Selfie | Jordan Vining

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

First off, my name is Jordan Vining and I am currently a junior in CSOM. I am going for a co-concentration in Finance and Computer Science. I am from the small town of Foxborough, Massachusetts which has been made popular for being the home of Gillette Stadium – evidently, I am indeed a Patriots fan. Although I moved around a lot as a child, I have always lived in Massachusetts and am happy to have settled in the home of the Pats for the latter part of my life where I graduated from Foxborough High School. I have 3 brothers: a younger one and two older. As you can imagine it was an active household growing up between all of us playing a variety of sports and simply battling competitively back and forth.

As the New Year kicks off, I have to say that I am most looking forward to making unforgettable memories with TechTrek in 2019. However, this is a perfect time to reflect upon what has helped to land me where I stand today; I do not mean this literally as I am lazily sprawled across my living room couch. My interests have always been found nestled in tech, yet, I presume that is why most of us are here as a part of this class. Beyond that, I have always found excitement/fascination in such things like football, track&field, lacrosse, basketball, math, music, television/movies, traveling, hiking, relaxing with friends, and video editing. Among all these things I could likely go into extensive detail, however, that may not be worthwhile. Rather, it is notable to say that this range of interests provides a broad overview of what I am like and the activities that have shaped me to be who I am.

Now that you all have a limited idea of who I am, lets get into how I landed at Boston College. The short answer is that I have no clue but I am glad I did.

As mentioned, I have spent the latter part of my life in Foxborough (or, Foxboro, for no apparent reason) where I have lived with my grandmother and 3 brothers. Going through highschool with the sole support of grandmother definitely provided me with a different take on how to manage life. As an old-fashioned lady, my grandmother never gave a huge interest in what I would do after school as long as I would end up with a job to support my shamefully expensive lifestyle. Given that, I knew I wanted to go to college yet I also had no clue what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. My solution? I just applied to 5/6 random schools that I have heard of, BC being one of them. With each application, I kind of chose a different school path I would take and thankfully, with BC I chose the business school having no prior knowledge of its prestige.

Ironically, BC was the first school I heard back from and it was not until the last day that decisions were due that I said “Ya, I’ll just go to BC”. This marked one of the best decisions of my life.

I began my life at BC in Cheverus Hall of Upper Campus. From then on, I have lived on Foster Street in Brighton experiencing what it is like to take on the responsibilities of living without guidance – a scary feet. At BC I have met lifelong friends and have taken part in a variety of clubs and activities. Aside from working at school, I am a Big Brother, part of the BC Bigs program, to a young man named Jadiel who is a third grader at the St. Patricks School in Roxbury. I have been in and out of numerous clubs as I am always looking to garner more experience where ever I can. To this extent, I applied to TechTrek and am unarguably the most excited I have been for a class thus far.

Now more importantly: TechTrek. I first heard about this course a while back during sophomore year, however, my interests peaked after two of my friends took part in TechTrek East this past semester. After hearing of its glory, I was quickly convinced and expectations were imposed.

I am eager to learn about the never-ending tech industry and the functionalities of multiple companies within the industry. More singularly, I have always been fascinated by the process that startups endure and how they grow to become tech powerhouses. I’m excited to learn about the various models that startups use and how such models give one company a competitive advantage over another. Furthermore, I look forward to learning about the various programs these businesses use in their day-to-day work while balancing different types of environments. Additionally, I am very psyched to experience the distinctive cultures that each company possesses and to further take what I learn into consideration as I apply for jobs in the future. I would say the biggest expectation I have for this course is networking. I plan to be able to expand my network in order to enhance the resources I have going forward. In such a competitive world, especially in the rapidly growing tech industry, I find that this may be one of the most key elements to success. Oh, and I am high key excited for my first trip to the west coast. Overall, this course already has my full attention and I cannot wait to really get the ball rolling!

I thought this meme was most fitting.. Looking forward to meeting you all and having an unreal semester! Enjoy the rest of your break!


4 thoughts on “Selfie | Jordan Vining

  1. Nice to meet you Jordan. Excited to work with you this semester. Love the meme, Elon Mask has truly achieved reverse aging!


  2. Hey Jordan great post!! I’m so happy that you ended up at BC and am so excited that you’re in this class! You’ll be able to learn a lot about different company cultures when you’re on the trip and have the chance to walk through offices and talk with employees. Also, I share a number of the interests to listed (especially sports), and I would love to hear more about the video editing.


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