Selfie-Matt Allen

Hi Everyone!

My name is Matt Allen, and I’m currently a sophomore. I’m so excited to spend this semester exploring the tech and startup world with everyone. I grew up in Chanhassen, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis) and love everything Minnesota. Growing up I loved doing every outdoor activity I could. I played football in the fall, snowboarded nearly every day in the winter, and raced stock cars in the summer. On top of that, I love getting out on Minnesota’s lakes and wakeboarding, wake surfing, tubing, or jet skiing. I also have a younger brother who is interested in nearly all the same activities as me, so we get very competitive with each other. Along with my brother, I also have two dogs who love to keep life exciting.

Introductory picture, I’m the one on the right.
Enjoying a day at the racetrack with my dad and brother.

While I really love Minnesota, I knew that I wanted to try something different when I went to school and BC seemed like the perfect fit. Fun fact my parents actually both went to school in Boston and met there after college, although neither of them went to BC. As it stands right now I’m concentrating in finance and minoring in computer science, although I may add on a second concentration in business analytics or maybe even entrepreneurship. I have loved every second of my time at BC so far and can’t wait to see what this semester and specifically Tech Trek brings. Outside of class, I am a mentor and placement coordinator for Learning to Serve, a volunteer for 4Boston at MissionSafe, the assistant climbing guru for the Outdoors Club (yes, that is my official title), and I just joined BC Full Swing this year.

What’s not to love about BC football?

I first heard about Tech Trek in my computers in management class with Gallaugher and Sterpe. I remember sitting in that class at 9am and always being so excited to learn about whatever tech company or concept we were learning that day. Up until that point I had not even considered the tech field, but after that class I was extremely interested. I began following TechCrunch and Recode daily to read about new tech and start-up stories. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to apply for this class. I am so excited to both learn more about the tech field and even more excited to go and see some of these amazing companies first hand.

As far as my class expectations go, I really hope to learn more about the crossroads between innovative technologies and the businesses that are able to make use of these technologies in a way that gives them a competitive advantage. Given my knowledge right now, I believe a business needs both of those things to succeed as a tech company, and I would love to see how different companies manage this balance in their own ways. That being said, I may be completely wrong in that belief and am open to learning that. I am also really excited to further my entrepreneurial spirit by studying companies that were able to successfully innovate and disrupt industries. Finally, I’m also really interested in the finance side of the tech world. Being a finance major, I am excited to see how venture capital firms are run and the mechanics that they use to evaluate early-stage companies’ financial prospects.

I’m not super into memes, but this is something that made me laugh today.(It’s Jerry on a Ferry just for clarity’s sake). A little Grateful Dead humor is always fun in my opinion.

I really can’t wait to meet everyone and to start learning more about the tech world. I know it’s going to be a great semester and a great trip to Silicon Valley. I hope everyone is having a wonderful break and enjoying time with family. See everyone soon back at BC!

4 thoughts on “Selfie-Matt Allen

  1. Hi Matt!

    That’s so cool that you wakeboard! I love waterskiing, but I want to try wakeboarding as well sometime. I am also interested in how innovative technologies and businesses intersect to obtain a competitive advantage. I also took Professor Gallaugher’s class – it was very interesting and informative! See you in class.


  2. Matt-
    Yet another Midwesterner in Tech Trek, that’s awesome! I used to go to camp up in Minnesota and made some of my most fond memories up there. Your state is absolutely breathtaking, especially in the summer months. I, too, took Gallaugher and Sterpe’s course and LOVED it. It also was one of the things that inspired me to take this course. One class you should definitely look into for your finance/VC interests is called “Entrepreneurial Finance”– my roommate took it last semester and loved it! It has a lot to do with how VC’s value early stage startups, I believe.
    See you next week! -George


  3. Hello Matt!

    As it turns out, I am actually in Minneapolis right now! I am currently taking a minor in Computer Science and a co-centration in Business Analytics; it’s definitely worth it! In one of the course I took, Data Visualization, we learnt how to efficiently convey data and mastered Tableau. It was more practical and applicable than 90% of CSOM courses. Just last semester, some other Bus. A students and I set a club called Business Analytics Academy. Come to our meetings, and learn more about how tech and data are shaping our world! I am also very interested into venture capital, especially those in Silicon Valley. Some venture capitalists who shared insights say they invest into the person/founder more than the idea. We still got time to thrive to be the people they are looking for! Very nice to meet you, look forward to discuss our common interests in class. (I also took Professor Gallaugher’s class, HAHA)


  4. Hey Matt! Great to have you in class — the other TA, Jenna, is from MN and I think every single person I’ve met from the Midwest has been even better than the last. Though I am disappointed to not see any pictures of your dogs, that’s super cool that you went to a racetrack! I had a similar experience, learning about Tech Trek in Gallaugher and Sterpe’s class (10am), and I’m so glad I did. You seem to have some really great educational goals for this class and I look forward to seeing what you get out of it. See you Wednesday!


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