Introduction: Tiwalayo Eisape


Hey y’all. My name is Tiwalayo Eisape and I am a rising senior Majoring in Math and Computer Science and minoring in Philosophy.

I am involved all around campus through my roles as a PULSE council member, a teaching assistant for various computer science classes including computer science I, computational models of cognition and data mining, an eagle technician, and a resident assistant on the Multicultural Learning Experience floor (MLE), I was also one of the captains on the rowing team my freshman year.



(I’m the brown one, in case you couldn’t find me)


Last but not least. I am really passionate about Artificial Intelligence and understanding the brain to achieve more realistic models of cognition. I work as a research assistant in the Language Learning Lab (L3) at Boston College. Where we use language as a window into the mind and use various computational models to comprehend psycho/neuro-linguistics as well as cognition in general.

What I’ve been up to:

This summer I stayed at BC to continue working with L3 as well as taking on the role of preceptor in the 7-week Options Through Education (OTE) program. The opportunity to help with OTE means a lot to me because OTE is a program for underrepresented populations at BC that gives members of said populations the chance to thrive at BC despite the odds through extra support academically, socially, and emotionally. Like many of the OTE scholars, I also represent an underrepresented and too often underserved minority at BC. In addition to the goals and expectations below, I am passionate about fostering diversity and inclusion in higher education and STEM fields such as Tech.




Furthermore, as an RA with L3 this summer I continued working on a Natural language Processing project of mine titled: Grammatical Accents: Using Machine Learning to Quantify Language Transfer, which I presented at the annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society in July. I also began work on my senior thesis titled: HYPERaligned Deep convolutional AutoeNCoder or HYPER DANC! for short which is a dimensionality reduction tool to enable multi-voxel pattern analysis in fMRI data.


Screenshot from 2018-08-08 15-50-21.png
(Presenting at CogSci2018, titles are my thing)


I chose to do tech trek because the tech industry is currently leading the charge toward advanced systems for artificial intelligence. I am excited about being able to study and see first hand what make tech giants and startups able to pioneer such groundbreaking projects in computer science, intelligent systems, and artificial intelligence. In my opinion, cognition is the next frontier and it takes a tremendous amount of gall to even begin to approach finding an answer to the mysterious question. The fact that the Tech industry takes tremendous strides in this area every day speaks to the relentless and unique culture that persists in the industry – which is something I want to learn about and emulate.

Can’t wait to get started,


4 thoughts on “Introduction: Tiwalayo Eisape

  1. Awesome. I’m really hopeful well get some good insights about AI on the trip this semester. That’s very much a key part of what’s going on in the startup scene these days.!


  2. Hi Tiwa,

    Great to see there’s another computer science major in the class! Your work in natural language processing and cognitive science sounds fascinating and I’d love to learn more about it in class. I’ve never even heard of BC’s Language Learning Lab and I can’t wait for you to tell us about the research you do there. I totally agree that cognition is the next frontier, we know so little about how the brain truly works and better understanding how we as humans think will be critical to bringing artificial intelligence to the next level. I look forward to hearing your insights in class especially during the AI lecture!


  3. Wow, Tiwa. What a cool starting blog post! I loved hearing about all your passions and I can’t wait to see you bring them to the class!


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