Intro – Shelby

Hi everyone! My name is Shelby Tietel and I’m going to be a sophomore in CSOM this upcoming year, majoring in marketing and business analytics. I am from Saint Paul, MN and have lived in the Twin Cities my whole life. My family consists of my two parents, a younger brother, and as of this winter a new puppy! Hayden is a chocolate lab and just had his first birthday in July! Not so fun fact: when I came home for the summer, he had forgotten who I was, but we have since reconciled.


Hayden a week after we brought him home.

This summer I’ve been interning with a company called Pedal Pub. A Pedal Pub is essentially a 16 person bar on wheels, riders pedal it like a bike to make it move while enjoying the beverage of their choice. The whole vehicle is guided around the city by a Pedal Pub Pilot. It’s a little known concept, but started in Minneapolis, MN 10 years ago and the company is nothing if not fun. We now have licensees and franchisees in over 40 cities in the US and Canada.

I’ve gotten to work on our recently franchised concept and have done a lot of data driven research. I looked at the ROI of our current marketing strategies as well as piloting some internal programs for them. I got to dig into 14,000 rows of booking data going back to 2006 to help figure out booking trends for tours by time frame, area, etc. Despite doing data work, the internship was primarily intended to be a digital media marketing internship, so many of our days were spent doing photoshoots for social media content, going on tours with partner companies to show them the experience, or going to talk with entrepreneurs who own various Pedal Pub locations around the country. To be more involved with the experience, I also have been driving Pedal Pub tours as one of their pilots!


Myself (right) and two other Pedal Pub interns doind a fake backelorette photoshoot.

interns and photoshoot.jpg

The Pedal Pub intern team.

At BC I am in University Chorale and this year I will be a tour guide for SAP. Outside of school I like to play golf, travel, and sing. This summer I got to travel with my family including my grandma, aunt, uncle and two cousins to Montreal and Quebec City for the Fourth of July. Quebec is French speaking and has a ton of European influence so its small cobblestone streets and architecture feel just like France until you walk into a store that sells only products containing maple syrup. More recently, I took a trip to visit my roommate and friends in Cape May, NJ for a long weekend and got to stay right on the beach with four of my suitemates for this upcoming year.


Le Château Frontenac – a castle inspired hotel built at Quebec City’s highest point. 


Stores in the older area of Quebec City do not open until 10am, leaving the small stone streets empty.

Class Expectations

This semester I am hoping to get a lot more exposure to the tech world and embrace my inner entrepreneur, something I think everyone should be able to do at some point in their lives. I want to get more practical knowledge and advice about what working for or founding a startup company is really like, not just the vague “find an idea you love and go all in.” In addition to this I would love to get a better understanding of tech fundamentals as I love numbers and programs to work with them, but as soon as computers get involved I’m out of my depth. I hope to get a little more insight into strategically using technology and how to make a name in business in such a fast changing and tech savvy world.  I love the idea of being a leader with a foot in all parts of business, and having a background in tech these days helps in any discipline. I want to be able to keep an eye on the future, not only of technology, but of business in general.

On a smaller scale, I really want to know what blockchain is. I understand it conceptually, but as soon as it gets to applying it or discussing details I am so lost. I’m going to need some serious help with that one.


3 thoughts on “Intro – Shelby

  1. Hi Shelby,

    That is really cool that you are from St. Paul. I have a lot of family in Minnesota, and I actually just visited them at the beginning of the summer. Also, your internship sounded really interesting and extremely fun! I’m going to look out for the company because it seems like such a cool thing to try! Also, I feel the same exact way about blockchain. It is such a foreign concept to me, and I’m really looking forward to having somewhat of an understanding of how it works.

    See you in a few weeks!

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  2. You know, its funny how many good students I’ve had over the years from Minnesota! Other connections we have is that I have a yellow lab, my wife if a choral director, and I went to Cape May in my younger days, too. Great minds I guess! Look forward to having you in the class!

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  3. Hi, Shelby! Great first post- sounds like you had lots of fun this summer. The blockchain comment got me at the end! I once was asked about it in an interview, so you never know when that’s going to pop up.


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