patients.

    See you in class soon! 🙂


  3. Kerri, I have very similar career aspirations to you! I am hoping to work at a tech startup. Also, I would love to bounce career ideas off you to create a company list of my own!


  4. Hi Kerri,

    Your summer in Nantucket sounds absolutely amazing. I enjoyed that even though talking about the future can seem daunting, you seem to focus on all of the fun possibilities that lie ahead! I’m looking forward to chatting with you about careers in the fall.

    See you in class!


  5. Hi Kerri! I am also a huge Patriots fan. I would love to hear more about your experience with Bill Belichick. I don’t even think I could have handed him a menu without passing out! Also, I plan to visit Santorini after graduation so tips on places to see/visit would be much appreciated. Boston is definitely a great place to work if you are interested in health startups. I interned at MassChallenge, a startup accelerator, and they had a whole separate accelerator with just health startups. I would be happy to give you information about the companies that participated!


  6. Hi Kerri! What an awesome sunset picture. I feel the same as you, and can’t get enough of the beach. I’m going abroad to Lisbon, Portugal this spring and mostly looking forward to exploring the Portuguese beaches. I’m also living in 2K this semester so I’m sure ill see you in the elevator!


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