Hi everyone!! My name is Mary Quinn, and I am entering my junior year at BC! I am studying Economics in MCAS with a minor in Management & Leadership. I have an older brother who graduated from Elon University last year, another who is entering his senior year at Tufts, and a younger sister who is still in high school. I am from southern New Hampshire, and have worked there this summer as a lifeguard and an intern at Make-A-Wish. I have absolutely loved both of my summer jobs, and am sad that they are drawing to a close.

IMG_2779 (1)

My sister, my mom, and myself this summer

Make-A-Wish has been an incredible experience for me, where I have loved helping grant children’s’ one, true wish during such a challenging time in their lives. My internship has primarily been in the office helping communicate with vendors and wish families to bring the wishes to fruition, however I have also had the opportunity to see some of these wishes in person. Some of my favorite wishes I have helped with thus far have been a backyard oasis, a massive tree house, welcoming a new pug into a family, and a trip to Japan! I have had such an incredible experience at Make-A-Wish, and it has been amazing to see the positive after effects these wishes have had on both the children and their families.


A wish child’s treehouse!

This summer I also ran my first half marathon, which is hopefully a stepping stone to one day running a full! I love staying active anyway I can, and am soon going on a bike trip with my family through Canada’s Gulf Islands in Vancouver! I love to travel, and had the pleasure of taking a BC summer course in Ireland last summer. It was great to see the countryside and the cliffs, and Ireland is for sure the greenest place I have ever seen. My experience was great there, and everyone was extremely friendly, but sadly I was of no assistance when people would often mistake me for a native and ask for directions. *Fun fact, that summer when I returned I worked security for the concerts at Fenway Park, and was even able to work one of the playoff Red Sox games in the fall!



Ireland will not be the end of my travels abroad at BC however, as I am heading to Sydney, Australia this spring! I am beyond excited to see the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbor, and just about everything else Australia has to offer. And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be skipping a New England winter for the year!


A picture I took at one of my favorite places last fall!

While it is sad the summer is ending, it will be nice to be back on campus for the fall, and for football season to pick back up (Go Pats!). I am very excited to take this class with you all, and travel to NYC for a weekend of field studies. I have always had an interest in the tech industry (fast fact I was a computer science major for a hot second), and am definitely interested in pursuing the field after graduation. I love how technology is helping people to live healthier and more active lives, as fitness has been a huge part of my life. I would love to learn more about companies who are using technology to improve people’s lives, and how these business have gone from start-ups to full-fledged foundations. I recently read about a tech company in Cambridge that has been developing a wristband that helps people who are epileptic detect seizures before they materialize. It amazes me that technology like this is being further developed everyday, and how these innovations have the capability of completely changing someone’s life.

The tech industry has further been on my radar after reading Lean In this summer by Sheryl Sandberg. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, not just women, as I have found it extremely informative and inspiring. While this book primarily serves as a resource and inspiration to help women attain their goals, Sandberg also offers several insights and anecdotes from her time in the tech industry. Specifically, Sandberg talked about the underwhelming amount of women in the tech industry, both on the software development side, and the executive side. I’m hoping that through this class and our field studies, I will not only learn more about the business side of tech companies, but also get a better idea of the culture of the entire industry.

-Mary Quinn

4 thoughts on “Selfie

  1. Hey Mary Quinn!

    You sound like a girl after my own heart! Make-A-Wish is one of my favorite charities to read about, and I’m so inspired that you worked for them. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to help grant families a wish like that. If you ever want to tell more stories, I’m your girl! I would also love to run a full marathon one day (a day probably very, very far away from now). I also have been considering studying abroad in Ireland in some aspect, as my half-sister visited when she was in college and everyone thought she was a native as well. I’m so fascinated in the culture and the beauty of that country and would love to hear all about it! Your Pats picture is ~beautiful~ and, this year when my RA assigned everyone in our hall a historically significant woman, I was assigned Sheryl Sandberg!

    If you can’t tell, I loved your post and I’m looking forward to meeting you in a few short weeks!

    – Grace 🙂

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  2. Hi Mary Quinn,
    Nice introduction. I always found the half marathon to be the perfect length for me. I never really aspired to the full. Of course, my cousin runs ultra-marathons, which is a whole different level of crazy. The Australia trip sounds great (I love Sydney), and I look forward to hitting NYC with you before then!


  3. Hi Mary Quinn! Sounds like you had an awesome summer. My boss from this summer actually owns a limo company that would often give Make-A-Wish kids rides to their destinations or airports so they could fulfill their wish, it’s really an awesome cause and great that you were able to really get involved. I also really like your take on technology and how it can be used positively to vastly improve people’s lives. Looking forward to this semester!


  4. Awesome post, Mary Quinn! I loved hearing about your summer as well as your travels and plans. I’ve heard great things about Australia, so I’m sure you will have a blast. See you in class!


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