Hey everyone! My name is David Goodfellow and I am a sophomore in CSOM. I’m still undeclared (I should probably do something about that) but I am likely going to be studying Info Systems and Marketing. I’m from Franklin, Mass, about 45 minutes south of campus and a few towns over from Foxboro, where the Patriots play. I have a sister, Katie, who just graduated from Fairfield University in May and a dog, Dixie. For me, growing up in Massachusetts, BC was an easy choice and I couldn’t be happier with it after my freshman year. I’m looking forward to class and getting to know everyone!

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 8.18.35 AM

Dixie on her 12th birthday.

This summer, I’ve been working as a pizza delivery driver. Pizza delivery is one of my greatest passions, and I have been doing it since my sophomore year of high school. It’s actually a not a bad gig, I get paid to drive around and listen to podcasts or music. One of my favorite, often tech-related podcasts to listen to is How I Built This. I just listened to an episode featuring the founder of Flickr and Slack, Stewart Butterfield. In addition to pizza delivery, I’ve been working on a research project for my Computers in Management professor, Allen Li. Our goal is to determine how college rankings from U.S. News and Forbes are reflected and revised on Wikipedia. As such, I’ve spent many hours this summer staring at Excel sheets of college ranking lists and combing through Wikipedia revision histories. Is it too obvious that I really can’t wait to get back to school?

On campus, I’ll be continuing my research work with Professor Li, and I work on The Heights business side. As our on-campus account manager, it’s my job to sell print and online advertisements to various groups at BC for our newspaper and If you ever have an event or program you’d like to advertise, let me know! In the coming year, I’m looking forward to getting more involved at BC.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 8.43.51 AM

The Heights Biz Side

Lastly, I love watching and playing sports. This summer, my basketball team won my town’s men’s league championship, and I’m hoping to carry that luck with me to this upcoming intramural season. I’m a huge Boston sports fan. My favorite team is the Celtics, but the Patriots and Red Sox aren’t far behind.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 8.53.17 AM.png

My Dad and I at a Celtics game last year.

Class Expectations

I’m extremely excited for TechTrek East! I first learned about TechTrek from two friends who went on TechTrek West this past spring. From talking about it with them, I figured I would sign up for next spring’s class. However, as course registration approached, I learned about TechTrek East and decided that I couldn’t wait another semester. Since I watched Steve Jobs’ iPhone keynotes years ago, I’ve always been interested in tech and wanted to learn more. I’m hoping to meet people from lots of different companies in Boston and New York and to have a much better understanding of the tech industry as a whole. By the end of our class, I hope to know whether or not I’d like to pursue a career in tech. I can’t wait to get started!



5 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Hi David,

    First of all, your dog is adorable! Second of all, I’ve always considered a pizza delivery job to sound like a good gig, so I’m glad I finally have some insider information! Third of all, I’ve tried listening to some podcasts this summer and I haven’t found many that piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to trying out How I Built This! Your research project sounds pretty impressive, and I hope it’s going well! See you on campus soon!



  2. Hi David! First of all, super cool that you live near Gillette – love to hear it. But it’s great to hear that you enjoyed your freshman year at BC, and I’m sure your second year will be even better! Pizza delivery definitely sounds like a cool summer job, however I don’t think I would ever be able to deliver the pizzas without trying some first. I have also listened to How I Built This, per the recommendation of my brother, and have found the stories behind the companies extremely fascinating (my favorite is TRX)!). Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I’ll see you in class!

    -Mary Quinn


  3. You still have some time to figure out your concentration, I wouldn’t sweat it too much. I’m a huge fan of How I Built This; honestly makes me question what I’m doing with my life. Hope you can share some of your other favorite podcasts because it’s hard to find ones that I can consistently listen to. I’m excited to hear more about your research on college rankings too, sounds really interesting!


  4. Hi David, Great fo have you on board for our inaugural TT East! Although I’ve never listened to “How I built this,” it comes highly recommended by many people I respect. I’m more of an audiobook guy, but maybe I’ll switch sometime soon.


  5. Hi, David! I think it’s so cool that you used your time while doing deliveries to listen to podcasts. I usually default to music in the car, so I will have to try that sometime! Also, after going on TechTrek West with Kipp and Mike, I’m excited to have another Height Biz Side member on TechTrek. You guys are awesome.


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