Selfie: Rachel Duquette

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great holidays! My name is Rachel Duquette, and I’m a sophomore in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences studying Math and Computer Science. I grew up in Camas, Washington, which is a little town just north of Portland, Oregon.

Since I’ve lived in Washington my whole life, I was excited to come to a different part of the country for college, and I love being at BC. On campus, I work in the Language Learning Lab as a research assistant, I’m on Model United Nations, and I’m TAing for a computer science class this semester, which I’m really excited for. I’ve also discovered a passion for ice skating since coming to Boston. I’ve always been a hockey fan, but there’s not a lot of occasion to go ice skating in Washington, because it mostly doesn’t go below freezing, so I take every chance I can to go while I’m at school!

My roommates and I at Frog Pond– I’m second from left in the top row.

Even though I love Boston, I still do miss the Pacific Northwest, especially how green it is. This summer, I went on a road trip with my family along the Oregon coast to the Redwoods in California. One of my favorite places we visited was Crater Lake in Oregon– it’s the deepest lake in the United States, and I was amazed by how blue the water was.

Crater Lake!

On that same trip, we went caving in the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve, which was surprisingly beautiful. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from inside the caves, since it wasn’t well lit enough to take any.

Us after the caves: from right to left, my younger brother, me, my dad, and Aurelien, a French exchange student who stayed with us for the summer

I love travelling in general, which is part of why I’m excited for Tech Trek. The most exciting place I’ve ever been is probably Rabat, Morocco. I studied abroad there for my senior year of high school, and had the chance to travel a bit around the country. It was an amazing experience, and ever since then, I’ve taken every chance I can to see new places.

Tangier horizon.

Although I’ve been enjoying the holiday break, I’m equally excited to go back to school for Tech Trek! Coming from a more technical background, I’m excited to learn more about the business perspective on Silicon Valley and the tech industry as a whole. I’m hoping to learn more about how companies grow, and how new technical developments affect the industry and existing companies.

One of the topics I’m most intrigued with is machine learning for artificial intelligence, and how that affects the ways people interface with technology in the course of their everyday life. With all of the recent controversy around Facebook sharing user data, I’m also particularly interested in privacy as an issue, how government effectively regulates new and entreprising technologies, and if and how the tech industry can attempt to self-regulate.

Finally, I don’t know if this technically counts as a meme, but I’m a big fan of WeRateDogs’ rating system.

I’m looking forward to getting to know and learn with all of you, and I’m excited for a great semester and a great trip!


4 thoughts on “Selfie: Rachel Duquette

  1. Hey Rachel,

    That’s awesome that you live out in the Pacific Northwest. I went to Portland to visit my uncle and Aunt who live there for fishing and crabbing trips and I came to absolutely love the place and plan to go back soon to visit them again. Still got some places I want to visit out there and any recommendations are gladly taken. Big respect for weratedogs and I look forward to seeing you in class!


  2. Hey Rachel,

    It’s so cool that you already got a chance to study abroad in high school in Morocco! Are you thinking about studying abroad junior year at BC as well? Can’t wait to meet you!


  3. Hey Rachel,

    I love the picture from the We Rate Dogs account! One of my favorites to look at on Twitter. Looking forward to this semester.


  4. Hi Rachel! That’s so cool that you were able to study abroad in Morocco, let alone your senior year of high school! I submitted my study abroad application a little over a week ago and I’m looking forward to finding out how that turns out! Machine learning was one of my favorite topics to learn about last semester and I’m excited to hear different students’ perspectives on it. See you Wednesday!


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