Hey guys! My name is Keegan Doyle and I am a Junior in CSOM studying Marketing with a Minor in Philosophy. I’m from Southlake, Texas, located just outside Dallas. I lived in Cushing my Freshman year, Walsh my Sophomore year, and I’m living off campus this year! I’ll also be spending my Spring semester abroad in Florence, Italy – so when I heard that there would be a Tech Trek class offered in the Fall, I jumped at the chance to go.


I spent this summer working here at BC as an Orientation Leader. At the time I’m writing this, we have six sessions behind us and one more to go that’s right before class starts. Crazy how time flies because I still feel like I have no clue what I’m doing! It’s been an amazing opportunity to be at BC all summer working with such an awesome group of people. I’ve had such a blast working with Freshman during Orientation and helping everyone get adjusted to BC. Additionally, with all the OL’s living and working together for the past 3 months, I’ve been able to form some of my closest friendships. During one of the breaks between sessions, my family and I went to England and Iceland! We were in London for 4 days then we flew to Reykjavik where we stayed for 4 more days. We did all the classic tourist stuff in London which was awesome, but Iceland was what totally blew me away. We went to the Blue Lagoon, saw some awesome waterfalls, and hiked a glacier! This summer was one for the books.


During the academic year I’m involved in a few things here on campus. I’m part of an amazing 4Boston group where we volunteer at the Jackson-Mann After School program. Going to Jackson-Mann every Wednesday after class last year to volunteer with a bunch of crazy Elementary schoolers was, and continues to be the absolute highlight of  my week. Also, last year I went to Detroit over Spring Break with Appa to volunteer with the homeless there. That was an incredible experience where I was able to speak to and connect with people who are so often forgotten and left behind in today’s society, and make some great friends along the way. I’m also a Tour Guide and a two time intramural dodgeball champion.


Class Expectations

This semester in Tech Trek, I hope to learn about the inner workings and common themes of companies from tech giants like Google and Facebook, to small ones that I haven’t even heard of yet. I think this is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and develop relationships with the best that BC has to offer, whether it be the professors, students, TA’s, members of the Shea Center, alums, or anyone we meet along the way. I also hope to develop a community of like minded and hard working students as we all learn and grow together. I am beyond excited for the class and I can’t wait to get going and get to know all of you guys in just a few short weeks!



6 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Hi Keegan! Love to hear that you have had such a great experience as an OL, and it definitely sounds like a fun summer job. Your trip to England and Iceland sounds amazing, as I have only ever seen pictures of Iceland, and even those amaze me. It’s awesome to hear that your volunteering has had such a positive impact on your BC experience, as PULSE and 4Boston have also been transformative experiences for me. Good luck on your last orientation session, and I will see you in class!

    -Mary Quinn


  2. Hey Keegan,

    I’m definitely jealous of your summer travels. I’ve been to London and absolutely loved it, and Iceland is right at the top of my future travel bucket list. It’s great to hear you had a great experience as an OL. I’d love to hear more about it, I’m thinking of applying to be one next summer. Hope you have a great last session!



  3. Hi Keegan! Your summer travels and OL work both sound awesome. Florence is one of my favorite cities that I’ve been to, with so much art and history, so I think you will definitely enjoy your study abroad there! Good luck on your last orientation session, and I look forward to meeting you this semester!


  4. Your summer as an OL sounds amazing! It’s great that you are involved with prospective freshman as a tour guide, and then get to see some of them show up for orientation as an OL. I just joined the tour guide program and this upcoming semester will be my first time as a guide. I’d love to get some veteran advice on what facts to hit. Have fun with the last session of freshman and see you in class.


  5. Hi Keegan,
    Great to have you on the trip! I worked a few summers as a faculty advisor to orientation my first years here, until the Portico staff took over those responsibilities. It was fun when I did it. Looking forward to having you on the trip!


  6. Wow, Iceland looks amazing, Keegan! I’m trying to visit when I’m abroad in Scotland this spring! I visited Florence last summer and fell in love with the city, so I’m jealous you will get a whole semester there. Can’t wait to get to know you more in class.


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