Introduction: Allie Wheeler

Hi everybody!

My name is Allie Wheeler and I am a rising Junior in CSOM, concentrating in Marketing and Information Systems. I live in Wall, NJ, a town only 10 minutes away from the beach. When I’m home, I love to read a good book (let me know if you have any suggestions!), go to the beach, spend too much time baking in the kitchen, and hanging with my friends and family.


I lived in Keyes on Newton my freshman year, 66 Comm Ave as a sophomore, and will be upgrading to 2K during the incoming year. On campus, I am involved with WIB, BC Dance Marathon, and BC Big Sisters. I am a Big Sister to a fantastic 9-year-old girl from a Boston suburb, and this Fall I will be a leader for the club. I can’t wait to help other Bigs strengthen their mentorships and be able to facilitate reflections within my group. In the Spring, I will be studying abroad in Lisbon, Portugal and although it is bittersweet leaving BC for a semester, I’m excited for the incredible travels that lie ahead!

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 10.33.30 PM.png

This summer has been a hectic, yet rewarding one. It started off with me breaking my wrist while playing soccer with my three brothers. Though it was a bummer to have a cast on my arm for the first few weeks of summer (pictured above), it made for a memorable introduction to my internship. For majority of the summer, I was working at a local web design and marketing company that catered to small businesses. I was involved with several marketing campaigns, managed daily social media posts for a multitude of local businesses, and participated in strategy meetings for clients. I was even able to convince my dad to join the 21st Century and hire us to develop a website for his dental practice. As a bonus, I became so close with the awesome staff, that they are now convinced they need to come up to Boston to see a BC football game (Go Eags!).


I finished my time with them last week, and since then I’ve been spending as much time as possible at the beach and enjoying family and friends. Looking forward to being back on campus!


Class Expectations:

I learned about this class from a friend in TechTrek West who could not stop raving about how much she enjoyed it. As soon as I heard about TechTrek East, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to gain the experiences my friend had talked about. It was even more appealing to me because the companies we would visit in NYC are closer to my home and where I ultimately hope to live after graduation.

I am so excited to learn more about the vibrant tech startups where so many BC students work during internships and after graduation. I hope to learn much more about the booming sector of technology, and achieve a better grasp on a career path that interests me the most. I can’t wait to gain new perspectives on the tech field, and see first-hand what makes each and every company we visit so unique. See you all in class soon!


4 thoughts on “Introduction: Allie Wheeler

  1. I’ve been spending my summer on the Cape, also 10 minutes from the beach, so I can relate! (didn’t break a wrist, though). You tapped into the key reason for us offering TT East, it’s likely much more relevant to where many students will actually have there careers. We’re betting that both will be fantastic experiences for all involved!

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  2. Omg Allie, I so sorry to hear about the wrist! I know BC just had a recent start up that did similar web development as you it’s called fisherman. Can’t wait to pick you brain about you methods, web development is one of my closeted passions.


  3. Sorry about the wrist! Seems like you´ve been able to enjoy the summer regardless. The beach family and friends sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer. I have done some web design and marketing as well so I would love to hear your expirience.


  4. Allie! It’s so funny how we have so much in common- NJ, Info Systems, broken wrists (granted I was 3 so it was a while ago), and Keyes! I enjoyed taking Intro to Programming with you and I’m so excited for you to go on TechTrek East.


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