Selfie- Julie Huang

Hi everyone! I hope your holidays was great and I am super excited to meet and work with all of you! 🙂 I am Julie Huang, a junior in CSOM concentrating in Finance and Computer Science with a French minor. I grew up in Minnetonka, Minnesota and I’m very attached to my home state (like most Minnesotans). Although the winters are brutally cold and that there are only 2 seasons in MN (construction and winter), I love everything about it! I live on the lake so the beautiful, warm summers are always filled with water sports like jet skiing, tubing, and swimming as well as having a bunch of friends over for bonfires! However, I decided to leave MN and come to Boston because I wanted to experience what life’s like outside of the Midwest and check out bustling and competitive business scene in the East Coast. BC is perfect for it!

Nothing beats having ice cream on a hot summer MN day near the lake!

At BC, I’m a super active girl and like to be involved In the community here. I play the violin in the Boston College Symphony Orchestra and have been playing since I was little. Also I swing dance in BC FullSwing and I literally live and breathe Swing. I love teaching others how to swing, love performing, and love being flipped in aerials! Lastly, I’m the treasurer for BC’s Retro Gaming Club (basically Smash club) and I play Super Smash Bros Melee competitively. High-key, I’m a huge nerd when it comes to Melee and I can geek out about frame data and random technical stuff about that game. In my spare time, I like to workout lots (rock climbing and running), hangout with friends, laugh at memes, and eat food (I’m a huge foodie so if you have any great food/restaurant recommendations, please lmk!). Basically, I like to always keep myself busy, whether it’s something intellectual or physical.

BC FullSwing performed as zombies to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at Dancing with bOp! last year

Another big hobby of mine is travelling. Whenever I’m not in BC for school, I’m either in MN or somewhere across the world. As I write this, I’m currently in China visiting relatives and will be going to the Philippines for a few days to go sightseeing. On my shelf, I collect souvenirs from every country that I have visited and I’ve visited 23 different countries so far. I love travelling because I like to experience new and different cultures as well as meeting new people! It’s always eye opening to encounter new things, see various ways of life, and hear people’s stories/histories. Oh and food is a must when I go to any new country. Feel free to share any travel stories or recommendations if you have any!

Last summer, I lived in Paris, France for 2 months and did an internship at the amazing tech start-up is a head-hunting platform that helps link enterprises who are looking for tech hires and potential tech developers who are looking for jobs. Since technology is growing rapidly and exponentially, there are a lot of different fields and tech specializations. I was the finance intern who dealt with the clients’ unpaid invoices and also a full-stack developer intern. On the developer side, I helped code and create the company’s internal Event Dashboard website using Ruby On Rails, which shows a list of events going on for Although it was tough to do everything all in French, I absolutely loved interning at and the “start-up tech” culture and environment there! The skills and relationships I built at my internship made me want to experience and see what other tech companies are like!

At with my supervisor Patricia Legendre

Expectations for TechTrek

I am very pumped to be a part of this year’s Tech Trek West! I’ve heard so many incredible things from past Tech Trek members and I want to experience those similar things! I can’t wait to meet many of the tech companies in Cali, whether it’s the big companies like Apple and Google, or the smaller tech start-up companies! I’ve been very interested and fascinated by technology such as sectors like AI, Fintech, and the emerging sharing economy that everyone uses nowadays. I want to see what these companies are like, how they operate, and what their culture is like. I’m eager to put in the effort to do research, come up with hard-hitting questions, and applying my knowledge to these companies. Not only that, but I also want this to be an eye-opening experience in which I learn something new about tech that I’ve never been exposed to before. It could be learning about a new field of tech, applying a tech concept into something I would have never imagined could be possible, or anything that will blow my mind. Lastly, the best part of Tech Trek is that I get to share this experience with my other classmates in this class so I can’t wait to work with you all!

P.S. Since many people are sharing a picture of their pets, here’s a picture of my cat Cheeto and my favorite classic meme

Most relatable meme: Me during Midterm or Finals Season

6 thoughts on “Selfie- Julie Huang

  1. Hi Julie,
    I love your cat! Your internship at sounds really interesting though having had to struggle through french throughout all of high school I can’t even imagine having to do an entire tech internship in French so props to you. The Philippines is definitely on the list of place that I want to visit. It seems like such an interesting place. One of these days I will make it out there. I hope the trip goes well and I am looking forward to taking this class with you!


  2. Julie, I see you all the time on campus and in Brighton Dance Studio but never got the chance to officially meet you! Would love to hear more about your internship in France. It sure sounded like an awesome experience! Looking forward to working with you this semester
    Btw, Where in China were you visiting?


    • Hey! I visit my relatives and extended family in Fuzhou, China. My family and I visit them every year during the holiday break from Christmas to around New Years.


  3. Hi Julie!

    Your internship at seems really interesting! I would love to hear more about it and how the workplace is different in France than in the US. Also, props to you for being in BC Swing. I’m always impressed by all the dance groups at BC. Have fun in the Philippines! See you in class!


  4. Hi Julie! Like everyone else, I also think your internship with sounds so cool, especially since you got to live in Paris. I just came back from studying abroad in Paris so I’d love to hear about your experience there too, specifically within the french tech startup world. I’m excited to work with you in class and hear about more of your cool trips around the world!


  5. Loved the post!! Also – LOVE that you’re a proud Minnesotan!!! I am too 🙂 I saw that you enjoy swing dancing and I’m wondering if you’ve ever been to the Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul? Every Thursday night they have swing dancing, so I went a lot throughout high school. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it! So excited that you’re in the class!


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