8 thoughts on “Twitter Presentation

  1. Great presentation Amy. It is very interesting to hear about the demographics in which twitter used. I had a feeling that younger generations used Twitter more than other age groups, but it is fascinating that more men than women use Twitter. I also loved hearing about how Twitter gets their revenue mostly from ads, but also that they license data to companies such as crimson hexagon and brandwatch, when then create meaningful insights for commercial goods. Great post!


  2. Interesting presentation Amy. I was not aware of data licensing as a means of revenue for Twitter, so I too wonder if that will grow as a percentage of their revenue, especially as advertisers may become wary of spending on Twitter as monthly active user growth declines. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great presentation Amy! Before this class, I personally hadn’t used twitter for a few years, but my mom just opened a Twitter account and has talked about how she is starting to like Twitter over Facebook because she is able to follow who the accounts she wants to follow without having to see other people’s likes/comments on the posts. I had never thought about Twitter in this way, but thought it was a very valid point. It was also interesting to see how Twitter wasn’t profitable until the end of last year; I guess I had just assumed since they were a popular tech company that they were extremely profitable from the beginning. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Great presentation, Amy! I find it very interesting that Jack Dorsey is able to serve as CEO for both Twitter and Square. As both this companies continue to move forward and encounter competition and other adversity, I wonder if Dorsey will have to choose to step down from his position at one of the companies? I also was happy to hear that Twitter just recently had three profitable quarters. It is crazy to think that they can generate so much revenue and profit from advertising and data! It will be interesting to see if Twitter can increase its profits as its user growth and popularity stagnates.


  5. Awesome presentation Amy! I did not realize the data licensing revenue stream for twitter. I think that’s a very beneficial differentiating factor as a social media platform. Also, I do realize that less people use twitter than other social media platforms, but I did not realize how their overall user growth has been stagnant over the last few years. I really enjoyed using Twitter for this class as a more professional social media platform than Snapchat or Twitter, but a more casual platform than LinkedIn. I think I will continue using my twitter beyond BCSTT, and I’m very glad the class introduced me to this beneficial way of using it.


  6. Loved the presentation Amy!! Although Twitter lost a number of users due to deleting spam accounts, I’m happy they are working to clear the platform. I also found it interesting that part of the decline in user base was attributed to people growing tired of the social media platform. Recently, I think there has been a lot of negative light around social media and some of the consequences like contributing to self esteem issues, depression, distractions, etc. However, despite some of these downsides, I think there are a lot of useful ways to use the platform. I have really enjoyed being able to quickly scroll through Twitter in the morning and getting an update on news that interests me. I think I will continue to use it frequently to stay informed.


  7. Nice presentation, Amy. I particularly liked your display of demographic usage of Twitter and your explanation of Twitter’s usage of data licensing and advertisements–I had a hunch that Twitter, along with its other social media giants, also brought in advertising revenue, but this confirmed it. I just read that Twitter is planning on killing the like button sometime, a replacement of the favorite button that it had a few years ago. I was wondering if you knew about the research, data, and reasoning why Twitter made such product changes (such as expanding to 200 words, killing the favorite button and now apparently the like button). Happy to discuss even if class has ended!


  8. Great presentation, Amy! I had no idea that Twitter wasn’t making a profit until the fourth quarter of 2017, and find it interesting that their main sources of revenue come from data licensing and advertising. After becoming a more active Twitter user through TechTrek, I realized that Twitter is a great way to network professionally and stay updated with current news. Given the popularity of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, I wonder how Twitter can keep its active users while expanding its platform to other consumer demographics. Thank you for sharing your presentation with us!


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