Introduction: Amy Feldman

About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Amy Feldman, and I am a rising senior in MCAS majoring in Economics. I am from Needham, MA which is located about 30 minutes from the BC campus. Raised in New England, I am a HUGE Patriots fan, and I am excited to see that so many of you are as well! At BC, I serve as Secretary for the Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC)—a student run dance group comprised of about 30 women. We perform several styles of dance, for example, ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. Each year we put on a show in Robsham and compete in the ALC Showdown. This year we won the ALC People’s Choice Award! I am also involved with BC Bigs—a big brother/big sister program. I serve as a mentor and a “big sister” for an eight-year-old girl that lives in the Boston area.


Performing in DOBC’s annual show

This summer I am working as an intern at Mintz Levin—a law firm located in Boston, MA. I am assisting the firm’s lawyers and paralegals, in the Intellectual Property division, with research and various administrative tasks. I became interested in intellectual property, and the startup world, when I interned last year at MassChallenge—a Boston-based accelerator for startups that welcomes 128 companies each year. The entrepreneurs receive office space, mentoring, and training. I was fascinated when MassChallenge CEO John Harthorne explained why he founded the non-profit organization, “Companies were fighting over existing slices of pie, pie being the global economy, whereas a better solution would be to make more pie.” At MassChallenge, I served as a Marketing and Events Management intern. In this capacity, I analyzed the social media sites of MassChallenge’s competitors and offered recommendations for how the non-profit organization could increase its online presence and engagement. I also organized pitch events where the startups could receive feedback from industry representatives.


Welcoming the 2017 cohort with my fellow interns 

Class Expectations

I am really looking forward to our NY trip. For the startups we visit, I’m excited to learn about the founders and their inspiration for the company they created. I want to hear about the problem they were trying to solve, how their product or service differs from the competition, and the challenges they are facing as they try to grow the business. For the larger organizations, I’m interested in learning how they maintain “entrepreneurial thinking” within their organizations. For example, what are they doing to ensure that their employees are encouraged to continually look for new opportunities? I’m also excited to enjoy the city with all of you!

6 thoughts on “Introduction: Amy Feldman

  1. Hi Amy,

    So glad to see another Patriots fan in our class! Congrats on the Showdown win. I had never been to an event like that before and I thought it was awesome. Your internship at MassChallenge sounds fascinating! I guess that I hadn’t really imagined that there were accelerator programs like that in Boston (and not just in Silicon Valley). Good thing I’m taking TechTrek East, I have a lot to learn! Hope you have a great rest of your summer.



  2. Hi Amy, that is so cool that you are so involved in DOBC and have had a great summer intern experience at MassChallenge. It sounds like they have a really great mission, and that’s super cool you could be so involved there. Like you mentioned, I also am really interested in seeing how larger companies in NYC “maintain ‘entrepreneurial thinking.'” I look forward to meeting you in class!

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  3. Hi Amy! Both of your internship experiences sounds so interesting and exciting! It’s also really cool that you are part of such a big dance team on campus, and have a leadership role in the group. I look forward to meeting you this semester!


  4. Hi, Amy! Great post (that dance move in the first picture is so impressive)! I love how you brought up the intellectual property piece of tech. As the daughter of an IP attorney, those questions are often discussed at the dinner table in my house and I always find it fascinating.


  5. Hi Amy, didn’t realize after our semester that you participated in BC Bigs! That is amazing. I loved spending time with you in New York and thought the trip turned out amazing and exceeded expectations now looking back to my thoughts at the beginning of the semester. What a crazy time it has been!


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