Hi everyone! I hope your summers are going swimmingly and you’re excited for the coming semester!Ā  My name is Grace Kilroy and I’m from Barnstable, MA (on Cape Cod) (pro tip: it’s “on”, not “in”). I was born in Boston and grew up on the Cape, so it felt only right to stay in MA for college. My banner picture is a photo at the beach down the road from my old house in Hyannisport, and one of my favorite places in the world. Fun fact: as I write this post I’m actually sitting in the living room of my childhood home because, as luck would have it, the family I’ve babysat for four years is the family that bought my house (freaky??? fun??? weird??? I still don’t know).

About Me

Me being a proud mom at the Barnstable stop of the Pan Mass Challenge yesterday (at 6am) with one of my co-facilitators* and best friends, Emily.

Anyway, as I said before, I’m from the Cape and thus love all things MA: the Sox, Pats, Bruins, Celtics, you name it. I love to run and swim and attempt not much else because of my horrific excuse for hand-eye coordination. I am a rising sophomore in the Carroll School and I could not be more excited to pursue a concentration in Information Systems (definitely), with a co-concentration in Management and Leadership (maybe) and a minor in Philosophy (highly likely). I fell in love with the technology field after taking Computers in Management with Gallaugher and Sterpe and found a passion for computers and programming after my Introduction to Programming class with Professor Gips. I’ll be a Facilitator* (fancy word for a mentor) in the Emerging Leader Program, along with being on the Freshman Experience committee for the new Fulton Leadership Society. I also enjoy being involved in Women in Business, the Student Admissions Program, and (hopefully) a new organization called Closet Change. I’m hoping to get more involved in the Women Innovators Network and to continue working with the new startup, Transeo, that I’ve been interning for since last fall.

This summer has been fun, working at Baxter’s Fish ‘N’ Chips (see below) and babysitting three little troublemakers. Last year I also worked at the Kennedy Compound, but I’m trying to tone it down a bit this summer. My break will soon be over, as I move back into school a week from today! I’m super excited to get back to BC and see all the friends I’ve been missing, but I sure will miss relaxing. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


When I made comedian Keegan Michael Key laugh–I swear!

When my good old friend Cheryl Hines posted us on her insta (we convinced her to get it).


Class ~Expectations~

I had heard of Tech Trek West before from Professor Gallaugher and it sounded absolutely fascinating. He is an incredible teacher with such a bright mind and I was so intrigued in getting more involved with his classes. I wanted to take TTW as soon as I heard about it, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it my freshman year, so I was a little bummed I had to wait.

I didn’t even know Tech Trek East was a thing until legitimately the day applications were due. I was at the Google Games in Cambridge that Sunday with four people, only one of whom I had met before. It just so happed that the three other guys I had met that morning were alums of TTW, and everyone was talking about Tech Trek East! I had no idea what they were talking about, but once I heard the application was due that night, I set to work!

Post-Google Games!

It was a slightly hectic experience learning about the class so last minute, but I was immediately SO excited. I find learning about the tech sector and startup companies, success stories and failures, the ever-advancing discoveries made in technology, and the sophisticated conversations surrounding those topics so fascinating and I can’t wait to start.

For the trip, I’m eager to find out the different companies and faces we get to meet with. I’m hoping that I’ll have worthwhile questions for the people we’ll be interacting with, and I’m looking forward to learning real-world applications to the types of technology and planning that I’m learning about in Machine, Platform, Crowd, the amazing book I’m reading over this summer. The more I study topics related to the technology industry, the more excited I get. I’m hoping this trip will solidify my goals for post-grad life (still far away, I know) and I can’t wait to get to spend time with all of you.

Thanks for reading my post (and I’m sorry I talk type a lot)! Have a wonderful rest of your summer and I’ll see you soon!

P.S. Here’s some pics of goats I found near my house earlier this summer. šŸ™‚



P.P.S. I forgot my favorite meme: (this isn’t really a meme but I will never not find it funny)

Fun fact: for a relatively long period of time this was my instagram profile picture (I hate picking profile pictures).

7 thoughts on “Selfie!

  1. Hey Grace,

    Thanks for the intro! I actually met Emily through mutual friends, and that’s so exciting that you two are co-facilitators next year. Your involvement on campus and excitement for the tech fields is awesome. Super glad you found out about TT East right on time, and I’m excited to get to know you more in class!

    Please feel free to reach out! šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Felicia,

      She’s the best! I’m glad to be getting to spend another class with you, Computers was awesome! I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your summer. See you soon!

      Grace šŸ™‚


  2. Grace, I would love to her more about Transeo and what you do for them. Also, what’s this new club called Closet Change? I’m glad you were able to apply in time for Tech Trek! Can’t wait to take another class together!


  3. Hi Grace! I love the Cape. My family and I go down there every year and we spend a couple weeks in Chatham, MA. We also always make sure to go to Baxter’s at least once for dinner! I visited Google in Cambridge last summer, but I have never heard of the Google Games. I am definitely interested in learning about what the games consist of!


  4. Hi Grace,
    I could say I’m writing this from Brewster (where I’ve been all summer), but instead I’m on a plane to Palo Alto. Honestly, we didn’t even really know TT East was a thing until about 2 weeks before we announced it! Very much looking forward to having you on the trip and what this semester has in store! See you soon!


  5. Hey Grace,

    Glad you had such an enjoyable summer. I notice that your freshman year was a busy one! Those are all fantastic organisations to be a part of. A few of my friends are quite involved with WIB, so maybe you know them. Let’s see how TechTrek East compares to Business Law with Twomey!


  6. Great post, Grace. It was so nice to learn a little more about you! I think you will really enjoy this class (and I’m not just saying that as your TA). Also, the picture from Google Games made my heart melt!


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