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Hi everyone! My name is Angela Zhang and I’m a Junior in CSOM double concentrating in Finance and Information Systems with a minor in Music. I am from two hard-working immigrant parents, who made it possible for me to be the first in my family to attend a great university like Boston College. I was born in Manhattan and raised in Jersey City (it’s right across the Hudson River from NYC!), but I also spent some years in a strict boarding school in Fujian, China because my parents wanted to ensure that I do not forget my roots and the importance of being bilingual.


View of NY from the Ferry. It’s only a 7-minute ride from Jersey City -> NYC 

This summer is my best summer yet. Through a mentor I met at the national 1vyG Conference in UPenn back in February, I was able to join her team in an effort to create the Rise First Inc. Rise First is a new, nonprofit organization that is committed to assisting first generation, low income (FGLI) students nationwide. I spent the first six weeks of my summer collecting data on the current resources offered by each state and the college and universities within it. Afterward, my team and I condensed the large amount of data into tables and graphs and filtered it by state and type of resource. We are hoping to launch our one-stop destination website before the Fall semester begins.


Rise First Inc. Team

In late June, I was invited to EY’s 2018 Women In Technology (WIT) Conference in Chicago. It was an exciting and rewarding experience overall because it was my first time flying alone to a new city and I had the opportunity to meet with EY’s senior leaders and learned a great deal about each of the company’s different sectors. My favorite part of the conference was the Chicago Dine-Around Tour, which took us to Navy Pier for appetizers, then to Giordano’s for deep dish pizza, and wrapped up the night with dessert on the 360 Chicago Observation deck (94 floors up!!).

In early July, I came back to Boston College, where I worked as a Peer Advisor (PA) for the College Transition Program (CTP). CTP is a two-week pre-college program offered to 40 incoming, first-gen freshmen. The program offers exposure to college life and the resources available on campus. As a PA, my role was to be a mentor, leader, and a friend. The two weeks I spent on campus was the best 2 weeks of my Summer because I got to hear every single one of my students’ personal stories and was inspired by their ambitions in life and their genuine happiness to pursue higher education at BC. I can’t wait to reunite with all of them in the Fall and continue to be there for them throughout their college journey.

Outside of academics, I work as an accounting analyst on Brighton Campus and I dedicate most of my time to the First Generation Club of Boston College (FGC). I co-founded FGC at the end of my freshman year with a group of amazing, passionate friends, and I will serve as President this upcoming academic year. Since the club is relatively new, we are trying to plan as many meaningful and fun events as possible to build our community. (If you have any ideas or recommendations, please feel free to share with me!! We are always eager to collaborate with offices and other on-campus clubs!)


First General Meeting (Fall 2017)

Class Expectations

During the Spring Semester of my freshman year, I took Professor Gallaugher’s new iOS Swift Development course. That was my first coding class, and I was immediately fascinated by the tech world and how integral tech is to every successful business. That same semester, I signed up for TechTrek NYC, which was a one day trip to visit Twitter, Facebook, Google, Rent the Runway, and ClassPass. The overall experience was very positive and left me wanting to go back.

When I found out about TechTrek East, I was more than eager to sign up because it is an upgrade from TechTrek NYC. I am hoping this class will teach me how to utilize Twitter effectively (I rarely use Twitter) and how to network with professionals. I’m also excited to get to know everyone else in the class especially since we’ll all be spending a good amount of time together. Because this course will require a lot of public speaking and active discussion, I will have to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to confidently present myself.  

I’m so excited to meet all of you in the Fall! 🙂




First-Gen Club


5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Wow! What a great intro. I’m only four readings in and I’m already super-impressed by the students we have in the class. We already have some deep knowledge and passion to build on. Very much looking forward to getting to know you over this next semester!

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  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for this introduction – loved the pictures! It was great to hear your involvement on campus, especially with FGC (I am also a first generation student!). Also, super glad you had a great time in Chicago! My boarding school had our prom on the observation deck, and it was definitely an exhilarating experience being 94 floors up.

    Excited to meet you! Please feel free to reach out 🙂

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  3. Sounds like you’ve been KILLING it at BC so far. It’s always really cool to see people who are so passionate about something. Looking forward to taking our first class together Angela!

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  4. Great introduction, Angela!! I think it’s so awesome that you have expanded your roles into mentorship in so many different areas and that you had the opportunity to experience different conferences! Looking forward to this class with you!

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  5. So great to (virtually) meet you, Angela! Sounds like you had an awesome summer and with TechTrek East, I think you’ll have an awesome fall semester. I also work on the Brighton Campus as a marketing intern for BC Dining, so maybe we can grab lunch at Cafe 129 sometime!

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