Selfie: Katie Doyle

Hi everyone!

My name is Katie Doyle. I am currently a sophomore in the Carroll School of Management. As of right now I am concentrating in marketing, but I am not 100% sure what I will end up studying, I am considering adding another concentration in finance or possibly entrepreneurship. I am originally from Belmont, a small town about ten minutes from Boston and only about four miles from campus, so I’m not that far from home!! Fun fact: when I was in high school I was pretty set on going cross country for college (my main priority was getting out of the horrible winter weather), but when I toured BC I knew it was the school for me! I am the youngest in my family, I have one older brother and two older sisters and a dog named Fenway! Given that my dogs name is Fenway it is pretty safe to say that I am a huge Boston sports fan. I especially love the Red Sox and Patriots.


Introductory photo

Growing up I was lucky enough to spend all my summers on Cape Cod with my family. When I was younger I kept busy with swimming and different sport camps but as I got older I worked in retail for a few summers. This past summer I had the opportunity to take a class in Venice, Italy with fifteen other BC students taught by Dean Keeley for the month of June. This class showed me how valuable out of classroom experiences are for college students, which is one of the main aspects about Tech Trek that I am excited about! I was also able to visit my roommate in Seattle; which was really cool because I got to see where the Amazon headquarters are located!

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My dog Fenway in Cape Cod!

I lived on upper campus in Xavier hall last year and live in Walsh this year! I have absolutely loved everything about my past three semesters here at Boston College and am extremely excited for what next semester has in store! I am especially looking forward for our trip to California over spring break and visiting all the different companies we learn about in the course!! Outside of class, I am a general member of the residents hall association, a member of the entertainment committee for Boston College Dance Marathon, a marketer for Spoon University’s Boston College chapter, a volunteer at a daytime shelter for the homeless community of Boston for my pulse placement, and am currently training for a half marathon!

I first heard about tech trek last year through the Shea center, but it wasn’t until a few of my friends went on tech trek east this past semester that I realized what an amazing opportunity it was! After hearing previous students rave about it, I knew I wanted to apply! I have always been very interested in technology and how fast it is advancing, especially in the business world.

For class expectations, I mostly am expecting to learn more about the inner workings and workplace cultures of different companies that I am familiar with as a consumer (companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Google, ect). I hope to learn more about the way advancing technology has not only helped companies grow but also the challenges it has presented and the ways business have overcome said challenges. I am also very excited to learn more about startups, and how small start ups are able to use technology to become known around the world in such a short amount of time. Tech Trek is such an amazing opportunity where I hope to learn the different ways companies are incorporating technology to grow and become more successful.


This is one of my favorite memes!

I could not be more excited to get to meet everyone! My class twitter account is @doyleeqdoyle! I hope everyone has a good rest of their break!

7 thoughts on “Selfie: Katie Doyle

  1. Hey Katie, great post!
    That’s so convenient that you live so close to BC (especially if you miss your dog and want to see your dog haha). Since you did cross country, do you ever run back home? Can’t wait to meet you in person!


  2. I’m deciding between the same concentrations that you mentioned. Also, Venice seems like such a great place to visit so studying there must have been such a great experience.


  3. Hi Katie,
    Love that picture of Venice (it’s one of my favorite cities)! It’s so funny because I have the same story about choosing college: I was so determined to go to school in California for the nice weather and great food but ended up at BC because it was everything that I was looking for (except the weather)!


    • Hey Katie,
      Cool post! I went to Venice about a year ago and had a blast, especially with all the amazing food. Also excited to see the offices of apps that I use (Facebook maybe too much) every day. Hope you have a good break and looking forward to class.


  4. Hey Katie!

    I went to Venice last year and loved it! It’s so funny to me because I had almost the opposite story about college. I’m from Washington, so not too far from Seattle, but I decided to come cross-country to Boston to see a different part of the country.
    Looking forward to getting to know you this semester!



  5. We have a place on the cape too (Brewster). I told my son, now 11, “wow, you don’t really know summers outside of Cape Cod, do you?” He replied, “No, and let’s keep it that way!”

    I had your sister as a student MANY years ago, and I look forward to getting to know you this semester.


  6. Great post!! You’re dog is adorable, and I love the name Fenway 🙂 I really want to go to Seattle and would love to see the Amazon headquarters – awesome that you had the chance to go. Also, what half marathon are you training for? Do you think you’ll try to do the Boston Marathon while at BC?


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