Introduction: Maddie Leupp

Hello future classmates! My name is Maddie Leupp, and I am a rising junior studying Finance and Entrepreneurship. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it has been amazing to see how the landscape of the Silicon Valley has changed so drastically over my lifetime. Nevertheless, I love how my hometown consistently remains a place for unimaginable opportunity, beautiful weather, and of course, the Bay Area sports teams. However, the most important reason that I love to come home is to visit my adorable puppies, Sparky and Daisy.


Coming to Boston College was a big step for me as I have always lived on the West Coast and so has my family. However, it has been my best decision yet, and I have fallen in love with BC. From the interesting classes and professors to my amazing friends, I have cherished every minute spent on the Heights. One of my favorite activities on campus is the Campus Activities Board. I serve on the Live Entertainment committee, so I get to help plan the large concerts on campus. Despite the hard work that goes into planning these events, one major perk is we get to meet the performers. Another highlight at BC has been my intramural volleyball team (pictured below), despite possibly being the worst team in the league!  


This summer it has been so nice to be back home in California. I interned in San Francisco at a wealth management company that manages finances for professional athletes, entertainers, and high net worth individuals. It was a great way to put to use what I have been learning for the past two years. However, the highlight was definitely when a puppy made a surprise visit for the day!

Aside from working, I was able to visit the beautiful Lake Tahoe, which has been a tradition for my family for my entire life. If you’ve never heard of Lake Tahoe, I’d recommend looking it up as I believe it is one of the most breathtaking places in the world. While in Tahoe, we spent several days out on the lake, wakeboarding and tubing. I think it is impossible to not have a completely blissful experience up there.


Although there are only a few weeks of summer left, the fun is not quite yet over as I am about to leave for a trip to France and Spain with my family. I’m hoping to have a little more time to relax before heading back to school and being slammed with work. I know, however, that these last few weeks of fun will just make it much more difficult to return to reality.

Nevertheless, I am so excited to head back to BC to see my friends, experience junior year, and especially, start a new adventure with this class! Last fall, I took Professor Doyle’s Perspectives on Management class, and I was completely sold on any class that was at all similar. I love how both of these classes tie in the alumni network as I think that is one of the most valuable aspects of a Boston College education. At the end of my sophomore year, I declared a co-concentration in Entrepreneurship, and I thought this would be the perfect class to start off my concentration.

My Expectations for the Trip

I was interested in taking TechTrek West in the past, but I liked how this class got to go to New York. I am so excited to get to learn about entrepreneurs, start-ups, and the world of technology, and I think this class is the perfect format to encompass all these topics. Despite having lived in the Silicon Valley my entire life, I’ve never had the opportunity to do a field study of the technology world. I really want to push myself to be a critical thinker especially when doing case studies and to take the opportunity to learn through class experiences. This is a very unique chance to be exposed firsthand to tech companies and learn if I may want to work at one in the future. Most of all, I’m so excited to get to know the TechTrek East class and have intellectual and fun conversations!

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “Introduction: Maddie Leupp

  1. Great intro! I’ll take your word for Lake Tahoe and add it to my bucket list haha. I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco, so I can’t wait to hear about your hometown! Looking forward to meeting you in the class 🙂


  2. Hey Maddie! I completely agree with what you said about how amazing of an opportunity this class is, and especially agree with the intellectual and intelligent conversations being the best part about it all. This seems like a great group and I bet the conversations we have in this class will help us out in the real world.


  3. Hi Maddie,

    I am also studying Finance and Entrepreneurship! I completely agree with you when you say that you wanted to take Tech Trek because of Professor Doyle’s Perspectives On Management course last semester. Like yourself, I really enjoyed the course’s case studies and alumni networking, so I also thought taking Tech Trek was the natural next step. I can’t wait to see what the class has to offer! You’re internship this past summer workng in San Fransisco at a wealth management firm seems very interesting. I am looking forward to hearing more about it in class.

    Thanky you for sharing,


  4. Hey Maddie! So sorry to hear that your intramural volleyball team was not the best, I seem to remember hearing about a couple W’s before y’all were eliminated. And I was also in Professor Doyle’s Perspectives on Management class, and I loved it too! I think I remember you…
    Anyways, looking forward to Tech Trek with you this semester!


  5. Hi Maddie,

    First, great waterskiing picture (or wakeboarding, but still) I grew up waterskiing a bunch, but haven’t done it in years! Interesting to have a SF native on the trip, as it will be interesting to compare the cultures of SF and East Coast Startup Scenes.


  6. Hi Maddie! I heard great things about Perspectives in Management and definitely understand what you’re saying about these two courses being so similar. You mentioned that you were excited to be more connected with the BC network, and I definitely agree with that. Meeting BC alumni and visiting their workplaces in NYC is the aspect I am most excited about for this class. Looking forward to this semester!


  7. Hi Maddie,

    As a fellow Bay Area native I second the fact that Lake Tahoe is one of the most breathtaking places in the world! Nothing beats a summer (or winter) spent in Tahoe. Your comment about watching Silicon Valley evolve over your lifetime especially rang true for me as well, I feel as though every time I get the chance to come home there are 10 new office buildings along 101! I too took Perspectives of Management with Prof. Doyle, although the year before you, and that class has had a profound impact on the classes that I’ve chosen to take since. You’ve made a great choice starting off your new concentration with this class although it will be hard to follow it with anything else!


  8. Great first post, Maddie. I loved the CAB shoutout and I’m excited to have you in class! I think you will enjoy getting to see more of the East Coast tech scene (I know I’m really interested, having grown up 40 minutes outside of NYC). And you will get to have Prof. Doyle again!


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