Intro: Nick Briguglio

My name is Nick Briguglio, and I am an incoming junior in CSOM concentrating in Finance and Entrepreneurship. I was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, but have spent lots of time in Massachusetts since my family spends the summer on Nantucket. Additionally, my mom went to BC and my uncle lives roughly 15 minutes from campus, so I’ve never felt too far from home. Despite being from Arizona, I have grown up as a Red Sox and Patriots fan because my uncle has been involved with the two teams for many years. I am extremely excited to see how the Red Sox do this October. On a worse note, I am also a Phoenix Suns fan. After finishing with the worst record this past season, I am still confident that we have a bright future ahead of us with our young talent.



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Growing up I played soccer for many years and have been involved with several different intramural soccer teams at BC. Along with soccer, my friends and I have participated in basketball and flag football intramural sports. However, we are still chasing that extremely sought after mug. I lived on Newton freshman year, in Walsh my sophomore year, and will be living off campus for my junior year. Entrepreneurship and venture capital has always peaked my interest. That being said, I have actively been getting lunch, coffee, or just meeting with BC alums who have been successful as entrepreneurs or venture capitalists. Whether I have been pitching my own startup ideas to venture capitalists, hearing founding stories of young CEO’s, or just asking for career advice and guidance, I have really enjoyed these meetings and look forward to having similar meetings in the future. The phenomenal advice and experiences with these BC alums involved in entrepreneurship is one of the many reasons why I was compelled to take Tech Trek this fall.



The summer after my freshman year, I interned at a private wealth firm in Scottsdale. There, I was able to sit in on many client meetings, research securities, ETFs, and mutual funds, as well as execute financial statement analysis. My favorite part of this internship was analyzing prospective buyouts of startups for one of our client’s companies. I really enjoyed analyzing these startups, and this experience really grew my interest in entrepreneurship. My growing interest in startups combined with my meetings with BC alum entrepreneurs led me to my internship this past summer at a company called Jebbit.

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Jebbit was founded by a group of BC students while they were at BC. To this date, Jebbit has raised their series A and is in the process to begin raising their series B next quarter. Jebbit is a company that creates interactive, personalized, and relevant marketing and advertising campaigns/experiences for companies such as eBay, travel companies like Expedia, retail brands like Express, media companies such as Conde Nast, and even sports teams like the Boston Celtics. At Jebbit, I worked with the customer success, partnerships, and sales teams. I learned a lot working in the startup environment this summer, and the connections I made at Jebbit were extremely valuable. I was able to have individual meetings with Jebbit’s CEO to hear his founding story, listen to his struggles and success stories, and also ask for his advice on my own ideas or pitches. Since working at Jebbit, I have also become involved at a high level with Soaring Startup Circle Ventures, a fund dedicated to funding BC student startups. Overall, this past summer was a great experience, and I am extremely glad I was able to expand my BC network as well as experience life at a startup.




I was told by several BC students that Tech Trek was a class that I needed to take if I was interest in tech, startups, and venture capital. So, when the announcement was released that Tech Trek Fall was going to be a new course, I jumped on the opportunity. Regarding my expectations for the trip and the class in general, I am looking forward to learning more about how successful entrepreneurs really think, especially big picture. I am confident that the startups and entrepreneurs we will visit will give us invaluable insight to how to start our own companies, which is something I aspire to do before graduating. Additionally, I am also very interested to see and learn more about how venture capital firms approach evaluating and funding startups, as the VC industry is also a space that I hope to pursue at some point in my career.

I look forward to officially meeting all of you, and I am excited to see what this class has to offer.

— Nick




5 thoughts on “Intro: Nick Briguglio

  1. Sorry to hear you’re a Suns fan, should be an exciting season for you though! I also had the opportunity to intern at Jebbit last Spring and I can say it was an awesome experience, especially going into this class. Looking forward to getting to know you Nick.


  2. Hi Nick! I am also co-concentrating in finance and entrepreneurship 🙂 I also love the Pats and Red Sox, as I am from MA. That’s really cool that you interned at Jebbit this summer. I remember hearing Tom speak to my Computers in Management class freshman year and was super impressed with his journey in growing the company. Looking forward to meeting you in class!


  3. Nick, I heard the same exact thing that this class was a must take. That is awesome that you interned at a start up this past summer. I hope it was an great experience. I think your point about hearing some of the venture capital side of these companies would be great too. Look forward to seeing you in class this fall.


  4. Hi Nick,
    Great to have you in the class. We’re really trying to create a focus around fintech in this TT east course, so I think you’ll perhaps get even more out of this version than you would have the TT West one. Look forward to having you in the course!


  5. Welcome, Nick! I loved hearing about your positive experiences with BC alumni. They are some of the greatest resources (and just generally cool human beings). One of my favorite parts of TechTrek is making new connections within the BC alumni network and I think you will really enjoy that as well!


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