Introduction: Lucas Montes

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lucas Montes and I am a rising sophomore in CSOM studing information systems and business analytics. I grew up in a small town in the south of Chile at the beggining of Patagonia. Five years ago I moved to Massachusets and I graduated for Wayland High school. Something that you should know about me is that I love outdoor sports. I´ve been skiing since I was five and I also like hiking and rock climbing.

I applied to Techtrek east because I´ve always been interested in technology. I belive that it is one of the few ways that one can actually improve the quality of life of millions of people. This summer I also learned that technology is a vital skill to have if one wants to enter the workforce. This summer, I interned with Deloitte at the Boston office. I worked in the advisory division doing business analitcis and helping Banks navigate new regulations. I meetwith multiple consultants and partners and when I asked for their advise they all told me to be efficeint in the workforce one must know the technolology and to take advantage to learn about techonlogy during college. This just made me more excited to start this class.

Also this summer has been a lot of traveling I went to visit my friend to Mexico and I am now writing from Santiago, Chile. Where i came to see family and friends and do some skiing (yes, it is Winter here).


BC meet up in Mexico (I am the one in the middle.)

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-08 a la(s) 15.30.35

Skiing in Chile

Class/Trip Excpectations:

I am very excited for TechTrek East! I´ve always been interested in technology and I really like that we get to spend time in the classroom as well as the ¨real world¨. As profesor Kane said when he introduced the class I excpect it to be a lot of work during those six weeks and excpect to learn a lot. I am looking forward  learn about the different work opportunities available in the tech industry.

3 thoughts on “Introduction: Lucas Montes

  1. I agree with your point that technology gives you the opportunity to reach millions of people in a way that wasn’t possible before – pretty exciting! Loved the skiing pictures!! Looks amazing there, and I’ve always wanted to go skiing in Chile. Also, I would love to hear more about your summer internship at Deloitte!


  2. Hi, Lucas! I think we (maybe?) met at the Consulting Club’s lunch with Deloitte. I would love to hear about how you liked working there this summer! See you in class soon.


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