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Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Sarian and I am a sophomore in CSOM. I am technically still undeclared and am planning on double concentrating in Marketing and Finance. I am from Malvern, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia,) but most of my extended family is from the greater Boston area, so moving to Boston College last fall was like coming to my home away from home. I was able to get involved on campus through 4Boston, Women in Business, and the Marketing Academy of Boston College. I loved my freshman year at BC, and am looking forward to coming back in a few weeks to kick off sophomore year!

This summer has absolutely flown by; I feel like we just moved out of school a few weeks ago. I spent my summer in Ocean City, NJ on the Jersey Shore and worked at an Italian market/bakery, Bennie’s Bread, in the mornings and a boutique style clothing store, Island Gypsy, in the afternoons. Although my tasks merely included getting food for customers behind the counter and grabbing clothes from back-stock to put on the floor, it was interesting to see the similarities and differences between both businesses. Even though Bennie’s and Island Gypsy had completely different products and clientele, I was able to closely observe how each owner managed their own small business. From processing and handling deliveries, to managing employees, to dealing with difficult customers, both of my managers were great examples of a caring, hard working business owner who have inspired me to start my own business one day.

elizabeth 1

Ocean City has the most gorgeous sunsets!


I also worked remotely as a marketing intern for a financial advisors group, Hightower Advisors, based in my hometown, which I have been working for since February 2017. My tasks at Hightower were mainly Salesforce based, organizing files, creating tasks and clearing out unnecessary or expired files. I wrote meeting agendas for the team and their clients, researched potential clients and wrote letters to prospects explaining our business. I was lucky to work with such a great group of people at the office, and I missed being surrounded by the other workers this summer. 

Outside of school and work I love hanging out with my friends, traveling, going to the beach and going to concerts. My roommate was able to visit me a few weeks ago and we went to The Chainsmokers concert on the Atlantic City beach. The concert was in the sand, it was a beautiful day, we didn’t have to wait in any lines to get into the concert, and we ended up being 20 feet from the stage so it was a pretty amazing day. Earlier this summer my family and I took a vacation to the west coast starting in Arizona, going to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and ending in Los Angeles. We saw spectacular views, visited family and friends, and had an unforgettable trip!

I also love to volunteer and serve the community around me, so I love being a part of 4Boston! I volunteer at the Mattapan Early Elementary School and help the teachers of Pre-K to 2nd grade students in their after school program. We have dance parties in the music classroom, play on the playground (weather permitting) and do arts and crafts. Going to Mattapan every week is a great way to get away from the academics on campus and focus on the kids! I also volunteer as a counselor at a sleepaway camp in upstate New York (from which I am posting this blog right now.) I grew up attending the camp during middle school and high school, so I love taking this opportunity to give back.

Class Expectations

I have been excited about the idea of TechTrek East since Professor Kane gave a brief presentation about it in my Computers in Management class last semester. I really enjoyed my Computers class with Professor Sterpe, and thought TechTrek would be a great application of the ideas and concepts we learned about tech in business at the end of the semester. Additionally, last fall I went on a trip to New York City with the Marketing Academy of BC where we visited Google, Lord and Taylor and Saks Fifth Ave and met with BC alumni who currently have their dream jobs at their respective companies. I am excited to have a similar experience over an entire semester with TechTrek East, networking professionals in the industry and seeing how they successfully manage their businesses. I am looking forward to working closely with a larger group of people to get different perspectives on issues, moving forward to a more open mind about the tech industry.


Enjoy the rest of your last few weeks of summer, and see you in the fall!

7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Elizabeth! Awesome intro, it sounds like you’ve had a super busy summer, and hopefully plenty of relaxation as well! Funny enough, this summer I also visited one of my roommates (in Pittsburg so same state!) and attended a concert, which was a highlight of my summer as well. I am so jealous that you were able to go to the Grand Canyon, as it is one of the places I have always wanted to see! I will definitely want to hear all about that trip, as I also have Los Angeles on my list of places to visit. I also really enjoyed reading your comments about your trip to NYC with the Marketing Academy, because I love hearing about people who have found their dream job, since I hope to one day be just as happy in my own field of work! See you in a couple weeks!

    Mary Quinn


  2. Hey! I loved your intro post! I’m excited to learn more about your experience about working at two very different small businesses this summer. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you soon!


  3. Hi Elizabeth, I’ve been heard a lot of great things about 4Boston and ready to join the club this semester. Hope to learn more 4Boston from you.


  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Interestingly, my mother grew up just outside of Ocean City, NJ (Linwood), and I spent summers growing up there! Great memories! Looking forward to having you in the class. I think this will be a bit like the Marketing academy experience, except hopefully WAY more intense (and, as a result, far more rewarding!


  5. I looove the chain smokers! I grew up around Ocean City (Jackson to be exactly, we’re the town with the 6 flags!). So excited to meet you and talk about it. I also thnk I am equally hyped for the class as you, so that’s 3 things in common, let’s be best friends.


  6. So nice to meet you, Elizabeth! We already have a lot in common- I was down the Jersey Shore this summer as well! I lived on Long Beach Island, which happens to have another Island Gypsy (I love that store). Looking forward to seeing you in class.


  7. Hi Elizabeth, thought I would go back now and look back at the intro posts! I was also the most excited and apprehensive about the networking as well as hopefully opening my mind to tech. I would say we were successful in that! Loved the crazy whirlwind New York visits and so glad we were in class together!


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