Selfie — Kevin Callanan

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Kevin Callanan, and I am a rising sophomore in the Carroll School of Management from University Heights, Ohio, an eastern suburb of Cleveland home to John Carroll University (a Jesuit university similar to BC but smaller). One of the first things you should know about me is that I am very passionate about all things Cleveland! I was raised a Boston sports fan since my dad grew up in Scituate, MA, but, as I got older and came to my senses, I converted my loyalty to the Cavs, Indians, and Browns. Throughout my time at a high school in the heart of downtown Cleveland, my love for these teams and the City of Cleveland only grew. And now, as a part-time resident in Boston and Cleveland, I remain a proud advocate for the “Mistake on the Lake.”


One of my favorite spots in Cleveland!

So far at BC, I have been enjoying the deliberation process for my future academic focus. Choosing my concentration(s) is a process that is both nerve-wracking and exciting. Right now, I think my plan is to concentrate on two of these four options: Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, and Computer Science. Outside of classes, I am a music DJ for WZBC-Newton 90.3 FM, a Formation Committee member for the new Fulton Leadership Society, a SAP EFAD host, and an avid IM sports participant. Also, since last February, I have been working as a sales intern for Publist, a startup aiming to improve how companies gather and act on news intelligence. Check us out at!

This summer, I have been working remotely for Publist here in Cleveland managing a variety of tasks, such as contact aggregation, sales outreach, and strategic planning. I have also been working as an assistant tennis professional at a local country club, where I help run a daily camp for kids and occasional clinics for adults. In addition to work, my summer has been busy with scattered trips along the east coast. I was in Baltimore, MD, for my sister’s college graduation, Plymouth, MA, visiting family, Hoboken, NJ, helping my sister move into her new apartment, and then Long Island, NY, and Mantoloking, NJ, visiting friends from BC!


BC meetup on the Jersey Shore (I am on the far left)


My family and I at my sister’s graduation

Class/Trip Expectations

I applied for Tech Trek because I think it will be valuable in discerning my plans for the future, both academically and professionally. Ever since I was young, I have been captivated by new tech products and innovations (and there have been a lot of them). This class interested me because it goes beyond these products and innovations to actually study, analyze, and interact with the companies making them. As of right now, I can definitely see myself having a career involving technology and entrepreneurship. I hope that this class and the trip to New York City reaffirm this belief or at least further my career discernment. I am also excited to meet professionals in the world of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, who can offer advice to help me in my role at Publist. Finally, I would like to explore venture capital (an intriguing combination of tech, entrepreneurship, and finance that I don’t know much about) during this course and the trip to NYC. I am very excited to go back to BC, and I can’t wait for Tech Trek East to begin! See you all soon!

4 thoughts on “Selfie — Kevin Callanan

  1. Hey Kevin,

    That is really cool that you DJ on the side! I’ll definitely look out for your music in the future. Also, your experience with the start-up Publist seems very interesting. I also was considering working at a start-up during the school year rather than the summer, so I am looking forward to connecting in person to hear more about how your experience has been.


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  2. Hi Kevin,

    Nice intro! My brother in law and his family live in Hudson, OH, so I know that Cleveland is a great place! We were there 2 Christmases ago. Good to have you in the class, and I bet you’re gonna learn plenty about VC this semester. See you soon!

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  3. Sad that we lost you to Cleveland sports, Kevin! All jokes aside though, I think this class will definitely help you as you start to make more decisions about concentrations (we can talk Info Systems if you want) and careers. TechTrek is famous for forcing people to deliberate on what they want and how best to achieve it!

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