This is Just the Beginning…

As an underclassmen in CSOM, you watch your older mentors and friends move into three directions after graduation: accounting at the Big 4, investment banking in NYC or consulting at a competitive firm. I went to countless information sessions and workshops for all of these possible paths but wasn’t fully satisfied with committing to any of them for an internship, let alone a career. Then I heard about Tech Trek…


Tech Trek cemented in my mind that there are so many career options besides the traditional paths. The coolest jobs exist and are out there hiring people like all of us!! By visiting so many different companies, I have a much better handle on the company I aspire to work at. I have realized that a company’s service or product can easily peak my interest in working there. For example, I loved the Freshly and Classpass visits because I am very interested in using the products. I would be able to do my best work at Freshly and Classpass because I am very passionate about the companies. Although the visit to Handy was equally incredible, I would not be as interested in working there because their service was not as exciting to me personally.


After exploring companies at various sizes and stages, I definitely prefer a small to middle size company that is rapidly growing. Particularly, I was inspired by Brendan’s role as Community Manager at WeWork. He was so knowledgeable about not only the startup in its early years but also the new projects WeWork is taking on. By joining WeWork early on, he was able to take on leadership roles and learn many facets of the business. Meanwhile, at a larger company, like Google, the employees that we talked to were mostly only familiar with their own divisions. I like the smaller companies for their immense collaboration between every person at every level.


At every company, one word kept popping up: data. Companies considered themselves more of data companies than product-based companies. For instance, CEO Michael Wystrach at Freshly told us that Freshly is 60% a data/technology company and 40% a food company. I am excited to take more classes at BC on gathering consumer data and maintaining competitive advantage through this information. I am also very interested in the entrepreneurship classes that BC offers. I wish I knew about this concentration earlier on because it is a career path I would certainly be interested in.

Similar to many of my classmates, I am so impressed by the Boston College network. I am so happy to have chosen a university with students from all over the country and world. The BC network is impressive not only in Boston but also in the Bay Area, where I would be interested in working for a few years after graduation. I really liked the encouragement that someone on the Tech Council Panel said in utilizing your network. We all want to see our family, friends, and Boston College peers succeed, so it is important to reach out and ask people for help.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 8.46.36 PM.png

Overall, Tech Trek has certainly been the most transformative class I have taken at BC. I have learned skills from writing blogs to asking good questions to using Twitter professionally. More importantly, I have discovered that technology and entrepreneurship are the paths I want to pursue. I love the fast-paced and terrifying aspects of building a company and facing fierce competition. I want to create a company that I feel as passionate about as Simon Berg for Ceros, Carlos Dominguez for Sprinklr and Johnny Ayers for Socure. The opportunities that we had to hear from founders was a truly special part of the Tech Trek experience.  

To wrap up the most incredible class I have taken at Boston College, I would like to thank Prof Kane, Prof Doyle and Kelsey for introducing us to inspiring people, believing in our potential, and the overall phenomenal trip. The day after we got back, I had to randomly get appendix surgery, and the professors sent flowers and a balloon to my house on behalf of the class!! The Boston College community is truly incredible thanks to the thoughtful and hardworking professors and the passionate students. I’d give my appendix up ten times to go on this trip again (Tech Trek Dublin…?). Anyways, thank you all for making Tech Trek East such a memorable class and trip; I’ll never forget it!


3 thoughts on “This is Just the Beginning…

  1. After every single sentence in this post (except maybe the one about random appendix surgery), my immediate reaction was “yup,” “same,” or another variation of those. You really hit the nail on the head about this class–it was such a transformative experience and I’m so happy we got to go through it together. I had a blast on the trip and am especially thankful to you for accompanying and leading me through my first sweetgreen experience. The salad was wonderful and so was the time I got to spend with you and Jay ;). See you Wednesday!!


  2. Awesome post Kerri. I also agree with everything you mentioned (besides the appendix surgery, hope you’re doing better!!) I really resonated with your interest in building a company due to its “fast-pace and terrifying aspects.” I also found great value in utilizing the BC network and pursuing a career in tech even if it is not the norm at BC (yet). I had such a blast with you on the trip and am excited for what is to come!


  3. Great post, Kerri! Everything you said was so relatable! I agree that this class has definitely helped me realized there are non-traditional routes that can lead us to success. I’m happy that the class was able to help you figure out what type of company you see yourself working for (I could totally see you working for ClassPass!!) Before this class, I didn’t realize how powerful the BC network was. I’m really glad that we got to know each other because of TechTrek. Hope you’re feeling better!


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