Selfie: Sean Dunphy


Introductory Photo

Hi Everyone!

My name is Sean Dunphy and I am a sophomore in the Carroll School of Management. I am currently studying Information Systems and Finance as of now! One of the reasons why I chose BC was because it is far but not too far from home, and I was really interested in their Business School 🙂 I am from Fair Haven, New Jersey (about an hour from NYC and and five minutes from the beach). For anyone else that lives in New Jersey,  I am a firm believer that Central Jersey does exists and I say Pork Roll instead of Taylor Ham. I grew up going to the beach a lot and overall spending a lot of time outdoors: running, hiking, bike riding, etc. My family really enjoys skiing and my favorite place to go is Nantucket (could have been one of the reasons why I chose to go to BC 🙂 ). I have three older siblings: Brian, Nicolette, and Courtney who are triplets. One of the biggest questions I have ever been asked is if it is weird to have triplet siblings and honestly the answer is no because that is how it is always been, I’ve never known anything else! Also fun fact for those Modern Family fans out there, my dad’s name is Phil Dunphy too! My family has one dog, Oakley, who loves the beach but is not a fan of the cold water.



I spent most of my summers going to the beach or going to Nantucket. In high-school I really got into traveling and was able to travel to Australia with People to People and was also able to go to Italy and France with my high school! These trips were really able to open my eyes about the world and be able to gain a different mindset and learn valuable leadership skills. This is what initially drew me to TechTrek because I find it is a very important experience to out into the world and learn first-hand rather than solely in a classroom. I actually have never been to California so I am very excited!


Visiting Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Last year I lived in Loyola and this year I am living in 66! (Barely escaped going to Co-Ro) On campus,  I am the chair of the Council for Students with Disabilities within UGBC, a mentor for the Undergraduate Leadership Academy and am involved in the Residence Hall Association. I am also in training to become a spin instructor at BC as well!

I heard about TechTrek from a friend who went last year and only said good things about the class and how it really informed her knowledge of these companies and was a great way to learn how to communicate and network with the employees and alumni from companies. I am really interested in how companies are able to use new methods to do business and how a startup can become so successful!

My expectations for this course is to challenge the way I have thought about startups and the culture within companies in general. I want to understand the many challenges these companies face in the fast-paced technology world and how they are able to overcome them. I want to understand how companies are able to stay unique from rivals as it seems increasingly difficult with so much information being more acccessible. I want to learn about these companies more than what I can simply google and I think that being able to visit them in person is such a unique opportunity and I am so excited to learn from them!



An example of a meme showing the kind of negativity I have to constantly deal with

My twitter for class is @seandunphy31! Hope everyone has a great rest of their break 🙂


– Sean Dunphy

5 thoughts on “Selfie: Sean Dunphy

  1. Hi Sean!
    I’m super interested in learning about these tech companies’ culture too like how they operate, what the people are like, their vibes etc. It’s definitely something to look forward to exploring. Also, your dog is very cute, just thought I’d put that out there. See you soon!


  2. Hey Sean,
    I traveled with People to People too and went to England and France! It was such a good experience for me so I am glad to hear that you too had a good time. You raise a good point about how it seems more difficult for companies to remain unique. It is something I had not really thought about but now I am interested in learning about that too. I am looking forward to taking this class with you!


  3. Hey Sean,
    I spent a few summers traveling with a program similar to People to People, it was called Rustic Pathways! I also found it to be a great way to learn leadership skills! I am also really excited to get to learn more about how companies are able to use new methods in business! See you soon!


  4. Hi Sean,
    I went to a bunch of European countries a couple years ago including France and Italy, so your picture is making me miss that wonderful experience. And Australia is one of the places I want to visit the most next! Btw your dog Oakley is so cute! See you in class!


  5. Hi Sean! Excited to have you in class this semester. My roommate is from Northern Jersey so I’ve definitely been exposed to the debate about Taylor Ham and Pork Roll — even though I don’t know much about what those words mean, it seems to be a heated debate. I love Nantucket in the summer, but I don’t get over there as much as I would like to thanks to summer jobs. Your dog is adorable and I’m glad to hear you’re excited about the class. See you Wednesday!


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