About me

Hi, everyone. My name is Hongbo, and this will be my second year at BC. I’m in CSOM with double concentrations in finance and accounting and a minor in philosophy. I was born in Chengdu, China, where is the hometown of Panda and has lots of spicy food. I went to a high school in Suffolk, Virginia, and lived with a host family there. I had a fantastic time in Suffolk, and I regard my host family as a second family in the U.S.

Outside the classroom, I’m a big soccer fan. I played intramural soccer with my friends. Although we didn’t play well during last season, we had lots of fun together. I had a great time watching the World Cup this summer and rooted for Argentina and Brazil. Sadly, neither of them achieved in my expectations. I played saxophone in my high school’s Jazz band and Concert band. I always enjoy listening to Jazz music. However, I didn’t join the band at BC because of the time conflict.

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This summer, I had an internship in Prague. I worked for Suitest, a tech startup for test automation. During the eight weeks’ program, I helped Suitest prepared pitchbook and valuation for their upcoming acquisition and did market research for test automation and media industries. I really enjoyed my time working at Suitest. Everyone in the company is friendly and would love to help me with any problems I had. Also, I had some conversations about with my boss during lunchtime, which allowed me to know his entrepreneurial experience and advice. Besides this unforgettable working experience, I traveled to some places around the Czech Republic during that time. I always like traveling, and trips to another city or country during weekends could be another perk during my internship.





Class Expectations

For Tech Trek NYC, I hope to gain different perspectives about business and investments from different people. I think perspectives are very important for business today. There is no single solution to a challenge or a problem in the business world. With different perspectives, people can come out with different solutions to the problem. Also, I look forward to visiting those giant tech firms, like Google and Facebook, as well as some fintech firms. I really want to see the daily work style in those firms. I believe Tech Trek NYC can help me understand business in technology and media better.

3 thoughts on “Introduction-Hongbo

  1. Hi Hongbo,

    Your work this summer sounds absolutely fascinating and like such a great experience! I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe so I’d love to hear more about your adventures! I’m also super impressed by your ability to play the saxophone–I wish I knew how to play an instrument. See you soon!



  2. Great first post, Hongbo! I completely agree that having new and different perspectives is key in business and technology. I think with your summer experience at Suitest, you will be able to provide the class with your own unique perspective.


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