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Hiiii everyone! My name is Cecilia Wu. I am a junior, planning to obtain a double concentration in Operations Management and Business Analytics, and a double minor in Computer Science and Mathematics. I was born in a beautiful city, famous for its night and hot summer, called Chongqing in China. Chongqing taught me what family and home meant.

When I was 12, my family moved to another beautiful city, known for its day and rainy spring, Vancouver, Canada. Over the six years, I met people and stories across diverse cultures. By the end of high school, I understood and appreciated the magic of diversity, and went on a graduation trip with friends coming from Spain, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, India, and everywhere else. Vancouver taught how to find self-identity.

Now, I study in the Boston, a place half a world away from Chongqing and a full continent away from Vancouver. Over the last three years, I am learning to face responsibilities as a young adult, and exploring my interests with the help of Boston College community. Living away from home, I need to plan for grocery trips, pay for credit card bills, and take care of myself. They sound to be easy and mundane, but I am glad that those tasks provides me with a ticket to adulthood. Boston taught me how to live.

I love traveling and meeting new people. Solipsists or egoists, people who has the belief that the world is built to serve him/her, propose one question to the non-believers: How do you know if the other parts of the world are operating and moving when they are out of touch? How do you know if you are not on the Truman Show? I know that the world is not a trick of my brain whenever I travel; I know that the world is full of people whenever I get to know a stranger. The world and people are so wonderful and out of imagination that my brain couldn’t even dare to expect or create.

At BC, a part of me enjoys music. I have been involved in Liturgy Arts Group playing handbells, and the Piano Ensemble playing duet piano. A part of me loves tech. I have been a teaching assistant for Computer Science department for two years now, and a lab specialist for Digitalization Lab doing work to digitalize books from as early as the 16th century. A part of me is in data science. I am inspired to work as a data scientist or start a company that incorporates data analytics with operations/logistics to produce an automatic control system. Last semester, my friends and I started a Business Analytics Academy and held a panel inviting alumni from Wayfair, Fidelity and other companies to share their experience and insights in data analytics. As the VP for internal affairs, I would like to invite you to join us, not just learn more about the new field, but also work and compete in business analytics projects on Kaggle!

I have my passions, and I have worries. For the past year, I have been stressed out about my future. What do I do after I graduate? What should I do to make a living? Do I know for sure that I can be Data Analytics for a lifetime? …… I knew I want to make an impact in the world and be an useful person to the society, just someday I hope. I envy the business tycoons, the political heads, the media moguls, the art gurus, the philanthropists and so many other powerful figures who brought in changes and hopes to the world. I have heard countless stories about success, but I don’t yet know what is success for me and how to obtain my success. I spent time watching inspiring TED Talks and autobiographies, but other times, I retreat from taking further responsibilities and hope to be someone ordinary, because I know “ordinary” means little responsibility and “influential” leads to endless responsibilities to take on. Perhaps I only need a motivator to take on a battle, or perhaps I only need a tranquilizer to be more realistic.

At Tech Trek, I wish to find out how the big players in Silicon Valley get to where they are today and what should I work towards. I would love to meet people and partner up to start something of our own! I also look forward to be friends with fellow classmates and chat about our ambitions as well as trepidations!

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3 thoughts on “Selfie | Cecilia Wu

  1. Hi Ceclia! Chongqing seems like a very interesting place, I’d love to hear more about it. I, too, am from a city built at the confluence of two rivers– St. Louis, Missouri. I totally get your feelings towards independence and adulthood. It is pretty crazy to think that in a little under a year and a half we will be in the ‘real world’! Your reference to “the Truman Show” is interesting; I really enjoy that film because it makes you think about everything (if you like these ‘thought experiment’ type films definitely check out Black Mirror on Netflix). See ya next week!


  2. Hi Cecilia!

    First of all, that is incredibly impressive that you are pursuing a co-concentration in addition to a double minor!
    Secondly, I just returned from a semester abroad in Australia, so I understand how you feel about going to school so far away from home. Studying abroad definitely taught me many important life skills including how to be independent and responsible for myself. I think it’s amazing that you have experienced life in so many different countries and I’m sure it has made you more mature and cultured as a result.

    I look forward to meeting you!


  3. Hey Cecilia – awesome post! I am so impressed with everything that you’ve already done and all of the traveling sounds incredible. I would love to hear more about your experiences and how you’re liking Boston so far. Looking forward to seeing you in class on Wednesday!


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