Selfie: Ricky Yang

Hi guys!

Greetings from Australia where the clock has just struck midnight on the new year as I write this! It is a perfect time to reflect and think about all the exciting things for the upcoming year. I certainly hope that TechTrek can be one of the memorable times of 2019 for all of us.

A little about myself. I grew up in Massachusetts in a small town called Boxborough. To get an idea of who I am, if I had to limit myself to doing only three things, they’d be watching shows, listening to music on spotify, and eating ice cream. Sadly, there have been many days where that is indeed all I’ve done. Thankfully, I have the privilege of being a junior in CSOM studying Finance, Accounting for Finance, and majoring in Computer Science to prevent me from falling into that destitute lifestyle. My whole family works in science and tech so naturally I found my way to taking an interest in tech. Despite this interest, I unfortunately am still not fully decided on what I’m going to do and thus, whatever potential ambition I have sadly can’t focus in one direction. In the meantime, I’ll just convince myself that I’ll figure it out. I’m sure that’ll work.

To make things quick, here’s a quick run down on some things that I like: traveling (hence why I’m in Australia), alone time, mountains, boats, food (cooking and eating), entertainment, sports, video games, good noise cancelling headphones, chocolate, 70 degree weather with slight clouds and a nice breeze, good quality water (sorta odd I know), perfectly ripe grapes, nutella, bagel bites, hot takes (or lukewarm takes whatever works), and sticking with the status quo just to name a few.

Some things I definitely hate: crowds, too much commotion and noise, temperatures above 83 degrees (I can do 85 max if there’s a breeze), temperatures below 35, pineapple on pizza (if it’s not illegal it is definitely still criminal), calling places to schedule appointments, walking and crossing paths with someone I technically know but not really and they definitely saw me and bleh (I just pretend to look at my phone or go in the opposite direction), and wobbly tables.

Things I wish I liked: Apple pie (embarrassing I know), meeting new people, getting out of bed, going to bed, walking mindlessly, watermelon (I’ve only heard great things about it), and most other things that I don’t like to be honest.

I currently live at 2150 and do work on a VR project here called Joycestick which we are showcasing at the Smithsonian in April (hope we don’t botch it). Other than that, I don’t really do many school clubs or activities. Oh and here’s me by the way.


So that’s just a little about me. I have really high hopes coming into this course. I discovered this course on my own late during my sophomore year but wasn’t really serious about it until some time first semester. I mostly read about it and saw very good things and made me explore the course more. I came to realize just how much this course fit my academic and career interests. While I currently study both finance and computer science, I haven’t as much learned how they can be pieced together and I think this course can help me get a grasp of how that happens from startups to fortune 500 companies. I’ve already started to learn so much just from the book I’ve been reading over break and to have the opportunity to visit these companies to ask executives the questions I have is a luxury I don’t plan to take for granted. Given what I’ve read, I’m interested in seeing how companies and executives deal with problems that they may have not seen before, and how each company differs in their workplace structure. I’m also interested in how companies make product decisions and how they react when things go haywire. There’s so much to ask and learn so I’ll leave that to when class begins.

Here’s a solid PG meme.


Wow, riveting stuff.  Well,  I’m always game for new show recommendations and I hope you all have a wonderful break. My twitter is @rickyyang987. Here’s to a great semester!

6 thoughts on “Selfie: Ricky Yang

  1. Hey Ricky,
    I always used to think that noise cancelling headphones were a waste of money and then I tried a decent pair of Bose in-ear buds on a plane ride once and it was a massive game changer for me so I totally get where you are coming from. I have heard some really good things about the Joycestick project and would love to talk to you about it at some point. I’m looking forward to taking this class with you!


    • Interestingly enough, the main pair of headphones I use are noise cancelling Bose ear buds. Would recommend. Feel free to reach out to me about Joycestick whenever you feel like as well . Looking forward to meeting you in class!


  2. Hi Ricky,
    Super jealous of you in Australia, I went there for 2 weeks my sophomore year of high school. I traveled to Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. I also did a home stay in Bundaberg. Hope you are having an awesome time, see you in class!

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  3. Ricky,
    Love your #selfie introduction. Really got a sense of who you are and what you like to do.
    You are totally right. Pineapple on pizza should be illegal!
    And I totally relate to your view/expectations for this course. Had been Computer Science (changed to Bioinformatics 1 week after course registration this semester) and Finance minor, I really hadn’t given much thought into how I can piece together my interests, major and minors. I really hope this course can inspire me to do more thinking about tech, society and startups. Looking forward to working with you in class!

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  4. Hi Ricky,

    I found your intro to be so relatable and I am looking forward to meeting you in person. What most stuck out to me is that you’re from Boxborough, MA. As wild as it is, I am from Foxborough, MA.. craziness. Additionally, I noticed you’re studying CS and Finance in CSOM just as I am. It’s nice to meet other people in the same ship as me. Hopefully we can share some of our experiences in those areas of study. Anyway, I am super excited for this class. Enjoy the rest of break!


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  5. Hi Ricky! I’m from the Cape and love meeting people from off-Cape and seeing how other places in MA relate. I feel the same way about apple pie–I really want to like it but it just hasn’t happened for me yet. Though I relate to you with a lot of your likes/ dislikes, I can’t say I hate pineapple on pizza, but that’s a conversation for another time. Joycestick sounds really interesting and I’d love to hear more about it if you’d like to share! See you Wednesday!


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