Lovepop: More Than Just Cards

Last week, I gave a presentation on Lovepop, a company that is revolutionizing the greeting card industry with intricately 3D cards, designed on advanced naval engineering software, and then constructed using the Kirigami style. I conducted extensive research, and came to know and understand the company well. I felt comfortable when presenting before the class, as well as answering questions. However, upon listening to Professor Doyle’s lecture about venture capital and the funding process, did I realize that I had not fully understood the importance of a crucial factor that has allowed for Lovepop’s success.


When someone asked me why Lovepop’s cards cost so much more than its competitors, and why people still choose to buy them, I answered that it probably had something to do with the advanced technology behind the cards, and that they were just really beautiful. Professor Doyle, however, happened to answer this question in his lecture as well. Why are people buying these cards? Because of the company culture that founders Wombi Rose and John Wise created from the first day, and believed in so passionately.


They weren’t just selling cards to spread cards, they wanted to spread love and positivity, and allow people to truly enjoy a new, exciting experience of giving and receiving personalized greeting cards. I think this is a crucial part to understanding why some companies, such as Lovepop, are able to disrupt industries that are seemingly untouchable and traditional. It’s all about the people behind the product, and their vision of the world being a better place with their product or service being available. It came to no surprise to me when I learned not only from Professor Doyle, but also several of my classmates who met Wombi Rose and John Wise, that the two are extremely friendly, likable people. The people, along with the culture they create, are what drive investors, as well as consumers, to believe in their product!

8 thoughts on “Lovepop: More Than Just Cards

  1. Totally agree that the venture capital funding has been crucial for Lovepop as well as other startups. I know a good story about Lovepop’s funding. I had the pleasure of having Brandon Hendrix (director of Marketing at Lovepop) as a professor a couple years ago. In one of his classes we skyped called Wombi and he told us that the first funding of Lovepop didn’t came from family and friends. It actually came from their student loans. I feel like this really shows their passion for Lovepop and how they were willing to put everything on the line.


  2. Thank you for sharing, Rebecca! I agree with you completely that the people behind the startup is a key factor in securing funding and running a successful company. From many of the venture capitalists I have heard speak, including Professor Doyle last week, each of them has said that with so many companies in the world, the best venture capitalists and the most successful companies are ones with founders who have what it takes to take their product to a level above all of their competitors. That being said, the best founders seem to have outstanding vision and passion for their product just like Wombi and John have for Lovepop.


  3. Great followup blog to your presentation last week! It is amazing to hear so much about company culture nowadays because it does play a big role in the success of companies. The Googleplex headquarters offers free gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only does this method keep employees happy, but it also encourages them to stay in the office to work into the night. Companies must show they truly care about their employees to attract the highest talent, and it seems like LovePop is doing a great job of showing that.


  4. Really nice angle on and follow up from the presentation. I do feel like the treatment could have been a bit deeper though. I think there’s alot more you could have said on this topic.


  5. Rebecca I really enjoyed your presentation on LovePop as well as your blogpost. My biggest takeaways related directly to what Professor Doyle said about a founders passion being so crucial to the overall companies success. The leaders of the company have the ability to make or break the company because them leading with their actions and their intense passion for the product have a lasting impact on the company. I really believe company culture is created at the top, and the leaders set the tone for what the company culture will be throughout. LovePop identifies this perfectly as we see Wombi and John creating an infectious and loving culture.


  6. Thank you for sharing this follow up blog! I really enjoyed your presentation and the card you brought in to show the class. Wombi Rose and John Wise’s mission to strengthen personal relationships makes Lovepop’s cards more than just a physical item, but rather a way to connect people. I’m really excited to meet them on our visit this Friday!


  7. Passion sells! Great presentation on a lovely company! Lovepop and its signature culture of love and positivity remind me a lot of Madison Reed, which prides itself on a similar message of love and empowerment. These companies and brands transcend the product itself and try to invite customers to experience the emotion, passion, and love that the product offerings are imbued with. I can’t wait to visit the company and experience the love firsthand!


  8. Great presentation Rebecca! I really enjoyed it as I am an avid Lovepop customer. I am so excited to visit the company today! I agree with you that currently the quality of Lovepop’s cards and the passion of the company’s founders sets Lovepop apart from its competitors, but I wonder if this will be enough for the long run. I am curious to know if they will begin making other products as well.


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