Introduction: Aidan Fitzpatrick

Hey TechTrek East! My name is Aidan Fitzpatrick and I’m a rising Junior studying Finance and Business Analytics in CSOM. I’m from Dublin, Ireland, and have been loving my time in the US and at BC so far. I love playing music and going to concerts, and I’m also big into sports. Even though rugby and soccer take up most of my attention, I’ve been developing a taste for football and basketball recently. I’m a proud New York Giants fan, and I’m even prouder to say that my time in Boston has only reinforced that.

My largest co-curricular commitment at BC is the men’s rugby team. Having played rugby since I was young, I’m really glad that I have the opportunity to continue playing over here, and on such a great team. Aside from this, I am a staff writer for the New England Classic, BC’s unofficial satire paper, as well as a casual member of the Sports Business Society, and the event coordinator for (you guessed it) the Irish society.


I love keeping up to date with the business world. Last semester, I was a student ambassador for MorningBrew, a small, but rapidly growing online business publication. I had a great experience working with them, and continue to read their newsletter daily. I am also quite interested in the tech field, and while I came to BC with dreams of working on Wall Street, Silicon Valley has definitely been turning my head recently. 

I spent most of this summer working at BC as an orientation leader. I worked on all six orientation sessions throughout June and July, and will be returning to school in 10 days ahead of the 7th session. Being an OL was an unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to work and live alongside 42 talented students, meet all the members of the incoming class of 2022, and develop strong relationships with faculty members.


While I usually like to spend my summers travelling around Europe, I used my free time this June to visit some of my friends who were working in Vancouver. Vancouver is a beautiful city, and is now somewhere that I could see myself living after graduation. It was naive of me to think my New York/California dilemma wouldn’t get any more confusing. I also recently returned home to Dublin for a brief stay before school starts back.

This photo was taken at Lynn Canyon Park, in Vancouver.


Expectations from the class:
I am excited to meet the other members of my TechTrek class! Hopefully, by the end of the program, I will have a better understanding of the inner workings of modern business companies, as well as the things that motivate their employees. As a student concentrating in both Finance and Business Analytics, I am also trying to figure out which of the two areas suits me best. I hope that my time spent on TechTrek will help me reach a decision.


5 thoughts on “Introduction: Aidan Fitzpatrick

  1. Hi Aidan,

    First, I have to mention that I’ve been to Dublin a few times and it’s one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. As a Patriots fan, too bad to hear that you’re a Giants fan. Hopefully you’ll learn to love my favorite team, the Celtics, as you get more into basketball. It’s great to hear that you had such a positive experience as an OL. I definitely am interested in applying for next summer. Have a great 7th session!



  2. Hey Aidan! So happy to hear that your summer as an OL went well, I think I know some of them! You’re from Ireland?!? That’s awesome, I’m half Irish too! Top of the mornin to ya laddy! Looking forward to seeing you around this semester!


  3. So great to have a Dubliner on the trip! I was actually there about a year ago and loved the experience. In fact, we had even talked about offering a Tech Trek Dublin sometime next year. I’d love to hear what you’d think about that!


  4. Hey Aidan, exciting to see you’re an athlete I hear great things about bc rugby. I think my course expectations are similar to yours, I also think startups are intriguing/inspiring. Can’t wait to learn more about them with you.


  5. Hi, Aidan! Great first blog post! Maybe if we team up we can convince the profs. to do a TechTrek Dublin. I think that would be amazing. P.S. I love the Morning Brew.


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